WWE Backlash 1999 – WWE Sunday Night Pay Per RetroView

Welcome to our latest Sunday Night Pay Per RetroView series; this time, it’s WWE Backlash 1999. While the upcoming WWE pay-per-view has been renamed Stomping Ground, it was originally slated to be Backlash taking place in this slot.

So while we aren’t able to review past Stomping Grounds, that being a brand new PPV name, we can look at the WWE Sunday Night Pay Per Retroview for Backlash 1999.

In 1999, the WWF held the first-ever event titled WWE Backlash 1999, and the main event was Stone Cold Steve Austin facing The Rock for the WWF Championship.

The video opening the show was quite good, and it culminated with pyrotechnics filling the Providence Civic Centre in Providence, Rhode Island. Jim Ross and The King are doing commentary.

It is announced that the championship match will be a no-disqualification match, but with the caveat that if Austin hands-on referee Shane McMahon, he will lose the title.

WWE Backlash 1999
The Brood vs. The Ministry of Darkness (Mideon and The Acolytes)

The opening match of WWE Backlash 1999 features two of the company’s most loved factions.

The collection consisting of Gangrel, Edge, and Christian was one of the WWF’s coolest factions, and this was at a time after they had broken free of the Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness.

The story leading in was that Ken Shamrock had put Christian in an anklelock to force him to tell him where Stephanie McMahon was locked up.

The Undertaker then proceeded to whip him, and he was about to be sacrificed until Gangrel and Edge fought off those who were attacking him.

Mideon and Christian start the match. Early on, Mideon has the advantage until Christian recovers and uses his quickness to his advantage before tagging in Gangrel. Mideon makes a tag to Bradshaw, who delivers a big boot.

Gangrel then begins to gain the advantage until Bradshaw cuts him off. Edge comes in after a tag and begins to work on Bradshaw, who then tags in Farooq.

He and Edge work on one another until a spinebuster drops one-third of the brood. Mideon came back in and hit a delayed suplex.

After Edge is whipped into the ropes, he hits a sunset flip cover, but referee Teddy Long is distracted. Then Farooq beats on him outside the ring before sending him back in for Bradshaw.

The attack continues as Farooq is tagged back in. He hits a rear chin lock on Edge in the center of the ring, snapmares him, and then does it again.

Once tagged in, Mideon drives his head into Edge’s midsection, who is prone on the mat. He takes a shot at Gangrel and Christian on the apron, and meanwhile, Edge is beaten down in the corner by Farooq and Bradshaw.

But Edge begins to mount a comeback, hitting a spear off the middle rope onto Mideon. He drags himself to his corner and tags in Christian.

Christian hits a reverse DDT and then tags in Gangrel, who beats down on all three opponents. Christian hit a swinging DDT, but only for a two-count.

Christian and Bradshaw battle in the corner, and eventually, Gangrel breaks up a pinning attempt after a powerbomb by the big man. Christian slings his way over the top rope and gets caught by Farooq, but Edge knocks him down with a dropkick.

At this point, Viscera makes his way down to the ring, crushes Christian with a splash into the side of the ring apron, and then throws him into the ring. Bradshaw hits a clothesline from hell and gets a three-count and a win.

Winners: Ministry of Darkness (The Acolytes and Mideon)

After the match, The Rock is shown dragging the smoking skull belt while entering the arena. Ross complains he isn’t showing any respect for the title.

WWE Backlash 1999
Hardcore Holly vs. Al Snow

Al Snow and Hardcore Holly had been engaged in a rivalry for some time, and here Snow is finally getting a chance at the Hardcore championship. Snow makes his way to the ring with HEAD. Holly makes his way to the ring next.

HEAD is in the corner, and the match starts with Holly crashing the title across the head of Snow. But Snow throws Holly over the top rope to the floor.

Once on the floor, Holly works on the head and back of Snow. He follows up by hitting him with a full jug of water. Both men go at one another and slowly make their way through the fans.

Snow hits a moonsault and covers him for a two-count. He takes a hockey stick and uses the butt end on the back and neck of Holly. Snow leaves the ring to look for another weapon and brings out a table.

He lifts one table leg, but Holly stops him with a hockey stick. However, Snow rolls out of the ring, pulls out a baking sheet, and smacks Holly in the head.

