#TheNew – Lucha Bros Regain AAA Tag Team Championships

This Sunday on Verano de Escandalo, the Lucha Brothers regained the AAA Tag Team championships from The Young Bucks. It was an amazing match live in Merida. The Young Bucks won them at AAA Lucha Libre’s Rey de Reyes. After the Double or Nothing AEW press conference in Las Vegas, the Lucha Bros attacked them. The Young Bucks got their revenge, confronted them and won the championships at Rey de Reyes. The Lucha Bros’ first chance to regain the titles was at Double or Nothing. In a tremendous match, The Young Bucks kept the titles around their waists that night.

Now at Verano de Escandalo, Lucha Bros had another opportunity to regain these championships, with their crowd, in their country. Then before the first match of the event, Konnan goes out to the ring to insult them and hits Pentagon in the face. When Pentagon goes to retaliate, The Young Bucks come out to help Konnan cleared the ring. This indicated that The Young Bucks might win, again.

The match was tremendous and wrote another page in the history of these two teams. It was full of a great combination moves, great spots, and awesome dives. Fenix gave a suicide tope to Nick with all his might, sending himself into the crowd.

They made use of all their arsenals. Matt hit a Canadian Destroyer and Pentagon hit one as well, but neither one caught the victory. As the match advanced, we could see that the championships aren’t the most important. The most important thing was to demonstrate who is the best team in the world. Matt and Nick seemed to have the victory when at the same time, they applied Sharpshooters to the Lucha Bros. The crowd were all in that moment, supporting the Lucha Bros. Pentagon hit the Factor Miedo and Matt managed to kick out at two. Fenix then hit him with Factor Animo, but Nick made the save by taking the referee out of the ring.

It seemed The Young Bucks would retain their championships when Nick hit a moonsault to Fenix and the referee. Matt took advantage, hitting Pentagon low and then taking his mask off and throwing it out of the ring. The Young Bucks then hit their Meltzer Drive for a near fall. Fenix hit another Factor Animo onto Matt and then dove outside onto Nick. Pentagon hit another Factor Miedo and covered Matt for the three-count. We have new champions and the crowd was very excited and celebrated with the Lucha Bros.