#Review MLW Fusion Episode 83

Welcome to the MLW Fusion for episode 83 review on the Pro Wrestling Post. This week we will be looking at episode 83, headlined by an MLW World Middleweight Championship defense. The show begins by recapping the huge main event from MLW’s first pay-per-view, Saturday Night SuperFight. Jacob Fatu and LA Park squared off in a giant affair that left both men bloodied and beaten up. Even Salina found her way into the action, getting speared by her own man. In the end, Fatu could not be defeated and is still your World Heavyweight Champion.

AJ Kirsch and Rich Bocchini welcome us to the broadcast. They share the matches set for MLW Fusion including Teddy Hart’s Middleweight Championship defense. The match set to start the event is Timothy Thatcher and Low-Ki, but we find ourselves interrupted by CONTRA Unit. Josef Samael cuts a promo celebrating the fall of Promociones Dorado and the “crumbling of the castles” in MLW. He warns that CONTRA’s reign of terror continues and foreshadows the arrival of perhaps more soldiers for CONTRA’s cause.

Samael also lays out what appears to be CONTRA’s next goal, the rest of the titles in MLW. He calls out the Von Erichs and Teddy Hart specifically, promising to make them all say Hail CONTRA! The Hart Foundation storms the ring and CONTRA flees. Security and officials work to restore order so we can move onto the first match of MLW Fusion. While order is being restored in the GILT Nightclub, AJ and Rich let us know that there is a very special episode of MLW Fusion set for Thanksgiving. This will be a Thursday presentation on November 28th in homage to the wrestling tradition of shows on Thanksgiving.

It is finally time for our first match here on MLW Fusion which features Timothy Thatcher taking on Low-Ki. MLW officials have considered this contest important and there is a 30 minute time limit. The crowd is pretty evenly divided between both fighters, though Rich Bocchini points out he thinks they’re slightly louder for Low-Ki. In the early moments, Thatcher controls the pace and CONTRA interuppts to air another promo. They say that they have an offer for the Von Erichs, one that they won’t be able to refuse.

As the show returns to the match in action, Thatcher is still firmly in control, and Low-Ki is favoring his ribs. As the grappler would continue to keep The Lonewolf of Brooklyn on the ropes, Low-Ki would use his ring awareness to his advantage. When Thatcher would build momentum, Ki would roll to the outside to recover. MLW has a twenty-count on the outside and he used every bit when he could. Despite Thatcher being in control for most of the match, Low-Ki slips in a submission to pick up the win from Thatcher’s shoulders.

Next on MLW Fusion, a cameraman catches up with the Von Erichs as they arrive for the show tonight with Tom Lawlor. He gets the new champions’ thoughts on winning the belts and about CONTRA’s challenge. Lawlor brushes off the cameraman’s questions about going to WWE or NJPW. Following his final fight for Bellator MMA, King Mo is coming to MLW! We then see a promo from Jordan Oliver, Kotto Brazil, and Myron Reed of Injustice. They talk about Reed’s upcoming title opportunity. After that, we go to the footage from the press conference King Mo held following his fight.

It’s main event time on MLW Fusion and it’s for the MLW World Middleweight Championship. Myron Reed comes out first with his Injustice teammates at his side. Teddy comes out with only Mr. Velvet in tow. Once the bell rang, Teddy went right on the offensive.
Kotto and Jordan get involved almost immediately, and Teddy takes them out. While the champion is occupied with the rest of Injustice, Myron Reed would take advantage. He got a near fall on Hart and tossed him to the outside. Brazil and Oliver would again attempt to help their buddy, but Teddy would rally back.

While Teddy was again distracted, Reed would take advantage and land two topes. Once back in the ring, Teddy fights back from the brink. Despite being beaten up and battered, Hart would land several Canadian Destroyers, a lung blower, and a beautiful moonsault. Jordan Oliver would again pop up late in the match to claim the champion’s attention. While Hart was distracted yet again, CONTRA Unit’s Josef Samael would appear. Samael would throw a fireball into the face of Teddy Hart. In the aftermath, Reed would take advantage and hit a 450 splash. This would lead to the pinfall and the victory and a new MLW World Middleweight Champion.

On November 11th, MLW would report that Teddy suffered serious second and third-degree burns. He is currently under the care of the league physician, Dr. Nelson Sweglar. There is no timetable for Teddy’s return at this time and he is sidelined indefinitely.

That’s it for this week on MLW Fusion. We’ll see you right back here next week for more action from the world that never stops, MLW.

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