#AndNew Reina de Reinas Champion, Keyra

Verano de Escandalo began with a three-way dance for the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship. It was between Lady Shani, the champion; and her challengers, Keyra and Chik Tormenta. These ladies are tremendous warriors.

In the match, they didn’t have any mercy for one another. Lots of punishment was delivered and their skills were shown in the ring. Chik Tormenta tried to eliminate Keyra by punishing her back and then hit a slam, this led to a near-fall.

Keyra tried to weak to Lady Shani, she placed her and hit a moonsault but that wasn’t enough to defeat the champion. One of the great moments of the match was by Lady Shani when she applied two submissions at the same time, to both Keyra and Chik Tormenta. It was insane, she showed us all her knowledge and her strength. Another moment was when Shani delivered a backcracker to Keyra on the apron of the ring, she wanted to destroy her. That is shown when you want to send a message that it won’t be easy to defeat the champion.

The end of the match almost came when Lady Shani applied the pyramid to her challengers and pinned Keyra. But it was just another near-fall.

The experience of Keyra was a tremendous factor as she surprised Lady Shani with a roll-up, pinning her for the three count! We have a new Reina de Reinas Champion. She showed her skills and her desire to excel in the business. It’s all thanks to the sweat, strength, and heart she showed today and has throughout her career.