#Preview AAA Presents Verano de Escandalo

Welcome to the preview of AAA’s Verano de Escandalo. The city which will have the honor of hosting this event is Merida, Yucatan, Mexico on June 16th. What is special about this event? Well, they are set to give us different rivalries and this show will help prepare the road to Triplemania in August. In the main event, Dr. Wagner Jr. and Blue Demon Jr. will face off. They both know the strengths and weakness of each other. So, let’s get to the preview.

Verano de Escandalo
Photo / AAA

Lady Shani vs Keyra vs Chik Tormenta

To open Verano de Escandalo will be this three-way dance. The first contender is Lady Shani who is the AAA Reina de Reinas Champion. She has held it for more than 191 days. Shani had great moments last year, first she won Faby Apache’s hair at Triplemania and then she snatched the championship. Shani has grown professionally, and her efforts are reflected in this championship. First, of the opponents, we have Keyra, this lady is an incredible luchador. She has won the respect of the indie circuit and has appeared for IMPACT Wrestling. On the indie circuit, she’s had great challenge and victories. Of her victories, she has won Diosa Quetzal’s mask and has won championships in The Crash, AULL, Generacion XXI, and EMW. The final opponent is Chik Tormenta, another lady who has a great career in the indie circuit. She also has won championships in AULL, Generacion XXI, LLF, and NWG. The three contenders are amazing, I can assure you that will be a strong match. We will see intensity, delivery, heart, and courage to show who is better.

Verano de Escandalo
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Faby Apache vs Hijo del Tirantes

The second match at Verano de Escandalo will be between Faby Apache and the referee Hijo del Tirantes. This match arose after the tour Gira de Conquista Total in Mexicali. Faby and Taya had a match against Chik Tormenta and a mystery partner. The surprise mystery partner was El Hijo del Tirantes! The victory was for Tirantes and Chik, as Tirantes lied to the referee; he said that he was faulted by Faby. In Los Mochis, Tirantes was the referee in an Australian Rules match involving Faby. Tirantes used every opportunity that he had to help the other team, so the result was that the other team won. After the match Tirantes, along with the help of Chik Tormenta, Keyra, and Monster Clown attacked Faby. The vengeance of Faby Apache awaits and Hijo del Tirantes will have no escape. He’ll need to prepare mentally and physically as he faces a great Luchadora with a great career and lots of experience.

Máximo and Mamba vs Sammy Guevara and Australian Suicide

This next match has many ingredients to be funny and entertaining. On one side is Maximo and Mamba, they are Fresas Salvajes. They are exotic and great luchadors. In the last events of Gira, they showed all their skills, both as singles and a tag team. Fresas Salvajes will have the opportunity to show their ability to rise in AAA. But that won’t be easy, as their opponents are Sammy Guevara and Australian Suicide. They are crazy guys to do awesome dives and of course, they are rudos. Sammy Guevara, we know him from promotions like PWG, Wrestle Circus, The Crash, and now AEW. In AAA, Sammy was the World Cruiserweight Champion but lost it to Laredo Kid. Australian Suicide is another guy who began his road as a wrestler in AAA. This year he’s had a great opportunity to show himself at Wrestlecon. We have seen him as a rudo and a tecnico; on whatever side, he always surprises us. This match will be to encourage the crowd with the joy of Fresas Salvajes and the spectacular moves of Sammy and Australian Suicide.

Verano de Escandalo
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Laredo Kid and Taya Valkyrie vs Daga and Tessa Blanchard

Next, we have a mixed tag team match. This match will give us to the next challengers to AAA Mixed Tag-Team Championships. We don’t doubt, this match will be explosive. In one corner is Taya and Laredo Kid; Taya we know her in Mexico from when she arrived in AAA and joined Los Perros del Mal. She is also a two-time Reina de Reinas Champion. With the help of World Cruiserweight Champion Laredo Kid, they will attempt to shut up Daga. Laredo Kid has wrestled in IMPACT and PWG; since his return to AAA he’s had one goal and that is the championships. On the other side is Daga, he also was part of Perros del Mal. He was part of Lucha Underground, IMPACT, MLW, PCW, Wrestlecon, Bar Wrestling, and Dragon Gate tour with the stable RED.

However, this time, he will have to side his love, Tessa Blanchard. This tremendous luchador who has given us great matches in IMPACT, Wrestlecircus, The Crash, PCW, Bar Wrestling, will share the corner with Daga. This isn’t the first time this couple has worked together. They have competed together with Bar and PCW ULTRA. Now in AAA, they will show collectively their great moves that they showed audiences on the independent circuit. What is waiting for us an amazing match where Daga and Tessa will use their experience against the duo of Taya and Laredo. The latter could surprise us with their performance.

