Tessa Blanchard Becomes IMPACT Wrestling World Champion | #AndNEW

Tessa Blanchard Becomes IMPACT Wrestling World Champion. History has been made. Tessa Blanchard shut out the noise on Sunday night in the main event of Hard To Kill to win the IMPACT World Championship. In doing so, she defeated her toughest rival of the past year, Sami Callihan. This isn’t just history because of a world title change, but Tessa has become the first woman to ever win a world championship in a major company. Tessa Blanchard has become the IMPACT Wrestling World Champion.

Her and Callihan main event the evening, going on to have one of the most brutal back and forth matches in IMPACT history. It has never been a secret that these two dislike each other, but both brought out their darkest sides to try and finish the other. Callihan didn’t want to go down in history as the one to lose the title to Tessa Blanchard, but she showed the world that history was “Undeniable”.

In the match, Callihan attacked and brutalized the left knee of Blanchard to the point where she almost didn’t make it inside for ten count on two separate occasions. Both competitors managed to kick out of their respective finishes not once but twice, as the Magnum and Cactus Special Piledriver did not have enough to finish either opponent. There were times in the match where it seemed that Tessa was going to tap in the middle of the ring and history would be halted for the night.

But that is certainly not the case, as she had the will power to get herself to her feet time and time again and ultimately win the championship.

The finish came when Tessa would hit a Canadian Destroyer, which she’d follow up with a Panama Sunrise, and put the finishing touches on Callihan with a Hammerlock DDT for the history-making pinfall.

What occurred on Sunday night was nothing short of incredible as these two great professional wrestlers went in there and put on an all-out war in front of the crowd. In our interview with Tessa, she noted she wanted to do something that no female athlete had ever done before. History accomplished.

With a hot crowd and history being made, this was by all accounts one of the biggest in IMPACT Wrestling history. Tessa Blanchard is the new IMPACT Wrestling World Champion.

Originally written by Scott Edwards