World of Sport Wrestling Preview for Episode 7

Hello, my fellow wrestling chums! Welcome to this week’s World of Sport Wrestling Preview for Episode 7!

Just the three weeks/episodes left of this current run and the stories are starting to tie off nicely. The Hendry/Kirby feud is now one piece and in my mind needs a rubber match to end it once and for all with a decisive winner, current World Of Sport Wrestling Champion Rampage seems to be on a collision course with crowd favorite Justin Sysum probably at episode ten, in the words of good ol’ JR “business is about to pick up!”

The WoS Wrestling Official Twitter account (worth a follow if you’re not already) retweeted this short video. It contains what’s to be expected this week, but you don’t need to go to their account to see it as I’ve ever so graciously linked it below! So have a quick watch and catch me up underneath.

Watched it? Great, let’s get cracking on breaking it down and previewing this week’s show!

Grado Is Back And He Has Something To Hide?


Now here’s a very ambiguous storyline. Simply put, Grado has returned and he has something to hide. It looks like he’s squaring off against Martin Kirby in the clip above, and Kirby grabs a Mankind style mask? Is Grado going to have a split personality storyline? Does it come out that he’s a massive fan of wrestling merch and he doesn’t want others to steal his belongings? ?‍♂️

I really don’t know where WoS Wrestling is going with this. I thought Grado was seemingly going against the authority figure of Stu Bennett and that was leading somewhere but apparently not. To be honest I’m as stumped as you all are and I’m sitting back and enjoying where this is taking me now. Care to join me?

Crater Versus The World! (OK It’s Just Three People)

The Man Mountain, The Goliath, The Bearded Masked Behemoth Crater (seriously I could do this all day) is back in the WoS Arena and is about to take out his frustrations on THREE competitors this week.

The unlucky victims….sorry combatants are Robbie X, Will Slater & Gabriel Kidd. All three have some kind of grudge with Crater so this match makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense is anything but a Crater victory. Keep that momentum going for the big guy, make Crater look even more strong than he is now and when that title belt is around Sysum’s waist, you can start season two (or maybe even earlier, see my fantasy booking below) with a readily-made storyline to kick off the season with a huge Crater-sized bang! 

Loser Leaves WoS Wrestling Ladder Match

This match interests me, but not in the way you think. A loser leaves the promotion ladder match. Now if that doesn’t say the bookers haven’t been watching classic WCW era Vince Russo booking then I’ll be shocked….bro!

But I must admit that I am intrigued by the match. The stip and the ladder I can forget but seeing the former Bro’s, Adam Maxted and Nathan Cruz go one on one makes my mouth water.

Maxted has come on in leaps and bound in the past 12-18 months and looks like he could possess all the skills needed to become a very very good wrestler, and how better to see how far he’s come than to pit him against Cruz.

I’ve said before that I’ve been a fan Of Nathan’s since I saw him on the very first Progress Wrestling show over six years ago and he was a great in-ring performer then. Now, he’s a bloody fantastic in-ring performer!

In regards to the result? I can see a screwy finish of some description sending Maxted away from WoS Wrestling, but maybe returning on episode ten to cost Cruz a match. With my promoter’s hat on, there’s no way you’re letting either talent leave the show before the end of the series that’s for sure.

Blake’s WoS Wrestling Fantasy Booking


Now I mentioned earlier in the Crater section about furthering the booking for season two but not in season one. How about World Of Sport Wrestling and ITV officials use the tour as a stepping stone to season two.

Lay the groundwork for the season during the tour, so not only do you get great action at fantastic venues around the country, but the audience won’t go into the next season cold like they did with season one.

How does everyone know the details of the storylines during the tour? Simples! WoS Wrestling can carry on using their social media. They’ve been pretty prevalent so far in pushing what’s happening on screen and their backstage interviews with Rachel Stringer.

Just take a single cameraman, or to make it look even more fan/guerrilla-style use a smartphone, and capture the most important parts of the show and post it straight onto Facebook and Twitter.

Word then gets out that even though the series has ended on-screen, it’s carrying on via the live tour. It pushes ticket sales and whets everyone’s appetite for when season two comes around, and trust me, season two will happen. It may not have the Will Ospreay’s or Davey Boy Smith Jr’s of the wrestling world but it’ll be back.

That’s me done for today’s dudes & dudettes. I shall be back this Sunday with the review of Episode 7. I hope you’ll all join me back then.

As always, feel free to comment below about this piece or contact me on Twitter @Smart_Mark_B become my twitter bud and we can chat for hours about the merits of wrestling ?

Until next time folks….