ROH TV for 9/27/21 (Episode #523) – Review

In the latest ROH TV review for 9/27/21, episode #523 featured two matches. Both of which could have implications future championship opportunities tied to them. Quinn McKay introduces what is slated to happen this week. McKay runs down both matches and the ties that bind each of the competitors in the ring. This week’s show was key in helping to decide the future of whom will likely contend for different champions within the company. Both matches are sure to be intense battles where asserting their dominance in the ring becomes paramount. Caprice Coleman and Ian Riccaboni are on commentary for this week’s edition. Here is the ROH TV review for the 9/27/21 episode of the program.


The show begins with ‘The Mecca’ having to face the Darewolf PJ Black in a match where the winner must earn their handshake to show their code of honor. Both men have a history with one another dating back to Black’s former mentoring of Brian Johnson. However, that was then, and this is now. Johnson is sure to assert himself in this match with the goal of proving that he is the CODE of HONOR.

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Pure Rules Match
‘The Darewolf’ PJ Black vs. ‘The Mecca’ Brian Johnson

Johnson came to the ring saying that he will prove himself to Black and that he is worthy of the Pure Championship. The Mecca then rushes the ring to event announce himself taking that away from Bobby Cruz. Next up to the ring is the South African native, PJ Black. While Black is all smiles upon entering the ring, he is sure to share that Johnson is going to have to earn his worth. Johnson is equally confident that Black will have to ‘prove’ himself to him. It is clear early on that Black’s relaxed nature is frustrating Brian Johnson. Black not only is trying to get the better of Johnson technically, he shares a couple of jabs at him verbally.

Before this match began, Black had told Johnson that he would have to earn ‘the black belt’; if he does, the two will shake hands at the end of the match. However, Black is getting the better of Johnson early on. It seemed as though he was coaching Johnson while still trying to bat him. Johnson is credited with the first rope break he is allowed to get.  Black then shows how he is able to move from one end of the ring to the other. We then reach the five-minute mark with ten minutes remaining in the match. It feels as though Black is toying with Johnson too. He even has him in a submission attempt but brings him to the ropes forcing Johnson to use his second rope break.

Five minutes remain then in the match leading to the third and final rope break by Brian Johnson. A poke in the eye leading to Black being forced into the referee, who then didn’t see it as Johnson hits his finisher for the win.

Winner: Brian Johnson

After the match, Brian Zane interviews Brian Johnson, who is congratulated by Black and is promised his black belt.

We then see the ROH Women’s division as they address the future of women’s wrestling in Ring of Honor. Then, Eli Isom addresses Ryan Mooney and how he will not stand in between him and his goal of winning the ROH Television champion. Mooney then addresses his relationship with Isom, but he best not make promises he can’t keep. Fans are then shown highlights of the Glory By Honor matchup between The Foundation and VLNCE UNLTD. The Foundation walked away as the victors of that match.

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Brody King vs. Jay Lethal vs. Kenny King vs. Shane Taylor

The main event was up next. First out was LFI’s, Kenny King. Next up is Shane Taylor Promotions own, Shane Taylor. Third, in the ring is VLNCE UNLTD’s, Brody King. The final participant is The Foundation’s Jay Lethal. As The Franchise by Indianhead is playing on the overhead speaker, Lethal comes to the ring and addresses how the winner is one step closer to facing the ROH World Champion. Lethal and Brody Kings begin the match with Taylor and Kenny King on the outside.

After getting the early advantage, Shane Taylor tags in, forcing Brody King to the outside. Lethal gains the advantage over Taylor until Kenny King tags himself into the ring. Kenny hits Lethal’s combination to maintain the advantage over the former ROH World Champion. Lethal rolls back into the corner forcing Brody King to tag into the ring. Brody then drills Jay with a chop. Then both King’s exchange blows, but Brody gets the advantage. Kenny then takes Shane Taylor out of the action. He then takes Jay Lethal out of the match as well. Taylor distracts Kenny King leading to a clothesline by Brody King.  Shane Taylor tags in, and he and Brody King drill each other time and time again.

Brody King comes in hits a clothesline on Shane Taylor, knocking him out. He then makes the pinfall for the win.

Winner: Brody King

In the ring, Lethal extends a hand to Shane Taylor, who shakes it. But, unfortunately, the same can not be said about Kenny King.

Next Week:
  • Eli Isom vs. Ryan Mooney
  • VLNCE UNLTD vs. ????
  • Rust & Zayne vs. The Briscoes

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