ROH TV for 10/11/21 (Episode #525) – Review

In the latest ROH TV review for 10/11/21, episode #525 featured three matches. Honor is real in Ring of Honor as the show begins. Ian Riccaboni shares how there are three massive matches. First, he speaks of the tag team match with the OGK & Bandido & Rey Horus. Riccaboni then mentions a women’s number one contender’s match and finally a second tag team contest. Here is the ROH TV review for the 10/11/21 edition of the program.


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ROH TV for 10/11/21
Soldiers of Savagery vs. Dalton Castle & Dak Draper

The Briscoes join Ian Riccaboni as two-thirds of the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championships; Moses and Kaun make their way to the ring first. Moses and Kaun then address their opponents and how they aren’t impressed with who will be facing them. We are then joined by Castle and Draper, who make their way to the ring next. All the personality that is becoming Dalton Castle is that much more amplified in an empty arena. Before the match begins, there is a focus on the ‘baby chickens.’ Castle and Kaun start the match off for their two teams. Dalton maintains control early on before tagging in Draper.

Kaun then makes the tag to Moses, who begins to work over Draper. Castle attempts to make a save, but he’s sent out to the arena floor. He tries it a second time and is thrown to the other end of the floor. Draper recovers and makes a tag to Dalton Castle once again. After a break, Draper maintains control over Kaun in the middle of the ring. The strength exhibited by both Draper and Castle is impressive to the Briscoe’s. Castle then has the baby chickens jog with him around the ring. Again, Dak Draper maintains control over Kaun. Moses makes the hot tag in and takes out Draper and Castle.

Look at Castle bailing out Draper – Ian Riccaboni.

This was until Moses cleared the ring of Castle. He then wipes out Draper with a high crossbody. He then makes a tag to Kaun, who makes the cover but only for a count of two. Moses then comes in and helps Kaun with an implant DDT. Finally, he makes a cover for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Soldiers of Savagery

After the belt, Kenny King and Dragon lee of LIF come in and attack S.O.S. The champions come in and take a selfie over a battered S.O.S in the ring. At this point, Moses addresses this attack and makes a challenge to Dragon Lee and Kenny King for the ROH Tag Team Titles.

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ROH TV for 10/11/21
Women’s Championship Contenders Match

Angelina Love vs. Willow vs. Miranda Alize

Willow makes her way to the ring first with Caprice Coleman & Chelsea Green now joining Ian Riccaboni on commentary. We then hear Willow address this upcoming match for the ROH Women’s Championship contenders match. Next up is Miranda Alize, who makes her way to the ring. Alize addresses this match and questions why she is even in this match as she feels she is the uncrowned champion. She claims that she will be the next ROH Women’s Champion. Finally, Angelina Love comes to the ring accompanied by Allure teammate Mandy Leon. Willow offers her hand to show the code of honor, but both Alize and Love decline.

As soon as the bell rings, both Alize and Love double team Willow. However, Willow is able to fight off both Alize and Love. It is short-lived as Love stops Willow’s run in this match. Love and Alize continue to work over Willow in what appears to be more of a handicap match than a triple threat. Willow is able to counter, however, with a double DDT on both Love and Alize! With both Alize and Love getting to their feet, Willow hits a dropkick on Alize. Love is able to get Alize in a headscissors on her. But Willow breaks the submission attempt on Alize. Willow goes to the floor hits a double dropkick from the apron to the floor on both Love and Alize.

But Miranda Alize hits a tope on both of her opponents on the ring floor. Next, she rolls in Love, goes for the pinfall, but she kicks out of a pinfall attempt. Then Love takes out both Alize and Willow with a crossbody from the apron to the floor on both women. Love then rolls in Willow and attempts a pinfall attempt only for a count of two. But Willow rolls up Love while Alize was thrown to the floor. She makes a pin for the three count and the win.

Winner: Willow
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The OGK vs. Bandido & Rey Horus

Bennett makes his way to the ring first and is followed by Matt Taven. Both men had a promo advertising what a win tonight will do for them and their future in the tag team division. Bandido and Rey Horus make their way to the ring next. They then have a promo backstage with Horus & Bandido sharing how good of a team they are as well. It is undoubtedly a match built on respect.

Bennett and Horus begin the match first. It’s a pretty even affair for both men in the early moments of this match. Then, Bandido and Taven are tagged in for their respective teams. But Taven eventually gets the advantage of Bandido. As Bennett has Bandido on the top turnbuckle, he fights off their attack. It is momentarily as Taven helps his partner and maintains control of the match. Frequent tags take place between Taven and Bennett. Their focus is on the champion’s left leg. Taven tries to finish Bandido with a Purple Thunder Bomb but only gets a count of two.

But a hot tag to Rey Horus leads to him taking out both Taven and Bennett. Bandido is tagged in, and he hits a cross body on Taven. He goes for a pin but only gets a count of two. The tandem offense by Bandido and Horus is fast and furious. But Taven is able to recover and thwart his efforts. He makes a tag to Bennett, and they hit a spike piledriver. Bennett went for the pinfall, but Horus broke up the attempt. The pleasantries are now gone as both Bennett and Horus exchange blows in the middle of the ring. Bennett takes out Horus, but Bandido takes out Bennett.

At this point, all four men are wiped out of the ring. Bandido takes out Bennett, but Taven takes out Bandido. However, Horus locks in a lock on Bennett, but he breaks the hold. Both Taven and Bennett work together to hit a bareback/dropkick finisher on Horus. This leads to Horus getting pinned for a three count.

Winners: The OGK

After the bell, all four men shake hands and embrace in a sign of mutual respect to end ROH TV for 10/11/21.

Next Week:
  • The Foundation vs. Taylor Rust, Eli Isom, World Famous CB & Keys
  • ROH World Tag Team Championship, S.O.S vs. Kenny King and Dragon Lee (c)

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