ROH TV Episode #523 (Fatal-Four Way Battle) #Preview

For ROH TV Episode #523, two matches have been announced to take place. One of which involves the winner of the Pure Rules Gauntlet match from last week. This week PJ Black returns to action on ROH TV as he faces ‘The Mecca’ Brian Johnson on the heels of last week’s Pure Rules Gauntlet. It is certainly going to be a battle of contrasting styles. Black offer’s a more high-flying style, where Johnson has a more technical style about him. It will certainly be an interesting battle between these two competitors.


Of the two matches scheduled, there are likely implications of what is sure to be the next contender for Bandido’s Ring of Honor World Championship. Each of Ring of Honor’s prominent factions are stepping into the ring with more at stake than meets the eye. Shane Taylor, Jay Lethal, Kenny King, and Brody King will engage in a knock-down-drag-out battle that is sure to impress. Both Taylor and Brody King are the bigger men in their matchup and will impress with their agility and mobility. For Kenny King and Lethal, we see two seasoned veterans who will equally add to the match’s quality during ROH TV episode #523.

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ROH TV Episode #523
Brody King vs. Jay Lethal vs. Kenny King vs. Shane Taylor

This fatal four-way match-up involves representatives from four different factions, all with ulterior motives. With VLNCE UNLTD, Shane Taylor Promotions, La Facción Ingobernable & The Foundation all represented, it is sure to be an absolute war. However, each of these men aren’t just walking into this matchup for bragging rights. There is more than simply a fatal four-way among them. Each of them wants to position themselves to become the next ROH World Champion.

While Lethal has been at the top of that mountain in the past, it is a place he now more than ever is determined to get back to there. Shane Taylor has held the Six-Man tag team titles and the ROH Television championship. He is primed to achieve more. Taylor is sure to be in a position to capture the ROH World Championship. Brody King and Kenny King are also in contention for Bandido’s title. Who among them walks away as the top contender for the title?

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PJ Black vs. Brian Johnson

These two men are sure to put on a spectacular contest. In the case of PJ Black, fans have seen a man that has been around the world and put on some phenomenal matches. He stands across the ring from a man that just last week won the Pure Rules Gauntlet match. With no advertised competitors taking place, it was truly anyone’s guess who would not only compete in the match but walk away as the winner! In a contest that included; Delirious, Joe Keys, World Famous CB, Eric Martin, & LSG, Brian Johnson would ultimately walk out victorious.

Black could argue that Johnson was the most fortunate of the challengers as he was the last entrant. However, he could also argue that he won through nefarious means as well. Despite being the final entrant in the gauntlet, The Mecca was able to walk away by making an impression on the ROH locker room. Will Black leave Johnson bewildered with a loss after last week’s victory?

What to Expect

  • Bandido keeps a close on the fatal four-way on the show
  • Jonathan Gresham seeks to lay claim to his lost Pure Championship

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