Both men are resting outside temporarily until Snow uses the sheet again. They head up the aisle, but Holly hits a suplex. The match moves now to the backstage area.

At the back of the arena, they continue to beat on one another. Holly takes out a kitchen sink after Snow sprays a hose. They fight in the parking lot and beside the production trucks.

They take turns driving the other’s head into cars and barricades. Snow breaks a broom, among other things, across the back of the champion. Now, both men head up some steps, and Snow is pushed off the steps’ edge into a dumpster.

Holly lunges into the dumpster and pins him, but only for a two-count. They then climb up the steps of the production truck and fight each other there, and Snow tosses Holly on top of a car and drops an elbow on him.

Now they start heading back towards the entrance ramp but stop to brawl some more. Snow has been bleeding for the majority of this matchup.

Finally, they get back to the ring, and Snow hits Holly with a frying pan to the head. He then lays him down on a table. Snow climbs to the top rope, but Holly gets off the table, cuts him off, and superplexes Snow through the table.

Both men are being counted down until Holly drapes one arm over Snow, but only for two. Snow grabs HEAD, knocks Holly in his head, and covers for a three count win.

Winner: And THE NEW Hardcore Champion Al Snow

WWE Backlash 1999
Intercontinental Championship
Godfather vs. Goldust w/ Blue Meanie

Goldust comes to the ring first with Blue Meanie by his side. It was a unique pairing with Meanie calling Goldust ‘mommy’. This was when The Godfather was at the peak of his popularity, and he was the Intercontinental champion.

He is accompanied to the ring by his ‘hos.’ This wouldn’t fly today, but it is incredible what was acceptable during the Attitude Era.

Ross goes over the tale of the tape, and it is remarkable how big both of these men are. Goldust begins the match and tries to take an early advantage as the Godfather is distracted by the Blue Meanie approaching his ladies at ringside.

After an initial comeback by the Godfather, Goldust attempts to leave the match to be encouraged to go back by the Blue Meanie.

Godfather is thrown to the floor and the Blue Meanie attacks. Goldust makes a quick cover, only for the Godfather to kick out at two back in the rung.

Meanie hands Goldust a bag of powder, but the Godfather is able to turn it around, and Goldust is blinded.

Godfather directs a blinded Goldust towards the Blue Meanie, and he beats down his ringside aide. Godfather picks up Goldust, hits a Death Valley driver, and covers him for the three count.

Winner: And still Intercontinental champion The Godfather

Michael Cole interviews Al Snow backstage, which refers to him as ‘Todd.’ Then he asks Cole to leave as he was in a private conversation with HEAD.

WWE Backlash 1999
#1 Contenders Tag Team Match
The New Age Outlaws vs. Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett w/ Debra

The Outlaws come to the ring first and engage the crowd with their typical ring entrance. Their opponents were accompanied by Debra, who is in a very sexy outfit fitting of the era. Before the match began, the Road Dogg encouraged Debra to show her ‘puppies.’

Hart and Jarrett attacked the Outlaws before the bell rang. Gunn uses his strength to get the advantage and works over Hart.

Then, Road Dogg and Hart go one-on-one until Jarrett is tagged in. Fans were chanting ‘Show your puppies’ at Debra while Road Dogg covers for a two count.

Owen Hart is tagged in, but things get a little confusing as to who is legal. Hart drops a leg on Road Dogg and covers for a two-count.

Jarrett then tags in as they continue to isolate his old roadie. Road Dogg recovers but is dropkicked out of the ring. Hart hits a clothesline from the ring apron.

Road Dogg manages to roll up Hart, but the referee is distracted by Jarrett. Hart hits a spinning heel kick and hit a double-team move on Road Dogg leads to a near pinfall by Jarrett.

The two men then get caught in a mid-air collision. Hart is tagged in, and he immediately cuts off the ring so Road Dogg can’t tag in Gunn.

Road Dogg gets a sleeper hold, but Hart breaks that up, and both men hit clotheslines and are laid out. Finally, Gunn gets the hot tag and goes after both opponents. Road Dogg comes back in to join the attack.

Hart and Jarrett are pounded in opposite corners and then are whipped into one another. Debra teases a puppy reveal, but the referee makes her get down off the apron.

