The NWA Powerrr Files Episode 3 | Review

Welcome to another edition of the NWA Powerrr Files here on the Pro Wrestling Post. Joe Galli is still on his “hunt for justice” and his questions regarding Kamille. Based on pressure from NWA management and NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis’ request, Galli will no longer ask those types of questions about Kamille. His interview later on this episode of NWA Powerrr will strictly be about Nick Aldis’ next NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship defense.

Inside the studio, Joe and Jim Cornette welcome us for this episode but are interrupted by Eddie Kingston. Before their NWA World Tag Team Championship shot, Eddie Kingston and Homicide want a shot at the Dawsons. Right now, next week, whenever. After that impassioned promo, we are back to scheduled programming.

Marti Belle is making her NWA debut taking on another wrestler making her NWA debut, Crystal Rose. Belle is fairly well known on the indie scene, competing for promotions such as Shine and SHIMMER. During this match, Jim Cornette received word over his headset that the Dawsons would be giving an answer to Eddie Kingston’s promo and challenge after this contest. After a Pearl River Plunge type move, Marti picks up the victory. Immediately we go to Dave Marquez in the NWA Powerrr interview area and the Dawsons make their way out. The Dawsons said that they will accept anybody’s challenge, except Eddie Kingston’s. That certainly won’t sit well with the Outlaw. We then see a video promo for the upcoming debut of Thunder Rosa.

The NWA Powerrr Files for Episode 3

Joe Galli is now at the NWA Powerrr interview desk, ready to interview Tim Storm. However, Aron Stevens makes his way out instead. However, Stevens claims he is dressed this way to promote his new project, Tropical Pirates. A snippet of his newest project then plays.

Up next we have more great action between Caleb Konley and “The D-Man” Dan Parker. Parker quickly gets on the crowd’s bad side by badmouthing America. Konley quickly and easily picks up the victory. After the match, Galli finally gets to interview Tim Storm. Storm talks about how he’s grateful for the NWA, the Ten Pounds of Gold series, and the fans. He then begins to talk about making tough decisions about his career, which prompts Eli Drake to come out. He gives Storm a pep talk, encouraging him to continue and offers to become a tag team together. Drake even set up a match for them against The Dawsons, which Storm said he would think about.

While Jocephus makes his way to the ringside area, footage rolls from two weeks ago with the brawl with James Storm. Via Dave Marquez, Jocephus states that he would like to make a public apology to James Storm and shake his hand. Colt Cabana makes his way from the back instead. He takes props from Jocephus’ bag, a hat and a beer bottle. Cabana shakes hands with Jocephus, but Jocephus would not let go. He throws powder into Cabana’s eyes and tosses Cabana into the ring. However, the real James Storm appears and delivers the Last Call superkick to Jocephus. He attempts to give one to Cabana as well, but Cabana is saved by his tag team partner, Ken Anderson.

Joe Galli welcomes Nick Aldis and Kamille, and they talk about the next contender for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship. Several people could easily slot into the number one contender’s spot. Aldis highly praises Ricky Starks, but there isn’t a clear contender for Nick at this time. After a successful interview, Galli attempts to interrogate Nick again about Kamille. Kamille again rebuffs the opportunity, as she is clearly not interested in speaking. Up next we have tag team action, Eli Drake and a partner will be taking on The Dawsons.

After some tense moments of wonder, Tim Storm does make his way from the back to team with Drake. In the early moments, the Dawsons dominated Eli Drake, before he came back strong. Things appeared to be going their way, until Eli Drake was thrown into the ringpost. This allowed the Dawsons to double team Storm and pick up the victory. After the match, The Dawsons again attacked their fallen opponent storm.

Eddie Kingston and Homicide hit the ring to chase The Dawsons away from the ring. They would follow after the bigger duo, heard to be saying “Let’s get them!” Nick Aldis made his way from the back to check on Storm, sharing a very pointed look at Eli Drake. That’s it for this week’s episode of NWA Powerrr! We’ll be back next time, celebrating one month of the return of studio wrestling and NWA Powerrr. You can watch NWA Powerrr anytime on their YouTube channel.

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