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Jungle Grrrl (Erica Porter) is another original Women of Wrestling (WOW) Superhero, having appeared in season one like Lana Star. Being billed from The Amazon, she is no stranger to the animal kingdom. When Jungle Grrrl first came to WOW, she befriended another Superhero in Terri Gold. However, Jungle Grrrl’s ambition and Queen of the Jungle mentality got in the way. She began to see Terri as her prey instead of her friend. This ultimately led to a match between the two, which Jungle Grrrl won. This would be the first time her Jungle Splash was put on display as well.

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Much to Jungle Grrrl’s chagrin, Terri Gold would go on to become the first WOW World Champion. In episode three of season one, these two would clash again, this time for the WOW World title. And when Jungle Grrrl went for her patented splash, her old friend Terri had her scouted. Terri moved out of the way, hit a flying crossbody and retained her title. Terri would move on to continue her reign, and Jungle Grrrl would be back on the hunt. Her prey would go on to be Beckie, The Farmer’s Daughter.

Erica Porter

As mentioned before, her signature move is the Jungle Splash. Beckie employed a similar move that she called The Farmer’s Roll. These two would wage war over who had the better splash. Aside from the stinging loss to Terri, Jungle Grrrl remained undefeated through the rest of season one. Beckie and Jungle Grrrl never squared off in a match, but rather tried to prove through their own matches whose splash was superior. When season two rolled around, Jungle Grrrl refocused her sights on the WOW World title. She defeated a new WOW Superhero in Amber O’Neal early in the season. Later she tangled with Tatevic the Gamer, but this match ended in a double count-out.

When season three commenced, Jungle Grrrl and Tatevic clashed again. This time though, we had a winner. Tatevic fell victim to the Jungle Splash. This put Jungle Grrrl in line for a shot at Lana Star and the WOW World Championship. This match took place on the season three finale, entitled Dangerous Game. Jungle Grrrl was finally able to ascend the mountaintop and she won the WOW World Championship! She would successfully defend her title through season four. It wasn’t until the triple threat match in the season finale where things changed.

During the season four episode entitled Depths of Desire, Jungle Grrrl was set to defend her title against The Beverly Hills Babe. Before this match could get underway, Santana Garrett, who was taken out by Lana Star’s hired guns Riot, Spike, and Razor; made her return. Santana had also been the number one contender before that occurred, which cleared the path for the Beverly Hills Babe’s spot here. Santana demanded to be granted her title shot, and a spot in the match.

The Jungle Grrrl

Both the Beverly Hills Babe and Jungle Grrrl agreed to this change. This pushed the match over onto the season four finale episode entitled Winner Takes All. Despite the Jungle Grrrl’s best efforts, the WOW World title changed hands. And to make things worse, she wasn’t even involved in the decision. Santana Garrett pinned her former partner in the Beverly Hills Babe to earn the championship. So, technically the Jungle Grrrl is still undefeated and now as we roll into season five, she is ready to reclaim her queendom.

Outside of the confines of WOW, Erica Porter (aka Jungle Grrrl) is a superhero as well. She has wrestling experience outside of WOW, having been trained by Rick Bassman and the crew at Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW). If that promotion name sounds familiar, it’s also where John Cena, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, and many others got their start. Besides being a professional wrestler, Porter owns and operates a gym in Chesterfield, VA. She is also a published author, having penned “Eat That Monkey: Now Is the Time to Change Your Life!” published in 2007. The basis for her book was her own personal journey dealing with eating disorders and other bad habits. She also coined the term ‘endorphasm’, which describes the rush of endorphins and happiness of completing an activity.

You can catch the Jungle Grrrl and all the other Superheroes of WOW on AXS TV starting January 18th!

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