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Puroresu Press for 11/10/19

It's time for another edition of the Puroresu Press where we will be talking about various news, rumors, and all sorts of goodies involving...

Puroresu Press for 10/19/19 (Bushiroad Purchases Stardom)

Welcome to the latest addition to the Puroresu Press and it looks like I will be making it into a bi-weekly piece. Here we...
Puroresu Press

The Puroresu Press for 10/5/19

Welcome to a new little piece I’ll be doing for the site known as the Puroresu Press. This is where I’ll be talking about...
Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman – His Legacy of Hustle

In a 2022 interview with Ryan Satin, Paul Heyman said of his life that he's never held a real job. Whether it was selling...
Akira Hokuto

Akira Hokuto – Lonely at the Top

If there’s a royal family of Japanese pro wrestling, Akira Hokuto is the Queen. Her career is filled with legendary matches, iconic...
Rina Yamashita

Rina Yamashita – The Rise of the International Deathmatch Amazon

Pro-wrestling is at its most intense when performers are given license to go all out to give the fans a show to remember, and...
Meiko Satomura

Meiko Satomura – An International Hero For The Industry

In a career that has spanned over a quarter of a century, Meiko Satomura has continued to inspire and elevate all around her. However, in...
Blair Davenport

Blair Davenport – From Elite To Being Next In Line

Since her debut in 2016, Blair Davenport has made an impact on various promotions she’s worked with, Defiant Wrestling and World Wonder Ring Stardom...
Gatoh Move Part 2

Gatoh Move Part 2 – A Brief History of Continued

The fun-loving violet and yellow Gatoh Move continues to move forward. In fact, Gatoh Move's crop of wrestlers is nothing short of diverse and,...
Gatoh Move Part 2

Gatoh Move – A Brief History of A Hybrid in Joshi Storytelling

Easygoing, humorous, and unique – these are just a few terms that can be used to describe Gatoh Move. Since its genesis in 2012,...