Lucha Libre News – ¡Esto de Lucha! 6/3/19

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We have new tag team champions, they are Rebelion Amarilla. Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf came out with the victory where they defeated Lucha Bros, Rey Fenix and Penta 0M. On their May 24th event, The Crash celebrated with the main event between them for the tag team championships. That match was awesome because we have the international experience of Fenix and Penta; as well as Bestia 666 and Mecha have worked to have this moment. With this, the Rebelion Amarilla have almost all of the gold of the company. Fellow member Rey Horus has the Heavyweight Championship and now, they can be considered one of the most important stables in Mexico. Congratulations and we’ll expect who are the first contenders for their belts.

Rebelion Amarilla
Photo / The Crash Lucha Libre on Facebook

In other news, a promotion in Tijuana, Mexico announced that they’ll have a new event on June 15th. It is called “Descontrol” that means uncontrolled. There will be three matches of “relevos increibles” or incredible tag teams. The teams will be mixed and we’ll be surprised by the different arsenals of moves. This event will have stars from CMLL, The Crash and international stars like Bandido, Matt Taven, Adam Brooks, Austin Theory and Ricky Banderas. This week the matches were announced. You should pay attention to the Pro Wrestling Post as we will have a preview of this event.

Photo / The Crash Lucha Libre on Facebook


Another promotion important in Mexico is IWRG or International Wrestling Revolution Group. They are based in Arena Naucalpan and started in 1996. They have relationships with promotions like Torymoun, Dragon Gate, AJPW, CMLL, and AAA. They have formed great wrestlers. Many wrestlers in Mexico always have worked there like Bandido, Flamita, Fenix, Penta, Hijo del Santo, Villanos, Silver King, etc. On May 19, they had a great event called Rey del Ring or King of Ring, reminiscent of the WWE event. This event involved 30 luchadors, where the rules are every two minutes, two luchadores enter the ring. Eliminations happen when one is pinned or is made to submit. The last luchador standing will win the Rey del Ring Championship. This year, the winner was Rey Demonio who defeated Hijo de Canis Lupus. Rey Demonio is a star current of IWRG and with Lunatic Extrem and Eterno have Distrito Federal Trios Championships. They gave us a great final or classic Mexican final was full of strength and heart. If you want to watch the event, you can go to this link.

Lucha Libre
Photo / IWRG Lucha Libre Naucalpan on Facebook

Also, they have announced the return of Penta 0M to Arena Naucalpan. On June 6, he will be joined by Hijo de Canis Lupus and their opponents are Los Traumas. This match will be both strong style and a street fight. All opponents have tremendous skills but they like to fight and fight outside the ring too.



Rebelion Amarilla to FCP Lucha Libre
Photo / The Crash Lucha Libre on Facebook

The Rebelion Amarilla will have the opportunity to show all their skills and why they are the best stable in Mexico. Three members of Rebelion Amarilla, Rey Horus, Bestia 666, and Mecha Wolf will travel to England. These tremendous luchadors will be representing The Crash for the company Fight Club: Pro on June 26. Rey Horus has been with this company before, he participated in the event Dream Tag Team Invitational. Now they’ll show why they are the faces of The Crash.


Lucha libre action at Fury Road
Photo / MLW

Flamita has grown up, he has appeared for WrestleCon, PWG and Dragon Gate. He has been representing Mexican style all over. At the Dragon Gate event Dead or Alive, Naruki Doi announced that Flamita will be coming back for them this June. But that’s not all for Flamita! This week MLW announced that they too will have the services of Flamita in June. Flamita will have the opportunity to show the MLW fans his style and skills at the June 1st event Fury Road. There he will fight against Rey Horus. So we hope, he’ll have success in this company. You can read about Dragon Gate event Dead or Alive 2019 in this article by Mathew Sarpracione.