Week In Review for 9/17/18 (Pro Wrestling Post)

Morning one and all! Thanks for taking the time to read this week’s Pro Wrestling Post Week In Review for 9/17/18. As always it’s the bigger news stories of last week. Interspersed with one or two stories that may have passed you by.

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Pro Wrestling Post Week In Review for 9/17/18


Word is from the Wrestling Observer that WWE is very interested in signing current Progress World Champion WALTER.

When WWE signed Keith Lee earlier this year, they also wanted to get in WALTER too, but no deal could be reached as he was still signed to German promotion wXw and didn’t want to be away from home for long periods.

With the advent of NXT UK, it could be possible to tempt WALTER to one of the deals that Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, and WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne have. One where they work with WWE for big events. But could continue to wrestle for his home promotion and the others he works for in Europe.

Personally, I would love to see him in NJPW against guys like Minoru Suzuki and Tomohiro Ishii. But seeing him tear it up in WWE or NXT would be a close second. Either way, it’s good news for the guy!

Neville To NJPW Via Tama Tonga?

Talking with Sports Illustrated last week, OG Bullet Club member Tama Tonga dropped into the conversation that former WWE talent Neville could be a great ally in his war against the Bullet Club from ROH as he put it.

This ignited in San Fran and we’re at war for Bullet Club. It’s the North vs the South fighting for the United States. You have their side – the ROH side- against the Japan side. Bad Luck Fale and Tanga Loa, Bullet Club was born in New Japan. But the Young Bucks ain’t signed in New Japan. Cody ain’t signed in New Japan. Adam Page and Marty Scurll ain’t signed in New Japan. From my understanding a lot of them are becoming free agents at the end of this year, so lets see who really is Bullet Club?

Neville? I know Neville and I’ve followed his work. He’s a phenomenal worker and he’s been here in New Japan before. I watched him in the Super Juniors back in 2012, I love his work”

Neville – or Pac as he was known back then – worked for NJPW in 2012 and got as far as the semifinals of that year’s Super Juniors, losing to Ryusuke Taguchi.

Neville has kept a low profile since he fell out publicly with WWE officials last year. But him not only in NJPW but as a member of the Bullet Club? Helping Tama Tonga in his fight for Bullet Club? That could be gold! His high flying style would be perfect, he would make a great addition to the Junior division and could be another megastar for NJPW to push. Win-win if you ask me!

Pro Wrestling Post Week In Review for 9/17/18

Ric Flair Marries Again?

On Wednesday 13 September Ric Flair held a commitment ceremony to his fiancee Wendy Barlow in North Florida. News and gossip site TMZ noted that it was a marriage but were quickly put in their place by the Wrestling Observer

Some of you with long memories might remember Wendy as FiFi The Maid back in WCW.

The Undertaker and his wife Michelle McCool, current WWE Raw tag team champion Dolph Ziggler, Fit Finlay and his daughter Charlotte Flair were in attendance at the very low key event (considering it’s Ric, this was very very low key for him). Dolph even had the honor of walking Wendy down the aisle.

Here are some photos of the event –

As you can see with that last pic, Ric still brings it, even at his own commitment ceremony!  All of us here at Pro Wrestling Post wish Ric and Wendy the best

Pro Wrestling Post Week In Review for 9/17/18

CM Punk – Is He Coming Back To The Squared Circle?

CM Punk – former wrestler turned MMA athlete – was a guest on ESPN’s The MMA Hour show to promote a Netflix show called Beastmaster where he is one of the show’s hosts.

He was questioned about comments he made earlier this year where it looked like he might be returning back to the ring. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s not gonna happen folks.

To me wrestling is like an escape hatch. I’ve got season three of Beastmaster and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we get to move forward and do a season four. Aside from all the stuff I can talk to you about, there’s all this secret stuff that I’m not allowed to talk about that I’m doing too.

It’s not even a matter of not going to wrestling because I’m busy doing other stuff, there’s just nothing that interests me in wrestling”

Way to smash your fan’s dreams there dude! He also added that he hasn’t had any offers from any promotion, but did say that he’s a hard guy to get hold of.

The interview went on and Punk was asked about a possible All In appearance but claimed he was never made an offer to show up.

I was never made an offer to be there, they said ‘hey, if you want to come, you should come.’ I was like, ‘eh, oh, ok.’ It was extremely vague, it wasn’t an offer”

This contradicts what Cody himself said in an interview last month. There he said that a “full offer” was made to Brooks. Although it wasn’t necessarily for a match.

So is Punk re-writing history? I don’t know. But if it comes out that Punk was indeed offered a role at All In and he’s BS’ing about it. He may lose even more of his fans. After his lackluster performances in the Octagon, his situation with former best friend Colt Cabana, and his popularity factor is seriously waning it doesn’t bother him by the sound of it. Even though it was the fans that gave him the platform to become the man he is today.

And that is that folks! Another week in the books.

Thank you one and all for continuing to read my Week In Review. This along with other pieces here at Pro Wrestling Post. Hopefully, I’ll continue to entertain you for many more weeks and months!

Just a quick heads up, there will be no Pro Wrestling Post Week In Review on Monday 24th September and 1st October from me, Marc Madison will be filling in on my behalf. The 24th September I will be working for SEPW that day and time constraints will be against me, and the 1 as myself, my wife and a few of the SEPW family will be attending the biggest UK wrestling show for 30 years as Progress Wrestling will be running Wembley Arena! And it’s also my belated birthday present. I have a feeling that quite a few alcoholic beverages will be sunk. So it’s definitely a case of sorry not sorry!