#Review: The NWA Powerrr Files Episode 1 (Aldis vs Storm)

Welcome to the new NWA Powerrr Files review on the Pro Wrestling Post for episode 1! This is the inaugural episode of the new show from Billy Corgan’s NWA. It is available on YouTube and Facebook, both streaming live and available on demand. New episodes drop every Tuesday at 6:05 PM Eastern time. The main event involves Nick Aldis against Tim Storm.

As the song Into the Fire by Dokken played, the stars of the current NWA roster were featured in the opening package. Joe Galli and Jim Cornette welcome us to GBP Studios in Atlanta, GA where the fans are hot and ready for studio wrestling! Set for action on this episode are the NWA World Tag Team Champions, The Wild Cards, and the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis.

David Marquez is standing by to welcome the champion for his thoughts. Aldis talks about how proud he is of how far the NWA has come and the roster it currently boasts. He’s also proud to be the World’s Heavyweight Champion and he’s ready for Tim Storm, one more time. As Joe Galli reminds us, the stakes are high for Storm. If he loses, he can never again challenge for the Ten Pounds of Gold. Next, we go to our first match of the night, featuring The Dawsons taking on Sal Rinauro and Billy Buck.

Dave and Zane Dawson control the match from the opening bell. They easily dominate the smaller Rinauro and Buck and wrap up the match with a victory in short order. Following the quick contest, David Marquez interviewed the Dawsons. Their message was simple: “Get ready world!” As they are here to fight everyone and they don’t care how they win. Up next on NWA Powerrr will be the charismatic Eli Drake. Drake says that there are children in pro wrestling these days but in the NWA there are men. There are also champions and anyone with a title needs to watch out for him.

Eli Drake is in action next on NWA Powerrr against Caleb Konley. While Drake talked a big game, Konley was able to get the early advantage. He was able to use his quickness against the bigger Drake for a few near falls. However, when Konley went for a monkey flip from the corner, Drake was able to counter. The two would trade control of the contest for the next several minutes. Fans in the GBP Studios were soundly behind Eli Drake as he was able to use his experience and his size to put Caleb Konley down for the three-count.

We then revisit the challenge that was laid down by Nick Aldis that set up the match later tonight. Tim Storm confronted Aldis at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood where he wanted to wrestle for the title again. Aldis said he could, but under one condition: if Storm were to win, he would, of course, be the World’s Heavyweight Champion; if he were to lose, he could never challenge for it again. Storm took the time to really weigh the options and come to a decision. This decision he gave to Aldis at Championship Wrestling from Arizona and that was a yes. Tim Storm will challenge for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship later on NWA Powerrr.

Before the program could continue, Jocephus came out and interrupted Joe and Jim on commentary. He bellowed like a madman, ‘Where is Storm?, I want Storm, get Storm out here!’ for several minutes. Now one caveat is Jocephus never indicated which Storm he was demanding. There are two in the NWA, Tim Storm and the National Champion, James Storm. Cowboy James Storm makes his way from the back to confront Jocephus. The two would brawl throughout the studio before disappearing into the back.

In action next are the NWA World Tag Team Champions, Royce Isaacs and Thom Lattimer, The Wild Cards. They would take on the team of Danny White and Mims in a non-title match. The champions would dominate the opposing team for the entirety of the match. It was over in quick fashion, and David Marquez would get some words with The Wild Cards. Unfortunately for the champions, they would be interrupted by Eddie Kingston and his partner Homicide. They would also be interrupted by the still-brawling James Storm and Jocephus.

The action between Storm and Jocephus would eventually be calmed and taken to the ring for a proper match. Just as soon as the bell rang, Jocephus charged for Storm, who had his back turned. James Storm proved to be lying in wait though, as he nailed Jocephus with Last Call superkick and scored the win. NWA Powerrr continues with another video package on Tim Storm and what the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship means to him.
Joe Galli welcomes Tim Storm to get his thoughts as the match with Nick Aldis draws closer. He shares that what defines him as a man is those that he loves and loves him back; what defines him as a wrestler is the Ten Pounds of Gold.

Tonight he has one chance, one opportunity, one moment. And he will not let it slip through his fingers because nothing means more to him than the World’s Heavyweight Championship. That match is the main event of NWA Powerrr and it’s next. Flanked by his insurance policy, Kamille, Nick Aldis makes his way to the ring. Tim Storm gave everything in this match, going nearly twenty minutes with the champion. He endured the King’s Lynn Cross, even gave Aldis a low blog and the Perfect Storm. Nothing was enough to keep the champion down. Even an errant clothesline that took down Kamille was unable to shake the champion’s game. Following an opportunistic roll-up, the match was over. Aldis retained the title and Tim Storm is out of chances.

After the match, Aldis again gave respect to Tim Storm. Storm accepted his defeat graciously and showed his gratitude to both Nick Aldis and the fans. That’s it for this week’s episode of NWA Powerrr! We’ll be back next week to talk about episode two. The NWA will be returning to Atlanta in December for more tapings. Tickets go on sale on October 18th.

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