Road Dogg hits a pump handle slam, but Jarrett breaks up a pin attempt. Both Jarrett and Hart attempt submission moves, but Gunn reverses Jarrett’s and kicks him outside the ring, then drops a Fameasser on Hart while he has Road Dogg locked into a sharpshooter. Gunn was still the legal man and made the pin.

Winners: The New Age Outlaws

After the match, Road Dogg encourages Billy to ‘show that a$$,’ we switch to backstage where Michael Cole is interviewing Shane McMahon in the locker room and asks him if he will guarantee he will count The Rock’s shoulders down for the three count.

He says he will give something better than a guarantee. He will give his word and swears in the name of Vince McMahon Sr.

Shane says that Vince isn’t his ‘Dad,’ and that he’s Vince to him. Kevin Kelly shows Vince McMahon with Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie looked so innocent in this WWE Backlash 1999 interview. Vince chimes in that he hopes that Shane doesn’t make a bigger mistake.

WWE Backlash 1999
Boiler Room Brawl
The Big Show vs. Mankind

The winner is declared when they leave the boiler room. Big Show enters the room, and Mankind attacks, kicking off an all-out brawl. Big Show comes back and throws garbage at him.

He then throws him over a table and throws the table on top. Mankind recovers and dodges a punch, causing Big Show to punch and dent a refrigerator. Sheets of what looks like drywall are tossed and split on the head of the Big Show.

As Mankind attempts to hit the Big Show with a garbage can, he is stopped by a big boot. The trash can is then repeatedly used against the back of Mankind, who is placed into a shopping cart.

He is whipped into a number of wooden tables and then slammed on them as well. Show slams them down onto the chest of Mankind, leaving him prone under them.

Referee Teddy Long is standing by the boiler room door, awaiting the winner to leave the room. The Big Show begins to walk towards the door, and Mankind crashes a plane of glass across his head.

He then climbs a ladder but gets choke-slammed through two tables and a sheet of glass. The Big Show is bleeding but takes a mop and cracks it over the back of Mankind.

A ton of boxes with what looks like air filters litter the floor. Big Show gives Mankind a big boot, slams him onto a rolling stairwell, and propels him forward. Mankind then takes a 2×4 and cracks it across a pipe that blew out hot steam into the face of the Big Show.

A blinded Big Show can’t see a thing, so Mankind hits him low with a pipe and then drops a collection of pipes onto him. Mankind walks through the door and is declared the winner, though the Big Boss Man and Test immediately attack him.

Winner: Mankind

Boss Man and Test bring Mankind back into the boiler room and proceed to beat him down. However, after rising from the collapsed pipes, Big Show attacks Test and then chases Bossman out of the boiler room. Mankind gets Mr. Socko and puts it into the mouth of Test, causing him to pass out.

Chyna and Triple H are backstage and interviewed by Michael Cole, and they are quite assertive of what they plan to do to X-Pac and Kane.

Big Show is then shown being tended to and will need stitches. Mankind is then shown, and he says he doesn’t want to face the Big Show anymore and walks back through the boiler room, showing the destruction left around the area.

It is a walk through all the abuse he was subjected to. The guided tour was amusing, no question, and Mankind is shown with Socko on his hand as he walks out of the boiler room.

WWE Backlash 1999
X-Pac vs. Triple H w/ Chyna

Ross runs through everything that happened in X-Pac’s life to get him to this point. His feelings of betrayal and distrust are what this match is all about.

X-Pac is in the role of face, and Triple H is a heel as he is part of The Corporation. X-Pac is filled with emotion, while Triple H is sure to try and slow it down.

X-Pac is cheered by the fans in attendance and uses his array of strikes. He then catches Triple H, who was trying to attack him from behind. Jim Ross shares how Chyna and Triple H both left DX to join the Corporation at WrestleMania.

X-Pac hits a spinning heel kick and then makes a pinfall, but only for a count of two. We then get a bronco buster thwarted by a distraction from Chyna. Triple H hits a clothesline, then gets X-Pac in the corner and pounds on him.

X-Pac is draped across the middle rope, and with the referee distracted, Chyna clocks him. Triple H goes to work on his opponent’s weakened head and neck. He locks in a front face lock with the referee watching very closely that it is not a chokehold.

X-Pac tries to fight back, but Triple H cuts him off at the pass. He drops not one but two knees on the back of the neck of X-Pac. Triple H locks in a variation of a dragon sleeper with X-Pac’s neck resting on his elevated left knee.

