Jesse Ventura -  "The Governing Body" Is Elected in Minnesota

Following Jesse "The Body" Ventura's floundered comeback bid in 1986, he had some tough decisions to make.

The blood clots in his lungs severely impacted his wrestling ability, but Jesse Ventura was still one of the best promos in the business.

During this time, he also hosted The Body Shop, an interview segment akin to Piper's Pit.

He also turned to Hollywood, using his experience as a US Navy SEAL in the Vietnam war to break into the business as Blain Hawkins in Predator.

Ventura became close friends with Arnold Schwarzenegger during production, leading them to work together again in Arnold's follow-up, The Running Man.

In 1990, Ventura got his first lead role as the titular character in Abraxas, Guardian of The Universe.

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