World of Sport Wrestling Preview for Episode 10

The end is nigh folks. This is the final episode of the first season of WoS Wrestling, which makes this my last World of Sport Wrestling Preview for Episode 10 for Pro Wrestling But let us not end these previews on a sour note. We know that a live tour is happening which in turn HOPEFULLY leads to the second season, the star power on this show and the matches have promoted not only the show but British wrestling into mainstream media both over here in the UK and abroad.

So let’s put our feet up, and see what happens in this last episode before we look wistfully into the future for season two.

This (sob sob) is my last WoS Wrestling Preview, and it begins right now…..

As always, the WoS Wrestling Twitter feed put out another great intro/hype package for this weekend’s last show, and as always I have it for your delectable pleasure. So give it a click and get refreshed on what’s happened and what’s to come.

WoS Tag Team Championship Match

Briefly mentioned on that video package is the fact that the tag team championships are up for grabs. What isn’t mentioned is who will face the team of Kip Sabian (one of my standout performers of this run) and Iestyn Rees aka AlphaBad.

I have a theory on who they will be facing though, and as this is a preview and you want to know, I’ll tell you….

I think that they will begin by facing off against Stevie Boy and BT Gunn. And I say that because, in last week’s kinda-cluster Buzzer Battle Royale, AlphaBad embarrassed and left Stevie and BT high and dry. And being that this is wrestling they’ll want a measure of revenge, so I would imagine they’ll be granted a match, only for AlphaBad to win by the skin of their teeth.

Which leads me to the next team. As it’s the final episode of the season, you don’t want to send the fans and viewers home unhappy. So why not send out Grado and Bulldog Jr to convince AlphaBad to have just one more match against them…..and promptly beat them for the tag titles? Grado is over HUGE with the crowd and with Davey Boy Smith Jr’s lineage it would do benefit the live tour ticket sales and the premiere of the season two opener too. Whatcha think folks?

WoS Heavyweight Championship

Now we’re at the nitty-gritty part of the show, of the entire series. The uncrowned Peoples Champion Justin Sysum versus the WoS Champion Rampage which is summed up beautifully in the picture above from Twitter user @RyanTheBroski

This has been back and forth for about 5/6 episodes now, with Rampage coming out on top each and every time due to his lackeys Sha Samuels and CJ Banks interfering and causing mischief. This time I see no difference. I expect the pair of them to get involved and cause shenanigans of some description but I think Sysum will be ready this time.

And by being ready I mean he may have back up of his own here. Now I’m not sure who, but the ones that spring to my mind first are Robbie X and Liam Slater. They’ve featured in a few of Sysum’s matches over the course of the run. I could be wrong of course but I’m 99% certain that Justin will have back up to even the odds.

And that backup nullifying Rampage’s help will secure the title around Sysum’s waist, bring out the babyface half of the locker room to lift him high above their heads as ticker tape falls and the show goes off the air….

Well, that’s how I would book it anyway 😉

And that my dudes and dudettes is that. No more WoS, no more fantasy booking, no more previews. I’m not sure what to do now! I’m sure I’ll find something to fill the WoS void and keep you all amused 😉

But I shall be back this Sunday with the review of this week’s Episode 10. I hope you’ll all join me back then for what I’m sure will be a tearful event.

As always, feel free to comment below about this piece or contact me on Twitter @Smart_Mark_B become my twitter bud and we can chat for hours about the merits of wrestling over life!

Until next time folks….


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