X-Pac fights back and begins to lay in, punches Triple H’s midsection gets tossed outside the ring, and Chyna gorilla presses him onto a barricade.

Triple H brings him back into the ring and continues to work on the neck. The narrative of X-Pac’s neck injury is being played out well.

Then, suddenly, X-Pac gets a small package for a two-count. Triple H goes from another front face lock to a sleeper hold. X-Pac counters and locks in a sleeper hold of his own, but Triple H drives him back into the corner turnbuckle.

Triple H goes for the sleeper again but is hit with a side suplex, and both men are on the mat trying to recover.

X-Pac hits a couple of spin heel kicks and a somersault clothesline out of the corner. He hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT, causing Chyna to get up on the ring apron.

The referee, distracted by Triple H’s manager, doesn’t see a low blow by X-Pac. X-Pac is thrown outside the ring again, but it is Triple H who is whipped into the steel steps once out there. X-Pac then dropkicks the referee by accident.

Triple H throws X-Pac back in the ring, but X-Pac hits a facebuster. The referee is out, so Chyna comes in and hits a low blow. But the lights go out, Kane’s music plays, and the Big Red Machine comes into the ring.

Chyna won’t back down and goes face-to-face with him, but Triple H gets choke-slammed, and she receives the same right after. The referee is still out while Kane puts Chyna in one corner and Triple H in another, and X-Pac hits both of them with bronco busters.

The referee finally returns and pulls X-Pac out of the corner where he ‘bronco bustered’ Chyna; Triple H kicks him, nails him with a pedigree, and gets a three-count win.

Winner: Triple H

WWE Backlash 1999
Ken Shamrock vs. The Undertaker

During The Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness period, he was presented as a menacing character that would strike fear in most competitors. But, Shamrock, the ‘World’s Most Dangerous Man‘ wasn’t going to allow himself to be intimidated by The Phenom.

Ross discusses how it would be important for the Undertaker to remain upright as Shamrock’s intent would be to take him down.

After an initial attack, The Undertaker gains control after the referee tries to break the two up.

He walks the ropes and drops his infamous arm along the back and neck, and shoulder of his opponent, as he has a million times. Undertaker covers after a leaping lariat clothesline but doesn‘t get the pinfall.

The commentator talks about who might be the ‘Higher Power,’ a significant storyline at the time. Shamrock regains control and attacks. In the corner, he ties up The Undertaker’s leg around the middle rope.

He again allows the referee to tell him to back off and is once again distracted. The Undertaker thus regains control. He lays in punches, but Shamrock hits a sunset flip into a leglock.

The Undertaker is being beaten down as the commentators emphasize that Shamrock is fighting for his sister Ryan’s honor. With the Undertaker on his back, Shamrock continues to apply pressure on the ankle.

The Undertaker breaks the hold by dropping his leg across the face and neck multiple times. Shamrock blocks a hip toss and rolls through into another leglock.

The referee tries to make a count out of the ring. Referee Earl Hebner is pursuing Shamrock outside, who continues to stomp on the ankle and leg of The Undertaker.

Back in the ring, The Undertaker regains control and scares Earl Hebner so badly that he leaves the ring. Shamrock reverses and applies an armbar. Undertaker rolls outside once again.

When Shamrock follows, he is attacked, following which the Dead Man rolls him back into the ring and hits him with kidney shots. Undertaker makes a cover, but only for a count of two.

He then locks in a bow and arrow, as the back is clearly his target. Undertaker attempts a leg drop, but Shamrock catches the leg and rolls over into a heel hook. Undertaker manages to turn it into a half-Boston Crab.

Both men return to their feet, and Undertaker takes out Shamrock with a forearm to the face. He follows that up with a big boot but only gets another two count. Shamrock returns with a chop and then a hurricanrana.

He then attempts the ankle lock, but Undertaker stops that. Undertaker attempts a tombstone, but that is blocked and turned into another ankle lock.

Bradshaw runs down to the ring, which was enough of a distraction to give The Undertaker an advantage momentarily. Shamrock turns an attempted chokeslam into an armbar.

It was at this point when Paul Bearer gets involved. Shamrock attempts a belly-to-belly, but Undertaker reverses that into a tombstone. That gets the three count and the win.

