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It’s that time once again. For tonight’s RetroView, we look back at WCW World 3 – 1995.  Watching this one with my 11-year-old Emmett and 8-year-old Degan, and they made the choice for the first World War 3 event. 

We jump right into this show with Tony Schiavone and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan welcoming us to the show. They go back and forth on who they think will be the winner of the 60-man, three-ring battle royal to become the new WCW Champion. 

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We cut to Mean Gene Okerlund who is interviewing Sting, Macho Man Randy Savage, and a black-clad Hulk Hogan. They are best friends, proclaims Hogan, before unveiling the red and yellow outfit and burning the black garb. 

I have to admit these three are quite the colorful trio to kick off the show with. Before the first match we get a video breakdown of the events leading up to this. Diamond Dallas Page and The Diamond Girl Doll Kimberly are shown arguing before she leaves the set. 

WCW World War 3 – 1995
WCW Television Championship Match
Johnny B Badd © vs. Diamond Dallas Page

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The title is on the line in this one, as is the services of the Diamond Doll. Diamond Dallas Page comes out first, and the arguing between him and the Diamond Doll continues. Johnny B Badd enters with his very own pyro and impressively shiny robe. 

This one wastes no time spilling to the floor before Page gets the advantage by entering the ring first. It needs to be noted just how good Johnny B Badd was in his prime. How he never held the WCW Title is mind-blowing. 

As with all pre-nWo days, the talent of DDP shines through in his matches; once the Diamond Cutter caught on, the rest was history. These two work really well together, with Badd’s speed and agility playing well to Page’s physicality. 

The best part of the match is when Badd asks for a 10+ card from the Diamond Doll and she responds in kind. The crowd absolutely loves this part. A tombstone by Badd gets a super close two count which is followed up by a front flip over the top rope onto the floor. 

Badd gets the win with a leaping leg drop over the top rope. The Diamond Doll is hesitant to join Badd’s side before finally embracing him with a hug. Emmett predicted the winner on this one correctly. 

Winner – Johnny B Badd

Mean Gene Okerlund interviews Badd and the Diamond Doll before the next match. Badd says he’s going to teach DDP about respect. He also offers the Diamond Doll a spot as his manager but gives her the choice of doing so or not. 

WCW World War 3 – 1995
Taped Fist Match
Big Bubba Rogers vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

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Rogers comes out first, but Duggan attacks him from behind, and the fight is on. Duggan has his trusty 2×4 with him, and the crowd wants him to use it on Rogers, who cowers into the corner. 

The fight spills to ring number two during this one; Duggan uses the two ring posts as a way to inflict damage on Rogers. This is your basic old-school brawl between two guys who were in their prime in the WWE.

In the end, Rogers gets the win after a VK Wall Street (IRS) distraction allows Rogers to hit Duggan with a chain-wrapped right hand. Emmett predicted this winner too. 

Winner – Big Bubba Rogers

Before the next match, we get a Mean Gene interview with Ric Flair, who’s won 11 championships by this point. While talking about his upcoming match with Sting we get the classic line…

Whether you like it or not, it’s the best thing going.”

He then proclaims he’s going to beat Sting then win the 60-man battle royal. 

WCW World War 3 – 1995
Bull Nakano & Akira Hokuto w/ Sonny Onoo vs Mayumi Ozaki & Cutie Suzuki

Bull Nakano & Akira Hokuto vs. Mayumi Ozaki & Cutie Suzuki: WCW World War 3 1995 | WWE
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Mike Tenay joins the commentary team for this match. He talks about the international importance of this match and all of the army of photographers ringside. Nakano shows off her physicality early on, tossing Ozaki around the ring. 

She was so impressive in the ring as a monster heel. The double-team maneuvers by Nakano and Hokuto are impressive to see. A Cool moment happens when Ozaki and Suzuki pull off simultaneous half-Boston Crabs. 

A pair of double foot stomps onto Nakano gets a great reaction from the crowd, but Nakano’s double suplex gets a louder pop. This really is a good tag team match, and it ends with an impressive leg drop from the top turnbuckle by Nakano. Once again, Emmett has guessed the winner correctly. 

Winners – Bull Nakano & Akira Hokuto 

Next up is a Mean Gene interview with Lex Luger and Jimmy Hart. Hart calls out Macho Man Randy Savage and Luger says he’s the past, present and future of WCW while he looks like he’s reading a cue card. 

Following it is a singles match for the WCW United States Championship between Chris Benoit and Kensuke Sasaki. After that match is another Mean Gene interview with Kevin Sullivan, Jimmy Hart and the Giant. 

Sullivan proclaims that the Dungeon of Doom is going to win the 60-man battle royal. A fired up Jimmy Hart says that the only one in red and yellow worth anything is Kevin Sullivan. 

The Giant tells a roses are red, violets are blue wrestling centric poem before yelling his way out of the screen. A great video package airs showing the build between Lex Luger versus the Macho Man Randy Savage match. 

During the clip the iconic Yehti clip shows and Emmett immediately asks me why there is a guy dressed as the mummy??? Macho Man has now joined Mean Gene and he delivers the goods like always and claims he’s the total package. 

Gene asks about his arm being injured, which Savage proclaims he’s a million percent ready. 

WCW World War 3 -1995
Lex Luger vs. Macho Man Randy Savage

Lex Luger vs. Randy Savage: WCW World War 3 (WWE Network Exclusive) | WWE
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Savage comes out first decked in hot pink and black. Luger is out second and is led by the Mouth of the South. These two start on fire, with Savage taking it to Luger early on. As with most Luger and Savage matches together, there’s lots of brawling around the ringside area. 

