Thunder Rosa To Relinquish International Princess Championship

In an announcement made Thursday, Tokyo Pro Wrestling stated that a new International Princess Championship will be crowned. Thunder Rosa stated she is going to relinquish the International Princess Championship. The reason for the announcement was quite justifiable. With the current pandemic, Thunder Rosa is unable to travel to Japan. With her unable to travel a tournament has been announced to take place. The tournament will crown a new champion.

The tournament is slated to take place at the Wrestle Princess 8 event. It will consist of eight participants all vying to capture the title. Thunder Rosa captured the title this past May defeating Maki Ito for the title. It took place at the TJP New Year Dish Pro Wrestling event. While the news of her having to surrender the title is quite disappointing for her it does lend itself to new opportunities for others.

Thunder Rosa To Relinquish International Princess Championship

At the present time, the brackets of who is facing whom in the first round have been announced. Today, at Kitazawa Town Hall, Shoko Nakajima faces Raku. In the opposing match, Maya Kiryu faces Maikai Misei. The remaining two first-round matches take place next week. Kamifuku Yuki faces Suzume in one matchup. The other one would be Noo Hikari taking on Harajuku Pomo. The tournament finals are set to take place at the Tokyo Dome. The event takes place on November 7th at Wrestle Princess 8. What should be interesting to note is that a combination of semifinals matchups is going to be decided by a lottery. The four first-round winners meeting one another in both the semifinals and finals.

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