Salina de la Renta Presents MLW Fusion Episode 62 #Review

Welcome to the second-ever episode presented by Salina de la Renta. Ms. de la Renta served as executive producer for the acclaimed episode 56 of MLW Fusion and therefore returns for episode 62. The empresaria specially curated this show, hopefully, she enjoys this review of her work.

We are greeted by our executive producer, Salina de la Renta, to open the show. She runs down the matches that she has put together for the evening. They include Low-Ki vs. Ricky Martinez, Flamita vs. Rey Horus, and Sami Callihan vs. Mance Warner. Now that last one is a loser leaves MLW Match. Cleverly, Salina has designed a match in which one of her enemies gets eliminated without her having to lift a finger. Next, we go outside, where Mance Warner and Sami Callihan are prevented from entering the arena. They are also greeted by Jimmy Havoc who informs them that they aren’t allowed in, per Salina.

“Life sucks, and then you get the sweet release of death.” – Jimmy Havoc

The action begins with blistering middleweight action like only Salina de la Renta can make happen. Rey Horus will be taking on the debuting Mexican sensation, Flamita. This match exhibited all of the elements that are trademark modern lucha libre. Smooth transitions, rolling from one move to the next, spectacular dives and hard-hitting strikes. Chants of lucha libre rained down on the pair throughout the match. There were several near-falls in which we thought it was over. However, it took a beautiful 450 splash from Flamita to secure the victory. Flamita will be joining the MLW roster full time following his upcoming tour with Dragon Gate in Japan.

The world of MLW never stops, and the next stop is in Chicago on July 6th with Kings of Colosseum. The MLW World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as Tom Lawlor defends against Jacob Fatu. Chicago is where we first saw CONTRA Unit and they first attacked “Filthy” Tom following his victory in a cage match. Now it comes full circle, following several more attacks and Lawlor has had enough. He puts the gold on the line against the Samoan Werewolf. Before we get there though, we go to the champion himself. Tom Lawlor cuts a confident and stinging promo on the CONTRA Unit before giving us our first look at Marshall and Ross Von Erich in the flesh. Next week on MLW Fusion, it will be a six-person tornado tag team match. Lawlor and the Von Erichs will join forces to battle the dealers of violence, CONTRA Unit.

Tonight though, the Salina de la Renta sanction action keeps on rolling. Up next, the Sicario of Promociones Dorado will take on the former MLW World Champion, Low-Ki. Promociones Dorado has washed their hands of Low-Ki after weeks of their relationship deteriorating. Now we will see Ricky Martinez and Salina de la Renta on opposite sides of the ring of the Professional. After making their way to the ring, Salina graces us with a few words. She promises a public execution of Low-Ki at the hands of Martinez. Low-Ki dominates early on, but following a timely stare-down with the alleged bruja, Martinez was able to get in the driver’s seat.

The storied experience of Low-Ki and his ability to assess the situation he’s in on the fly would prove to be key. Ricky would attempt to go for a knockout blow, but Low-Ki moved out of the way, leaving the referee in Martinez’s path. Ricky was able to stop and spare the official, but as he turned around he was met with a massive strike by Low-Ki. This laid Martinez out with a glassy-eyed look, referee Doug Markham awarded the match to Low-Ki via knockout. A fuming Salina de la Renta would storm into the ring to have some words with Ricky. When she turned around, she came face to face with her former client. After leaving her with some thoughts, the Professional left the ring with a grin. Salina also departed the ring thereafter, leaving a frustrated Martinez in the ring alone.

Rich Bocchini pitches us over to Sami Callihan who is waiting outside the arena for his match with Mance Warner. The two converse and promise to have a good ol’ fight and the Midwest Megapowers with ride one last time. Next is a video package hyping up lucha libre royalty, LA Park and Dr. Wagner Jr. Dr. Wagner Jr. will be coming soon to MLW. Going to the back, Salina is violently unhappy and upset with Ricky Martinez. She berates him before leaving him alone in his disappointment. Salina has a show to produce, after all. We then go to The Dynasty and Aria Blake, who are enjoying one of Wisconsin’s finest establishments. They crack lame jokes on Teddy Hart, whom Richard Holliday will face next week on MLW Fusion. But as the talks turn to championships, a slight squabble breaks out. Perhaps there are some cracks in the foundation of their bond.

It’s now time for the main event, set up by our lovely executive producer Salina de la Renta. Mance Warner will take on his kind of friend, Sami Callihan in a falls count anywhere, loser leaves MLW match. The match gets underway quickly, as Sami made his entrance, spit on Jim Cornette and then raced to the ring. These two made use of just about anything that wasn’t nailed down. Trash cans, chairs, extra ring boards, the bleachers and even a staple gun. Callihan would use every form of punishment he’d ever dished out onto an opponent. He delivered piledrivers, stapled dollar bills to Mance Warner and even stapled Mancer’s tongue to a ring board. Warner though, he proved to be too tough of an obstacle for the Worldwide Desperado. Two knee strikes later, Mance Warner is your winner. Sami Callihan is now gone from MLW.

All of this incredible action we have one person to thank, and that’s our executive producer of this show, Salina de la Renta! We’ll catch you here next week for another episode of MLW Fusion.

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