ROH TV for 10/2/21 (Episode #524) – Review

In the latest ROH TV review for 10/2/21, episode #524 featured two matches. First, VLNCE UNLTD is shown making their open challenge to which Danhausen walks in, sharing how violent they are. We then see a tag team match is set to take place, the current ROH Women’s Champion Rok-C is set to have an in-ring interview, and the eight-man tag match are all set to take place. Unfortunately, while we know who four of the men are, we don’t know who will challenge VLNCE UNLTD.


ROH TV for 10/2/21
Taylor Rust & Alex Zayne vs. The Briscoes

Taylor Rust is first introduced to make his way to the ring. Then Alex Zaune makes his way to the ring. We hear that Zayne has an upcoming ROH World Heavyweight title match against Bandido. Dem Boys, The Briscoes make their way to the ring next. They have teamed together for an astounding twenty-one years. Mark Briscoe and Taylor Rust start off the match with one another. Coleman and Riccaboni really do a nice job highlighting that both Zayne and Rust are world-traveled athletes. Which was a nice way of saying they competed in the WWE (without actually saying they competed in the WWE). Once Jay makes his way into the match, a whole new level of aggression is evident here.

Finally, Rust makes a tag in to Alex Zayne, who is in tough against Jay Briscoe. Zayne faced an uphill battle as both Briscoe’s work on him on the floor. The same could be said about Taylor Rust, who also faced a beating. Mark and Jay are relentless in their attack on Alex Zayne. Once a hot tag is made back to Rust, the newcomer blitzes through both Mark and Jay Briscoe. Zayne comes to the aid of Rust with an inside springboard moonsault to the floor by the sauce. After a Jay Driller and a froggy elbow, the Briscoe’s hold on for the win.

Winners: The Briscoes

After the match, Danhausen, PCO, Demonic Flamita, and Sledge address VLNCE UNLTD’s challenge. It appears as though they will be the team to accept the challenge.

Before this can happen, Brian Zane welcomes the new ROH Women’s Champion, ‘The Prodigy’ Rok-C. She spoke of how it was to win the Women’s Championship. Rok-C also shared how important it was to have her family and friends look on and encourage her. It was at this point when the Allure interrupt her as they come to the ring. They are then interrupted by Miranda Alize comes to the ring along with Trish Adora, Willow, & Allysin Kay. Next, Maria Kanellis-Bennett comes out and addresses the women in the ring. She shares that there will be two three-way matches with the ultimate winner of these matches to face Rok-C for the title at Final Battle 2021.

After the commercial, we see Miranda Alize had attacked Rok-C after the segment in the ring.

ROH TV report (10/4): eight man tag unlimited - Slam Wrestling
Photo / ROH / Slam Wrestling

 VLNCE UNLTD vs. Danhausen, Sledge, Demonic Flamita & PCO.

VLNCE UNLTD made their way to the ring first, followed by Danhausen, Sledge, Demonic Flamita & PCO. Homicide and Danhausen begin the match against one another. Danhausen is technically sound as he surprises Homicide early in this match. Demonic Flamita and Tony Deppen square off in the ring next. Tony Deppen and Flamita jockey for position, but neither man has the advantage over the other. Dickinson is tagged in, and he begins to take the fight to Flamita with a series of heavy strikes and pinning combinations.

Flamita tags in Sledge, who showcases his strength against Chris Dickinson. Sledge hits Deppen on the apron forcing him to the floor.  Dickinson recovers and hits a shotgun dropkick on Sledge. Brody King is then tagged in, and he begins to beat down on Sledge. King then brings in Deppen, who comes in like fury hitting Sledge with a double knee strike in the corner. Dickinson is tagged in who then tags in Homicide. The Notorious 187 methodically beats on Sledge. Coleman and Riccaboni really speak to how much everyone looks to Homicide as a mentor. PCO finally comes in the ring, and he clears house.

These two men walked out of 17th Anniversary in the main event – Ian Riccaboni.

King and PCO hit each other with strike after strike leading to a series of power moves on each other. PCO gets up after a piledriver. He then stands on the ring apron, asking for a tag. This causes him to attack his own team beating down Flamita, Sledge, and Danhausen. Danhausen is tagged into the match, and he is face to face with Brody King. Flamita tags himself in, and he hits him with a Destroyer. Eventually, Brody King hits a Gonzo Bomb on Sledge. This leads to a three-count and win for his team during the ROH TV for 10/2/21 edition.


Next Week:

  • The OGK (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) vs. Bandido & Rey Horus
  • Soldiers of Savagery (Moses & Kaun) vs. Dalton Castle & Dak Draper

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