The History Of Bullet Club Part 5 – The Cutthroat Era

The History Of Bullet Club Part 5 – The Cutthroat Era. Bullet Club has become one of the most known stables within professional wrestling. You can watch any major promotion and see a Bullet Club t-shirt being worn in the crowd, proving how popular this all-heel faction truly is within the wrestling community. Bullet Club was started in 2013 within the New Japan Pro Wrestling promotion.

Since then, the club has had five different leaders, leading up to a brand-new leader in 2020 after New Japan Cup 2020 Final. We will explore the history of Bullet Club and the different leaders who have held the reigns of this now-historic faction. This week we dive back into the history of Bullet Club. This is the History of Bullet Club Part 5.

The History Of Bullet Club Part 1 The History Of Bullet Club Part 5

The History Of Bullet Club Part 5
The Start Of The Switchblade Era

At the end of October 2018, the members of The Elite all confirmed that they would be leaving both New Japan Wrestling and Ring of Honor. However, despite any concerns about the faction, one person was ready to take on the pressures of the faction’s history and prestige: Jay White!

Although it might have seemed odd when White made a move to Bullet Club, it was actually a match made in heaven. In fact, it was due to two of the original Bullet Club members, Prince Devitt and Bad Luck Fale, that Jay even found his way to New Japan. Jay was a former IWGP United States Champion who quickly made his mark on the company. He seemed like the best person to lead the faction into a new era… the Switchblade Era!

The History Of Bullet Club Part 5 –
It’s Time To Make An Impact

With the faction back to some sort of normality, it was time for White to cement his legacy as the next Bullet Club leader. After his move to the faction, one person had a bone to pick with the Switchblade. It was his former CHAOS leader and faction mate, Kazuchika Okada. Since returning from an excursion, Jay had never promised loyalty to Okada, but it was almost an unwritten rule.

Yet, after attacking Okada at King of Pro Wrestling, the Rainmaker wanted answers. At Wrestle Kingdom 13, Jay made this statement clear after beating former IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kazuchika Okada! During the same event, Taiji Ishimori defeated KUSHIDA for the IWGP Jr Heavyweight Championship.

Yet, this was just the start for the faction at that time. During February, it seemed as if Bullet Club was back in its former glory. On February 23, the Guerillas of Destiny captured their fifth tag team heavyweight championship against EVIL and Sanada of Los Ingobernables de Japón at Honor Rising. Yet, more importantly, during The New Beginning in Osaka, White got his biggest win by beating Hiroshi Tanahashi for his first IWGP Heavyweight Champion!

It seems as if, after a long period of disarray, things were finally looking up for a faction that had spent so long divided.

The History Of Bullet Club Part 5
There Is Always Room For A Few More

Although Bullet Club was full of talent, there was one thing the division was lacking, and it was Jr Heavyweight talent. Jado and Gedo cemented themselves in manager roles which only left Taiji Ishimori to conquer the division. Yet, alone, he could not totally dominate the division with the tag titles out of his reach.

On March 8, it was announced that El Phantasmo would be joining Bullet Club. It was a surprise to many who had seen ELP during combined New Japan and Rev Pro events in the UK, and was always a true babyface.

From there, it seemed like the faction was finally complete. There were new additions to both divisions, and the bond was as strong as ever. Yet, with all factions, there were ups and downs. During G1 Supercard in Madison Square Garden, G.O.D retained their tag titles and won the ROH titles. Yet. Ishimori lost his Jr title to Dragon Lee.

Unfortunately, as expected, the addition of El Phantasmo was always going to cause issues. Before his arrival, Ishimori and fellow Bullet Club Jr Robbie Eagles had been a rising team in the division. Yet, ELP and his ego seemed to threaten this cohesion. After tension during the 2019 Best of Super Jr tournament, it all became too much for Robbie.

It was worse after ELP and Ishimori won the Jr tag titles in June. It was something Ishimori and Eagles failed to do. Due to this discontent, Eagles eventually left the faction during their trip to Australia for Southern Showdown, joining CHAOS.

With one less member, it seemed like Bullet Club didn’t have to wait long for a new one. Japanese wrestling legend KENTA decided to make the move to the faction during the G1 Climax 29. When it comes to Bullet Club they are a faction that seems to gain members as quickly as they lose them.

Yet, if fans thought Bullet Club was complete, the next few months definitely saw an even bigger change to come within the faction and company!