Pagano, Aerostar and Puma King vs Chessman, Monsther Clown and Killer Kross with Scarlett Bordeaux

The next match at Verano de Escandalo is the Relevos Australianos (Australian Rules). This match involves six luchadors, it has three rivalries and that makes it interesting because all have a target and one opportunity to humility his rival. So check out about this. The first one is Pagano against Cheesman, these men when had the opportunity to damage each other, they took advantage in the Gira de la Conquista. This rivalry had an extreme match, and Pagano had the victory, but doesn’t win the war. Now in this opportunity, Chessman will have to vengeance, or he will continue losing.

Aerostar and Monsther Clown, this rivalry is like David against Goliath, Aerostar has speed, dives, and spectacle, but Monsther has power and strength. Two worlds, two different styles but one goal that defeats the other. We need to follow this rivalry even though we see a lot different, they could give us a great match and how this feud is grown, we mustn’t doubt, they could bet their masks. And the last one is between Killer Kross and Puma King. Killer has made with Puma every he wants, he went through tables. So, now it’s the moment by Killer to follow destroyed him or Puma wake up and he shows his claws and his power.

This match has everything and we hope that six elements increase their hatred and they show it in the ring. This night could be to connect the rivalry toward Triplemania. We have in the line, great luchadors and especially greats feuds.

Photo / AAA

No Disqualification Match

La Parka, Myzteziz Jr and Hijo del Vikingo vs Texano Jr, Rey Escorpión and La Hiedra

In this match, it will be Los Mercenarios with Texano Jr, Escorpion and La Hiedra. This stable has marked their territory and they show no mercy with anyone in front of them. Their opponents are La Parka, the top face of the company. He has the support of AAA Trios Champions the Jinetes del Aire with Hijo del Vikingo and Myzteziz Jr. Los Mercenarios manage strong style, rudeness and they will take advantage of the match’s rules, they will be ruthless. Both the Jinetes del Aire have all their abilities and amazing flights and the experience of La Parka. La Parka has resentment against Mercenarios and he has searched for other events. Until he attacked with a chair in Nogales. So That will not stay that way and Los Mercenarios will take vengeance with their style.

Now, with this match, everything is permitted, we can hope to see extreme moments, blood, punisher, courage and the best of Jinetes are highflyers. So, this will be an awesome match because AAA gives us a mixed of different talents, greats skills, and honor.

Lucha Bros Young Bucks
Photo / AEW

AAA Tag Team Championships Match

 The Young Bucks (C) vs  Lucha Brothers

AAA Tag-Team Championships are in the line. Don’t have an escape, the moment is now and for the AAA’s crowd and fanboys, we’ll see another page of the rivalry book between Lucha Brothers and The Young Bucks. This match. One more time, we will watch an amazing match. You need to prepare all your feelings, will not be able to blink and your heart will be to prepare to receive greats moments and great moves of this match. This rivalry, it has remained since PWG, those teams always have face-to-face in the same ring they always have delivered more than 100%… They deliver their souls and hearts, only to show us who is the best team, in the world.

We can deny always we are satisfied when these teams collide. Their battles in PWG, AAA, and the most recent AEW have been amazing.

The Young Bucks this year won the AAA Tag-Team Championships in the event, Rey de Reyes, they appeared for surprising them, then that Lucha Bros had won the belts and immediately wrestled against The Young Bucks and the belts changes of waists. The Young Bucks didn’t forget that Lucha Bros attacked them in Las Vegas where presented AEW. The vengeance came with the belts.

The first defends was in the first event called Double or Nothing in the AEW territory and that was amazing again. One of the best matches of the night. And that happens when having four incredible luchadors. At Verano de Escandalo, not only are the belts are in the line but so is also the honor and show who is the best team in the world.

Photo / AAA

Main event

Dr. Wagner Jr and Psycho Clown vs Blue Demon Jr and Taurus

The main event is a Tag-Team match at Verano de Escandalo. By one side Dr. Wagner Jr with Psycho Clown against Blue Demon Jr with the member of Mercenarios Taurus. Psycho Clown this night will accompany Dr. Wagner Jr. Psycho is the new face of AAA, and his great work has shown at different times why he gets this place in AAA. He has been in main events of Triplemania and of the AAA roster, his mask is one of the most important.

Taurus is a great moment, he was in Wrestlemania Weekend and in his indy career, he showed all his abilities in The Crash and Aro Lucha. Now with this stable, he comes to win a place in the main events.

However, the most outstanding is the rivalry that increases day by day between Dr. Wagner Jr and Blue Demon. This feud is confirmed in Triplemania a matching mask vs hair. During Gira de la Conquista, they show us, his honor and his hate by another one. They have fought in different Arenas, different matches, different rules, fought among the crowd. They have delivered their sweat and blood in the ring.

This match between legends will be a great match and a Mexican classic match. Their style, they remind us, 80s style or Cuatro Caminos style where the luchadors showed all his skills but they usually come down from the ring bloody.

This match is a great opportunity to know the rival but above all to damage him more for Triplemania. Who team will have the victory at Verano de Escandalo?