Winner: The Undertaker

WWE Backlash 1999
[Photo: IMDb]
After the match, Bradshaw takes orders from The Undertaker and attacks Shamrock with a baseball bat, beating on him in the ring. He uses the baseball bat to him, Shamrock out, and an unconscious Shamrock is left lying in the middle of the ring.

WWE Backlash 1999
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock

In the buildup to the match, Stone Cold’s smoking skull title was tossed into a river along with Austin. A funeral for Austin was held on Raw, but he returned with a monster truck and drove over The Rock’s Lincoln Continental.

He then drove into the arena, flipped off The Rock, then whipped him from one end of the arena to another before dropping him into the grave setup. What he didn’t anticipate was Shane McMahon attacking him from behind.

WWE Backlash 1999
[Photo: WWE]
Vince McMahon tells security to keep an eye on Stephanie, who awaits him in the limousine. Shane McMahon comes down to the ring announced as the special guest referee.

He’s announced as the ‘acting chairman’ of the WWF. The Rock comes down to the ring, and though he is the challenger, he brings the smoking skull belt.

Shane is shown applauding The Rock’s entrance. Shane tells someone at ringside to wait until ‘he’ comes down to the ring.

Austin charges the ring and goes at The Rock immediately, but McMahon already gets involved, stopping the attack. He eventually makes a count, but only for two.

The Rock regains control, but only momentarily as Austin begins to lay in punches until he is tossed over the top rope.

The match is now on the floor, with The Rock laying in kicks and punches in the aisle and against the barricade. He uses a fire extinguisher to the head of Austin, who is then whipped into a steel fence that topples over.

The Rock continues to pound on him while the fans chant ‘Austin.’ In response, Austin suplexes The Rock on the concrete floor. The champion whips him into another steel fence that topples over and then hits him with a metal box afterward.

He clotheslines The Great One, so he bounces onto the fence. Austin wraps a cable around his neck. He then climbs a box and lunges onto his opponent with another clothesline. He pushes a box on wheels into the head of the challenger.

The Rock turns things around by whipping Austin into a camera operator. He chokes him with the camera cables, then tries to throw him into a barricade only for it to be reversed, and Rock gets hit with a clothesline.

These two are beating each other from one side of the arena to the other until Austin brings Rock back to the ringside area and whips him into the steel steps. He stomps away in the corner until referee McMahon pulls him away and then shoves him.

A collective ‘Oh!’ is heard from the crowd. Austin avoids a charging Rock, who is propelled outside to the floor.

Austin disassembles the Spanish announcers’ table, only for Rock to hit a ‘Rock Bottom’ through it. McMahon is encouraging The Rock as Austin lays on top of the broken table.

Once Austin is back on his hit, McMahon throws a chair to The Rock, but Austin stops it. The two men continue brawling on the floor and then into the crowd.

Austin is whipped back over the barricade to the ringside area. The Rock then begins to take apart the other announce table, lays Austin on it, and then takes a camera and films the prone Austin.

He turns away, the camera still in hand then turns back to see Austin flip him a double finger, and he follows up with a stunner on the table. Austin then tosses him back into the ring, and both men are beaten nearly half to death.

The Rock throws Austin into McMahon and then hits rock bottom. McMahon puts Rock’s arm on top of Austin, but that only gets a count of two. He then gets the title belt and bring it in the ring, but hits The Rock by accident when Austin dodges.

McMahon starts a count but stops at two and flips off Austin. Vince grabs Shane, and he hits Shane with the smoking skull belt. Earl Hebner comes in, Austin hits The Rock with a stunner, covers him for a count of three.

Winner: AND STILL WWF (E) champion Stone Cold Steve Austin

After the match, Austin’s smoking skull belt is in Vince’s hands, who tosses it back into the ring to the champion. Austin is celebrating in the ring.

As WWE Backlash 1999 comes to a close, we then see Stephanie’s backstage area in the limousine. The Ministry arrives, but the police send Stephanie off in the limo. She calls out to the driver and says to wait for her dad.

As the mirror lowers, it reveals The Undertaker, who asks, ‘Where to, Stephanie?’ This is followed by a cackle and a scream from Stephanie.

Vince has no idea, as he is still in the arena. Austin is taking beers from all different angles while the commentators are screaming for someone to tell Vince.

This brings our review of WWE Backlash 1999 to an end.