#Review MLW Kings of Colosseum LIVE

Kings of Colosseum opens with Rich Bocchini breaking down the action we’re going to see. Of course in the main event, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Jacob Fatu. Rey Horus will be taking on Myron Reed, and Alex Hammerstone will host the Star-Spangled Hammer Challenge. Inside Cicero Stadium, we join Rich and Jim Cornette at ringside. They again hype up the matches, as well as the live Jim Cornette Experience interview with Salina de la Renta.

To kick off Kings of Colosseum, we have the Star-Spangled Hammer Challenge, sponsored by The Dynasty. Alex Hammerstone will defend his National Openweight Championship against whoever wants to step up to the plate. Hammerstone gets on the microphone, talking up his open challenge and his brand new championship reign. His opponent is none other than Kotto Brazil. While the Haitian Sensation makes his way to the ring, MJF joins Rich and Jim on commentary.

Kotto starts the match off quickly, keeping the bigger Hammerstone off of his usual rhythm. However, the power of the champion is something Kotto can’t match. MJF happily talks up his stablemate as Hammerstone tosses Kotto around like a feather. With the sold-out Chicago crowd firmly behind Brazil, he wills himself back to his feet. Hammerstone may have the size and weight advantage, but he can’t match Kotto step for step. He even lands a frogsplash but it wasn’t enough to keep Hammerstone down. In fact, it just seemed to piss him off.

Kicking out not long after one, Hammerstone rallies to his feet and goes after Kotto with malice. The power of Hammerstone proves to be the Achilles heel for Brazil, as he falls victim to a devastating Nightmare Pendulum. After posing in the ring with the title and the American flag, MJF gets on the microphone. MJF gleefully reiterates that Hammerstone is the winner. He also lays out a challenge to the Hart Foundation for the MLW World Tag Team Championships.

Kings of Colosseum rolls on as Rich and Jim go over a detailed history of CONTRA Unit and their actions. It was right there in Chicago, in Cicero Stadium, that CONTRA first appeared and attacked Tom Lawlor. While they are discussing the Global Dealers in Violence, the camera cuts to the back suddenly. The devious and smiling face of Simon Gotch appears. He talks about how the last time they were together at Cicero, he led Tom Lawlor through a door to hell. While Gotch casts his soliloquy, the door swings open, revealing Tom Lawlor. The champion has shorn what was left of his chin-length locks and looks determined for destruction.

Lawlor easily and swiftly lays waste to his former friend, using that very door to punctuate his point. Tom Lawlor is ready to close the door on CONTRA Unit tonight at Kings of Colosseum. Following this, a video package rolls announcing not only MLW’s return to Chicago but their first-ever pay-per-view event. On November 2nd, four title fights and more will go down at Saturday Night Superfight. In case you forgot, the world of MLW never stops. Neither does the show, and we are onto some middleweight action. The warrior for justice, Myron Reed will be taking on the Tijuana Thriller, Rey Horus. Reed is accompanied by Jordan Oliver, who also has tape across his mouth and carries a sign reading Justice.

The veteran Horus controls the majority of the match, putting on an impressive lucha libre showcase. He puts up with repeated interference from Jordan Oliver on the outside. Horus pulls out incredible maneuvers and dives, even a standing Spanish Fly. Reed manages to kick out each time and hold on. Oliver again inserts himself in the waning moments of the contest, which earns him a hard slap to the face by Horus. Oliver swings wildly at Horus, who ducks out of the way. He then kicks Oliver in the upper back, sending him off the apron and into the guard rail. Unfortunately, this has given Myron Reed a chance to recover. Horus turns around to eat a springboard uppercut, and Reed covers him for the victory.

Going to the back we join new MLW backstage correspondent Georgia Smith. She is standing by with the Hart Foundation to get their response to the Dynasty’s challenge. Davey Boy Smith Jr accepts on behalf of the family and ups the ante. Harkening back to the days of Stampede Wrestling in Calgary, it will be a match first done by Bret Hart and Bad News Allen. Next week on MLW Fusion it will be a ladder match for the MLW World Tag Team Championships. Davey also wants to give Brian Pillman Jr. the opportunity to snap his losing streak and bring honor to the family by helping Teddy to defend the titles.

Next, we have a live Jim Cornette Experience interview with Salina de la Renta. Ms. de la Renta is certainly decorated and just 22 years old. A native of Puerto Rico, she recently won the Top Female Entrepreneur award in her home country. She also refuses to address the topic of LA Park and his golden opportunity. Salina also brushes off any idea that she is threatened by a returning Konnan. By the mere speaking of his name, Konnan emerges from the back. This is the first time we’ve seen Konnan since the vicious attack at the hands of Promociones Dorado in Miami. After some back and forth barbs between the two promoters, Salina states that she has a secret about Konnan. A secret that if she were to reveal it, would bring Konnan’s career to a halt. She warns him about continuing to push her and if he does, she’ll show him that you do not mess with Salina de la Renta.

Recapping the events thus far from Kings of Colosseum, we go to the back where the Dynasty are standing by. Both Hammerstone and Holliday are overjoyed that the Hart Foundation has accepted and that Brian Pillman is involved. MJF is on the same page with them this far, until they drop the bomb that it’s going to be a ladder match. He’s not nearly as excited as his teammates and storms away. Holliday and Hammerstone are confused, but the match is now settled. As we prepare for the main event of Kings of Colosseum, Jim Cornette shares the news that they will stay with the match to its conclusion.

A video montage rolls as the history between Filthy Tom and CONTRA Unit is illustrated. Lawlor may have had the Von Erichs to rely on before, but they’re not in the building tonight. Lawlor is on his own in the face of CONTRA. As Jacob Fatu makes his way to the ring with Josef Samael, we see Salina de la Renta has joined the audience. Tom Lawlor makes his way to the ring, the anger practically rolling off of him in waves. Fatu charges the ropes every time the champion attempts to enter the ring, frustrating him further. Lawlor is used to being the bigger, stronger man in the ring. Even the champion is dwarfed by the massive Samoan Werewolf, Jacob Fatu. Lawlor employs every bit of his arsenal, all the moves that he knows, but nothing phases Fatu. No chokehold, no kick, punch or low blow can throw this beast off his mission.

Despite having openings where Fatu miscalculated and missed huge moves, Lawlor just couldn’t weaken him enough. For just the second time in his MLW career, Tom Lawlor fell in defeat. And a new reign of terror has descended upon Major League Wrestling. Your new MLW World Heavyweight Champion is the unstoppable Jacob Fatu. There’s no telling what heights of terror and violence may happen now that they hold power in the league.

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