The 2021 MLW Draft | The Landscape Has Changed

Battle Riot III is officially in the books. If 2020 proved anything, it’s that Major League Wrestling is a force to watch out for. Court Bauer and his crew are ready to bring wrestling back to wrestling. That is never more evident than in the 2021 MLW Draft.  This year there is more than Major League Wrestling adding to its impressive roster. Aztec Underground, led by Ceasar Duran and Contra, has also added to their forces. Arguably, Contra being led by MLW Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu is the strongest threat to MLW. Let’s take a look at some of the new faces for this season and the 2021 MLW Draft.


The 2021 MLW Draft
Matt Cross

Matt Cross is mostly known for his work in Ring of Honor and Lucha Underground. However, he is no stranger to Major League Wrestling. He made his debut in 2004 with the company.  This time he has caught the eye of Azteca Underground. Since buying out Promociones Dorado from Salina De La Renta, Ceasar Duran has caused absolute chaos in MLW. It is no secret that Duran and Cross have a past together.  Cross has competed in over 28 countries, winning championships in most of them.  Cesar Duran knows firsthand what this Maddog is capable of. According to many in the know, Cross is a different competitor than he was when he was causing havoc in Luca Underground. In all honesty, this addition could help Azteca Underground take control of MLW. Matt Cross is definitely not a man to cross.

EJ Nduka

After being released by WWE, EJ Nduka has found a new home in 2021 with MLW. Not to judge, but arguably this was a blessing in disguise. Prior to throwing his hat in the wrestling ring, Naduka was a defensive end linebacker. In the 2012 NFL Draft, he was rated the 38 best linebackers in the NFL. He also has competed as a bodybuilder in the IFBB. When asked by Alicia Atout about why he chose MLW, Naduka stated that he liked the prestige and the history that Major League Wrestling brings to the table. He also stated that he plans to “show up and show out.”


Azteca Underground strikes gold again with the addition of Arez. As a matter of fact, Arez has said that he plans to collect gold in the name of violence for “El Jefe.” A ruthless highflyer, Arez might just keep his word. This is exactly the type of warrior Ceasar Duran is looking for to accomplish his domination of MLW. This luchadors top rope package piledriver is not to be taken lightly. Most likely, Arez will be setting his sights on Myron Reed and the Middleweight Championship. Known as king strange in Mexico City, this man is ready to unleash the strange on MLW.

Lee Moriarty

Lee Moriarty is from Pittsburgh, PA. This is known as the city of champions. Look no further than the Pittsburgh Steelers and pro wrestlings own Kurt Angle to verify that fact. As a steel city native, Moriarty promises to steal the show in MLW. In the past year, no one has proven themselves more during the pandemic than this guy. Known as the “Apex of Combat,” he has come to the right place. Azteca Underground and Contra would love to see if Moriarty can handle their type of combat. Several independent fans have compared his style to that of Daniel Bryan. He says that fact humbles him. He always just wants to improve. His focus is on becoming the best independent wrestler he can be and helping professional wrestling grow as a whole.


Cesar Duran is on a roll with his next pick Aramis. Aramis has caught the attention of the world. With his high-flying Lucha moves, he’s set Lucha Underground on fire. Pro wrestling legend and AAA founder Konnan has labeled him the next breakout Lucha star. No doubt Aramis has arrived in MLW to break out. An interesting fact about Aramis is he made his debut at the age of 11. Aramis’s greatest asset is his top rope ability.

Once compared to Rey Mysterio, blink, and you’ll miss this luchador. He’s that quick and sudden. As mentioned before, Aramis, like Arez, has been brought here by Cesar Duran to accomplish his takeover of MLW. Most likely, you are to see the two Mexico City marvels as a tag team. Another possibility is that both Aramis and Arez were brought here to defeat Myron Reed for the Middleweight Championship. Only time will tell.

Alex Kane

Along the same lines of Calvin Tankman, Alex Kane is a powerhouse that could be a top contender for Jacob Fatus MLW Heavyweight Tite or Alexander Hammerstones Openweight Championship. At 5’11 240 lbs, this former rugby player would prove to be a challenge for either. It has also recently been revealed that Kane is training with King Mo. That could prove to be a lethal combination for anyone who wants to step up. Additionally, Kane has been known as the mohawk master of submission.

His arsenal of suplexes is sure to leave any athlete in pain. In particular, is his southern lights suplex has been known to lead to wins. Kane is power personified. According to, he can lift a 500 lb deadlift with ease. When asked who in particular he would be gunning for, Alex Kane mentioned Alexander Hammerstone. No doubt about it, the Openweight Champion better have eyes in the back of his head, or he might end up a former champion during the 2021 MLW draft.

Davey Richards

Last but not least is Davey Richards. As the number one draft pick, this addition is what will change the landscape of MLW. As one-half of the American Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards tore apart the independent scene. Everywhere they went, they became tag team champions. So when you say the words independent pro wrestling, Richards name is one that comes to the forefront. He is a former Ring of Honor Champion & eight-time tag team champion.

He has competed in ROH, IMPACT, CZW, and New Japan, just to name a few. His wars with the likes of Finn Balor, aka Prince Devitt, Charlie Hass and Shelton Benjamin, The Briscoes, The Hardys, Kyle Oreily, Adam Cole, and Daniel Bryan are classics. Richards has taken time off for a few years, but the time has come for him to return back to wrestling. During an interview with Alicia Atout, Richards stated that he picked MLW because it’s “pro wrestling in its purest form ” He further stated that he wants to help MLW grow. No doubt about it, the addition of Davey Richards is a win for MLW during the 2021 draft.  The American Wolf is back.


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