MLW Fusion Superfight Live | Review

On February 2nd, MLW hosted a special live edition of MLW Fusion live from Superfight! It is now available on YouTube for all to see, so let’s get down to the action!

Before the in-ring action starts, we see great video packages of both Low-Ki and Tom Lawlor’s roads to Superfight. Your commentary team for the event is Matt Striker and Rich Bocchini. Matt and Rich run down the scheduled fights for us. The main event, of course, is Low-Ki versus Tom Lawlor and we will also get to see the grudge match between Kotto Brazil and Ricky Martinez. Our first contest for this special is for the MLW World Tag Team Championship. The reigning and defending champions are Pentagon, Jr. and Rey Fenix, the Lucha Brothers. Their opponents are Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith, Jr. of the Hart Foundation. They are also accompanied by Teddy’s cat Mr. Velvet, Davey Boy’s bulldog and Brian Pillman, Jr.

Starting the match off will be Rey Fenix and Davey Boy Smith, Jr. Fenix does attempt to trade blows with Smith, which might not be the best idea. Davey Boy has the size advantage, being the largest man in the match. He stands at 6’6 and weighs in around 260 pounds. With such a distinct size difference, it would behoove Fenix and Pentagon to stick with their speed advantage in this match-up. The action continued to descend from a regular tag team contest into just a fight. Both members of each team became involved and as MLW returned from commercial break, the action had moved to the outside. Being on the outside worked to the Hart Foundation’s advantage, as Teddy Hart hit a picture perfect moonsault on the champions. Returning to the ring, Smith, and Hart focused their attention on Rey Fenix.

Smith had also attempted to remove the mask of Pentagon, Jr. This would come back to play a key factor in the ending of this contest. The Lucha Brothers hit a double team maneuver on Teddy Hart after working on Hart’s neck. They went for the pin, and Pillman pulled the referee out of the ring. While they were arguing on the outside, the Lucha Brothers set Hart on the top rope and looked to finish him off. Smith however through a monkey wrench in these plans. He snatched the mask off Pentagon, Jr! Pentagon immediately fell to the mat to protect his face. The Hart Foundation used this to their advantage to hit a Canadian Destroyer on Fenix. This led to the pinfall and we have new MLW World Tag Team Champions.

As the show rolls on, Matt and Rich continue to hype up the main event title fight between Low-Ki and Tom Lawlor. We are then treated to a promo by Low-Ki who is emphatic that he will continue his reign and cement his legacy at Tom Lawlor’s expense. Next though, will be the grudge match between Kotto Brazil and Ricky Martinez. Two months removed from Martinez’s attack on Brazil in a Miami nightclub, Brazil has a chance to strike back. Ever since Martinez has been toting around Brazil’s eyepatch like a trophy. And with Salina de la Renta in his corner, Martinez always has that extra advantage.

Kotto Brazil made his way to the ring first, and as soon as Ricky Martinez made it to the ringside area the fight was on. Brazil was not willing to wait a second longer and took it right to the Sicario. After several minutes of Brazil being in control, Salina de la Renta reared her head. She distracted Kotto by grabbing his leg, allowing Martinez to get the upper hand. However, Martinez’s cockiness would begin to work against him. Kotto was able to make a comeback and get back into control. Salina though was not happy with this turn of events. After Kotto hit the Haitian Destroyer and locked in a submission, but de la Renta jumped on the apron to distract the referee. He, therefore, missed Martinez tapping out.

Later in the match, de la Renta jumped on the apron to distract Kotto again. She was able to spray something in his unprotected, injured eye. This allowed Martinez to easily pick up the victory. Clearly, this rivalry is not anywhere close to being over. After this we see a chilling promo informing us that England’s Most Dangerous Man, Jimmy Havoc is returning to MLW! Also upcoming for MLW is Intimidation Games. They will make their big return to Cicero Stadium in Chicago for more of the kind of action you can only see in MLW. This one will go down on March 2nd.

We also go to the back to see the Hart Foundation celebrating their tag team championship win with champagne. MJF crashes their party though, as he is now cleared to return to competition and would like his Middleweight Championship back. Teddy Hart says that he knows where to find him, in the ring. It is also announced that MLW will return to Los Angeles for Superfight II on February 1, 2020. Now it is time at last for the main event, the MLW World Heavyweight Championship fight. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor is out first, clearly excited and pumped up for the match. In stark contrast to Lawlor’s uncontrollable energy, Low-Ki comes to the ring in his traditional calm manner.

Much like the last match, this one starts off at a fast, frenetic pace. Tom and Low-Ki go right at each other. Low-Ki does gain the advantage, however, instead of trying to cerebrally dissect Lawlor, he brings a door into the equation from under the ring. The door trick backfires on Low-Ki as he puts his own hand through it. Lawlor goes back to what brought him here, which was his fighting and submissions. Lawlor kicked out from a foot stomp from the tree of woe before going back on the hunt. He locks in the rear-naked choke, using his legs to block Low-Ki from breaking his grip. Low-Ki passes out in the choke and Tom Lawlor is your NEW MLW World Heavyweight Champion. Salina de la Renta collapses on the apron in tears while Low-Ki lays asleep on the mat.

That’s it for this special live edition of MLW Fusion from Superfight! Join us right back here next week as review more of MLW Fusion Superfight Live.

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