World of Sport Wrestling Preview: (Episode #5)

Good morning/afternoon/evening folks! Welcome to another World of Sport Wrestling Preview with myself “Smart” Mark Blake at the helm, ready to prepare you all for another hour of British Wrestling action. But enough of the introductions, let’s get into this!

WoS Wrestling Tag Team Tournament

We’re getting into the nitty-gritty of this tournament now, we’re at the semi-final stage

Last week’s final entrants, Davey Boy Smith Jr & Grado spoke after their victory over Crater & Robbie X, and what the future holds for them…

Joining them in the semi’s are the pairings of –

Kip Sabian/Iestyn Rees aka AlphaBad

BT Gunn/Stevie Boy

Adam Maxted/Nathan Cruz aka Bromance

I’m not sure if both semi-finals are on this week’s show or split between this and next week’s as nothing has been announced at the time of writing.

But again it seems that I have psychic powers as I spoke about pushing the tournament to the forefront of the show last week, so using those same powers, here’s my prediction for the final two….. Kip Sabian/Iestyn Rees versus Davey Boy Smith Jr/Grado.

Watch this space ?

Crater Takes Two

It feels like I’m writing about the guy every week, but I feel like I have good reason to. I mean it’s not like he’s forthcoming with any words of his own….

He’s a major part of the program, he’s been featured more than any other wrestler, and it’s got to be leading somewhere.

So to further push how much of a colossus he is, it was announced last week that this week he’ll be in a two on one handicap match. His opponents haven’t been announced yet but I can hazard a guess that they’ll be squashed and pushed aside in no time at all!

Women’s Over The Top Rope Battle Royale

Announced at the top of last week’s show, Kay Lee Ray will be defending her WoS Wrestling Women’s Championship in an Over The Top Rope Battle Royale.

Along with the champion, Bea Priestley and Viper will be in the match along with two others making their WoS Wrestling debuts.

Ayesha Raymond

Kasey Owens

Among Ayesah’s accomplishments are a former IPW:UK Women’s and Tag Team Champion, a former Artist Of Stardom Champion along with Alpha Female & Kyoko Kimura and she was a competitor in the first-ever Mae Young Classic.

Kasey Owens has been a roster regular in ICW for many years now, winning their Women’s Championship on two occasions and is a former Queen of Southside Champion in SWE.

As you can see, both women have championship pedigree and will no doubt want to show the UK and the worldwide audience just how great they really are.

I’m expecting a knockdown, drag-out, free for all contest from all the women with maybe a screwy finish of some description (two women land at the same time?).

Either way, it’ll be great to see the British women close the show as I fully expect this match to be the main event of the evening.

Preview over its now time for the part that I get the most twitter response about…. Yes, folks, it’s time for my Fantasy Booking!

Today’s subject is someone I knew very little of going into this series but by the end of the first episode, I knew great things were coming his way. I’m talking about Justin Sysum

The reason why I know so little of him is that he’s spent the majority of his career in Pro Evolution Wrestling, a promotion that hasn’t been on my radar til now. And now a regular at NGW with fellow WoS roster member Nathan Cruz.

His look and physique is what Uncle Vince would be looking for in his champions. He had the crowd behind him his natural ability is second to none.

Last week I raved about his jumping spear through the middle rope from the outside. Well, today I have a gif to show you of what I meant. Check this out!…..

How amazingly ingenious is that?

The way he’s being booked on the show tells me that he’s being set up as a major player in the coming final weeks of the tv run. And with that in mind…

Throw him in with either Ospreay or Davey Boy Smith Jr. I wouldn’t do a triple threat between the three as there’s a bit of overkill there with the amount of multi-person matches. Keep it a singles match for now, but put him against Davey Boy and he could show the country that he can hang with the big boys (yes I know he’s been across the ring from Crater but Bulldog is a different class). Pit him against Will Ospreay and I guarantee you that he’d have the best match of his career on national TV.

All of this, in my opinion, is to set him up as a natural main event star for when series two comes round. Yes, I know series two hasn’t been commissioned yet, but it’s just a matter of time until it does, and when it does Sysum is there waiting to shine the brightest and possibly the longest.

OK, that’s pretty much it for me today. I’ll be back on Sunday with the review of episode five, and hey you never know, my mystic powers might have struck again ?