#AndNew Aron Stevens Captures NWA National Championship

As part of NWA’s Into the Fire, Colt Cabana put his National Championship on the line. It would be a triple threat match against Ricky Starks and Aron Stevens. Stevens would be accompanied to the ring by his sensei, The Question Mark. This match came to be during the season finale of NWA Powerrr. Before an exhibition match between Cabana and Starks, Stevens would come out to protest its occurrence. He demanded a title match of his own, to which Colt agreed. That is if he could beat Ricky Starks.

Under the guise of doing it on his own, Stevens even sent The Question Mark to the back. Aron’s acting would come to his advantage though, he would feign a knee injury to distract the official. While his back was turned, the Question Mark would return and hit Starks with the Mongrovion Spike. So at Into the Fire it became a triple threat match between Cabana, Starks, and Stevens.

The match started quickly, Aron attempted to use his newfound karatay powers but a makeshift team between Starks and Cabana would keep him at bay. This pairing would prove quite effective throughout the match, even if it would blow up at times. Either Cabana or Starks would go for a pin on Stevens or each other, all in good fun in the heat of competition, right? Stevens also wouldn’t mind letting the other two do the heavy lifting of the match, tiring each other out while he hid behind the Christmas tree or underneath the tree skirt.

Stevens would pop up with some offense following distractions from The Question Mark, including hitting the champion with a low blow. Stevens, along with more help from the Question Mark, would work to keep Cabana out. This would allow Stevens to concentrate on Ricky Starks and wear him down. Starks would rally back with the fans in GPB Studios behind him. Cabana would also get back in the mix and their tentative partnership would come together again. With Stevens out of the way once more, Starks and Cabana would trade submission moves.

Despite the incredible technical prowess of both wrestlers, it would come down to a Mongrovion Spike from The Question Mark. Cabana had Starks pinned with a Superman combination and with the referee not paying attention, The Question Mark struck. Starks kicked out and hit a spear before being pulled out of the ring. Stevens slid in and covered Colt Cabana and picked up the victory. Your winner and new NWA National Championship, Aron Stevens.

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