#AndNew: Jake Something wins AAW Pro Heritage Championship

On Saturday May 11th, AAW Pro presented Take No Prisoners from Chicago, Illinois. The event included incredible matches throughout including single and tag team matches. Of all these matches one match that became of one of interest was the AAW Pro Heritage championship match between MJF and Mance Warner. It was highly heralded for not just fans knew MJF could do but how Mance has continued to emerge as a highly competitive talent seeking championship gold. What was arguably one of the more bizarre moments of the night included tossing of not of streamers but toilet paper at the AAW Pro Heritage Champion, MJF. Warner certainly brought the violence in this match as he brought in anything and everything including something he has become synonamis with and that’s a wooden door. What he hadn’t anticipated was Jake Something.

However, a longstanding rivalry with Warner once again reared its ugly head as it was an adversary of Mance Warner’s that came to the ring ultimately costing him a championship win in the Zombie Princess, Jimmy Jacobs. With the dust settled and MJF declared still the AAW Pro Heritage champion one would think all would have been said and done but that wasn’t the case.

Interviewer Marty DeRosa came down with the intention of interviewing Maxwell Jacob Friedman asking him about his retaining of the championship. While DeRosa was in the ring, MJF shared how he believed how great he was and that his greatness could be demonstrated anywhere and anytime. Those words would ultimately come back to bite him in the but as they were met with DeRosa asking ‘how about right now?’ After an initial refusal to want to do so, MJF ultimately coincides and decides that he was willing to do so. It was at this time when former AAW Pro Heavyweight champion challenger and WRSTLING faction member, Jake Something comes out to the ring. The massive Something came out with clearly…something (pun not intended) to prove. With MJF face to face with Something, the champion’s tone had quickly gone from completely assured that he was the best to nearly left to graveling against the WRSTLING monster.

In what was a brief affair, MJF initially tried to escape the matchup. That was met with Something shoving MJF and then spears him through the door that Mance Warner had previously set up toward’s the end of the match with him and MJF. The result was nothing short of devastating. An initial shove was followed up with a massive spear through the propped up door.  Something tossed MJF back into the middle of the ring as a door that was completely split in half and covers him for the win.

An impromptu match up is usually a success and in this case, one that had value in it because it was a championship match made it the more worth watching. This appears to come out of nowhere but does raise some questions and gladly has found new answers. Something’s performance a couple of months ago against Sami Callihan certainly says a lot about what the promotion thinks of Something and the value he holds for them and the AAW Pro Heritage Championship.

A decision to put the championship on Something may also say something about MJF and what his future may be as it pertains to the promotion and the championship. Regardless of what the future holds for MJF it is Jake Something that can now claim to be the conquering hero. His win brings about the only championship in the WRSTLING faction with could likely be the first of total domination in their group.

Here is your winner and THE NEW AAW Pro Heritage Champion, Jake Something.

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