ROH TV Episode #525 (The OGK vs. Bandido & Rey Horus) – Preview

For ROH TV Episode #525, two matches are once again slated to take place this week. Both matches are tag team contests that involve long-time members of the promotion; in the first of the two matches involved original Kingdom members, Mike Bennett and Matt Taven. Since Bennett’s return to the promotion, it’s been like he’s come home again. Bennett & Taven will square off against MexiSquad. Ring of Honor World Champion Bandido and his partner Rey Horus are in for a highly competitive match against two men that equally have a history with one another.


The other tag team match involves two members of Shane Taylor Promotions in Moses & Kaun against Dalton Castle and Dak Draper. Who between these two teams will walk away victorious? Find out more in the ROH TV preview for episode #525.

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ROH TV Episode #525
The OGK (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) vs. Bandido & Rey Horus

After Matt Taven’s relationship with Vincent came to an end, it became about new beginnings. That said, Taven’s new beginnings were tied to his past. When Mike Bennett returned to Ring of Honor, he was there for Taven. The two former Kingdom members have come together to recapture their old glory. However, they are faced with standing across the ring from the current Ring of Honor World Champion, Bandido, and Rey Horus. Each of these men has achieved championship success.

Whether it be independently or as a team, these men have all captured championships in Ring of Honor. For Bennett and Taven, this is as much a match about redemption as it is about moving up the ranks within Ring of Honor. In the case of Bandido and Horus, they are as committed to being a threat in all the men’s divisions within Ring of Honor as they are holding championships. So who between them moves up within the rankings with Ring of Honor’s tag team division?

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Soldiers of Savagery (Moses & Kaun) vs. Dalton Castle & Dak Draper

Shane Taylor Promotions’ Moses and Kaun are planning to show their dominance once again here tonight. This time around, Moses and Kaun face off against Ring of Honor’s most flamboyant in Dalton Castle and Dak Draper. As a nine-year pro. Draper is still green but may have a great deal of upside in Ring of Honor. As a former WWE Performance Centre talent, he has also worked to establish himself within Ring of Honor. While some may question Draper’s overall skill or his booking, it’s a testament to the promotion to show as much faith in him as they do. By working alongside Castle and across from Moses and Kaun, he can’t help but to improve.

With Dalton Castle, it has been some time since he has held a championship. This time around, it is about as much moving up the ranks within Ring of Honor as it is being back in Ring of Honor’s title scene. For Moses and Kaun, it is likely to be business as usual cementing their place in Ring of Honor unless Castle and Draper have anything to say about it.

What To Expect:

  • Rok-C to speak up about her recent attack by Miranda Alize
  • What is next for Jonathan Gresham after his recent announcement?
  • Dragon Lee to address potential Ring of Honor Television Championship contender.

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