#Review NWA Powerrr Playback: December 2019

Welcome to the Powerrr Playback here on the Pro Wrestling Post. December 2019 was a month of change for the NWA. They held their pay-per-view Into the Fire, which saw both a title change and character changes. We also kicked off season two of NWA Powerrr, which is available on YouTube and FITE.TV. Stu Bennett joined the broadcast team with Joe Galli and Dave Marquez.

At Into the Fire, three of the four currently active NWA championships were defended. Colt Cabana defended the NWA National Championship against both Ricky Starks and Aron Stevens. Stevens would make a grand show of sending his associate The Question Mark to the back. However, he would return in just the nick of time to assist Stevens in picking up the victory. The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express would defend their newly won NWA Tag Team titles against the Wild Cards. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson would show the young whippersnappers once again that all it takes is three seconds.

Also during Into the Fire, it was revealed that the NWA Television Championship would be returning to active competition. A tournament would be held to crown its first holder, with the finals taking place at the next pay-per-view, Hard Times. We would also see Ken Anderson attack Eli Drake; the loudmouth lost to Drake earlier in the evening. It’s clear Anderson was still bitter about this and employed the use of a chair, sending Eli careening into the ring post. In the main event of Into the Fire, Nick Aldis would defend his sweet Charlotte, the Ten Pounds of Gold against James Storm. It would be two out of three falls with each man picking one official. As seems to happen a lot lately, some shenanigans would muddle the ending of the match. Aldis would retain his title once again. When he cut his post-match promo he was interrupted by the arrival of The Villain, Marty Scurll.

Following the events of Into the Fire, we would begin the second season of NWA Powerrr from GBP Studios in Atlanta, GA. Episode ten would debut on December 17th. During this episode, we would hear the full promo cut by Scurll at Into the Fire, as well as an interview of Scurll with Stu Bennett. Other noteworthy happenings would be The Dawsons claiming that they had been bribed to do The Wild Card’s dirty work. After the Wild Cards failed to reclaim tag team gold, they’ve gone unpaid. Royce Isaacs and Thomas Latimer would chase them away with steel chairs.

The issue between The Wild Cards and The Dawsons would flare up later in the night, leading to a tag team match. Isaacs and Latimer would win rather handily, you might say. Dave Marquez would introduce the full field for the television title tournament. With the help of the legendary Nikita Koloff, they would draw the first two matches of the tournament. These will take place on episode 11 of NWA Powerrr. Nick Aldis would also allude to creating a team to have his back. In the main event, Eli Drake would take on Ken Anderson in a no disqualification match. Tim Storm would be on commentary for this match, which would raise further friction with Nick Aldis. Drake would pick up the victory.

After the match, Aldis would confront Storm, which would lead both of them into the ring. The Wild Cards would hit the ring and attack Mama Storm’s baby boy. Kamille would then hit the ring, seemingly to confront them as she had been fired earlier in the night by Aldis. In a twist, she speared Storm to the mat before locking lips with Tom Latimer. This would reveal the team Aldis had been hinting about.

Holiday cheer would be in the air for episode 11 of NWA Powerrr, which was released on Christmas Eve. It started hot, with Trevor Murdoch announcing he had signed a contract with NWA. The Pope D’Angelo Dinero also made a surprise appearance. He announces he is looking to assemble his version of the Four Horsemen. Dinero then joins commentary during the NWA Television Championship tourament match between Ricky Starks and Eddie Kingston. Starks would pick up the victory to advance. Later in the episode, Royce Isaacs wants to show off for his new girlfriend, May Valentine. His open challenge was answered by the Cowboy, James Storm. Isaacs would soon find himself in over his head and walk out. Storm would pick up the win via countout.

Eli Drake also comes out to celebrate the holiday season and ends up singing Christmas carols. The fesitivity is cut short as Nick Aldis and his new team arrive on the scene. Aldis hands out jackets to his teammates before resuming the interview. The Champ then calls out Ricky Morton about his comments on episode 10 and offers a warning about getting involved in his business. Up next is a six-woman tag team match between Melina and her co-horts Marti Belle and Thunder Rosa, and Allysin Kay, ODB, and Ashley Vox. Thunder Rosa picked up the fall and per the pre-match stipulation, she gets to pick her next opponent from the losing team.

Rosa however didn’t exactly choose her opponent, but Melina and they chose ODB. Dave Marquez then sets up the next match in the NWA Television Championship tournament. Tim Storm will take on Nick Aldis on episode 12 of NWA Powerrr. Storm then addressed his future saying he still had something left to prove. Up next would be another tournament qualifiying match between Colt Cabana and The Question Mark. Cabana does his best to outwork the Mongrovian ka-rah-tay master, but falls victim to the Mongrovian spike. The Question Mark picks up the win and advances in the tournament.

That’s it for December, we’ll see you back here on the first Sunday of February to look back at what January had to offer on the NWA Powerrr Playback.

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