Savage looks to have it won with his patented elbow drop but a Jimmy Hart distraction saves Luger. Eventually, Luger puts Savage in the Torture Rack on the outside before finishing off the Macho Man with an arm lock on an unconscious Savage. 

After the match Luger won’t let go of the hold until Sting comes out and stares him down and Luger slowly walks away. Emmett is now four for four on predicting the winners. 

Winner – Lex Luger

Before the next match, we get a video recap of the lead-up between Ric Flair and Sting. Flair was in need of help after being defeated by Arn Anderson. Sting finally decides to help Flair but threatens if he swerves him, there will be hell to pay. Of course, the ruse was revealed when Flair turned on Sting.

WCW World War 3 – 1995
Grudge Match
Ric Flair vs. Sting

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Flair comes out first styling in his purple and silver robe then Sting one ups him in a bright white, blue and yellow ensemble. Emmett changes his winner pick to Sting for some reason. 

Classic Flair – Sting pre-match staredown builds the tension in this one. Sting hits Flair with an offensive flurry sending Flair scurrying to the third ring. A sly Flair eye poke steals the momentum in the favor of the Nature Boy. 

Their obvious chemistry in the ring shines throughout this match. Flair retreating to the first ring is a real treat to see and the crowd loves it. Col. Parker and Sensational Sherri make their way out for some reason. 

Knife edge chops lead to a fired up Sting comeback and the crowd is super into this match. The fight eventually finds itself in the second ring and a missed splash onto the guardrail puts Flair back in charge. 

Flair zeroes in on Sting’s legs trying to set up the Figure Four. The Figure Four is finally applied and the crowd erupts. Flair slapping Sting in the face fires up the Stinger who quickly reverses the hold. 

Once again Sting gets fired up after a pair of Flair chops and the fight moves back to ring number one. We get the classic Flair tossed from the top turnbuckle moment before Sting finally gets the win via submission by Scorpion Deathlock. 

Not their greatest tilt, but Flair versus Sting is always gold. Emmett is excited he changed his pick. 

Winner – Sting

We get the video package showing what has led to the WCW Championship being on the line in this match. The controversy between the Giant and Hulk Hogan and who the real champion is why the title is vacated.

We finally hear from Hogan again, and he’s in red and yellow head to toe. He says it doesn’t matter if he has to go through his friends Savage and Sting to win the title; he’s going to do it. Every man for himself. 

WCW World War 3 – 1995
60-Man, Three-Ring Battle Royal

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The Yeti is in this match! This one has three broadcast teams – Schiavone and Heenan – Dusty Rhodes and Eric Bischoff – Chris Cruise (Who?) and Larry Zybsko. Both my boys go nuts when they see Eddie Guererro is one of the participants, same for Booker T. 

Emmett’s pick is the Giant, his brother Deagan who got bored finally came back to watch this, picks Macho Man Randy Savage. Michael Buffer rings in the match like only he can and the chaos begins. 

I immediately remember how frustrating it is watching the battle royal. The three screen vantage point loses its luster rather quickly. It takes awhile for the eliminations to really get going. Hogan being in real peril gets Tony Schiavone’s attention on commentary, but the Hulkster survives. 

Finally we get down to 30 men and the screen widens. The ring is overflowing with wrestlers at this point. Savage and Luger end up in a separate ring continuing their grudge. DDP and Johnny B Badd eliminate each other. 

Eventually were left with the final ten competitors – Hogan, Savage, Flair, Giant, Luger, Sting, One Man Gang, Guerrero, Paul Orndorf and Arn Anderson. That’s a hell of a lineup. Orndorf is the first man eliminated. 

The boys scream when Guererro narrowly avoids elimination after an impressive Stinger Splash on the top turnbuckle sent him reeling. Flair putting Guererro in the figure four gets a loud reaction as well. 

After taking one of Anderson’s devastating spinebuster, Guerrero is finally eliminated, much to the chagrin of both boys. Anderson accidentally knocking Flair out gets a loud reaction from the crowd along with Emmett. 

Hogan quickly eliminates Anderson right after this. Sting, Luger and the Giant getting eliminated by Hogan shocks both of the boys. Confusion takes over after the Giant pulls Hogan under the bottom rope but the ref sees he’s out on the floor and declares Savage the winner. 

The crowd is stunned, and Emmett and Deagan are just as confused. Hogan pleads to the ref and Savage to continue the match; Heenan calls him a spoiled little brat. The Weasel is the GOAT. Mean Gene finally enters to bring some order to the chaos. 

Michael Buffer announces that Macho Man Randy Savage is indeed the new WCW World Heavyweight Champion. A chorus of boos comes from the crowd. Savage gets on the mic and says, “it is, what it is” and whether Hogan can handle that. 

Hogan asks the crowd if he got pulled under the bottom rope and they respond with a resounding yes. A classic, tension-filled Savage-Hogan stare-down concludes the show. 

Winner – Macho Man Randy Savage

So for the show, Emmett finished 6-1 in predictions on this show while Deagan nailed down the main event. This was a fun experience, I think I’ll continue watching these with my boys. Next up, Starrcade 1995: World Cup of Wrestling.

A Collective Review of WCW World War 3 1995 by Lance Augustine – TJR Wrestling
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