abadon  the living dead girl 

The living dead girl, Abadon. A character shrouded in mystery and haunting in nature.

the  ministry  grows

With a look and feel that is unlike many of her contemporaries, she haunts her opponents and those watching her from a distance.

lord  of  darkness

With a look that could haunt anyone who stares too long, this soul eater is more than just a scary face.

death becomes  her

She crawls to the ring from the Black Hills, weighing in at 1000 Lost Souls and at a height of 5-foot Dead...


Abadon also received praise from one of All Elite Wrestling's Executive Vice Presidents, Kenny Omega.


"When I see a character like Abadon...I see someone who's committed themselves 100% to a character that appeals to people that are interesting, aside from wrestling. - Kenny Omega

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