MLW Fusion Episode 63 – The New Von Erich Debut | Review

Welcome to the MLW Fusion review here for episode 63 on Pro Wrestling Post. We are back to our regularly scheduled programming with Episode 63. On this episode, we will see the debut of the new generation of the Von Erich family. Last week’s episode was presented by Salina de la Renta and now we will see the fallout of some of those decisions.

We open with a funeral, centered on a tombstone for Sami Callihan. Per de la Renta’s matchmaking, the match between Sami Callihan and Mance Warner was a loser leaves MLW match. Callihan lost, which means that the “filthy warthog” as Salina called him is no more in Major League Wrestling. The funeral is, of course, presided over by Jimmy Havoc, who has aligned himself in the favor the empresaria. Returning to the arena in Milwaukee, Rich Bocchini breaks down the action we will witness tonight. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor will be teaming with Ross and Marshall Von Erich. They will take on the CONTRA Unit in a tornado tag team match in the main event. Also set for action tonight is Low-Ki, who is celebrating getting one over on Promociones Dorado after last week’s TKO of Ricky Martinez.

Up first though is another battle between The Dynasty and the Hart Foundation. MLW World Middleweight Champion Teddy Hart will be taking on Richard Holliday. MJF, accompanied by Aria Blake, joins Rich and Jim Cornette on commentary. As to be expected, as soon as there was an open microphone hooked to MJF, he hardly let them get in a word in edgewise. However, after Teddy was distracted by MJF, he was attacked from behind by Richard Holliday. The two double-teamed him and then hit him with a chair and his own title belt. They then absconded with Teddy’s half of the MLW World Tag Team Championships. While league officials attempt to find something to fill this slot, we revisit Salina’s grand plan to rid MLW of one of her enemies: by pitting two of them against each other.

MLW Fusion Episode 63

Then we are greeted by a video from Mance Warner. Ol Mancer was drinking and thinking down by the river. And what was he thinking about? Taking out Salina and all her henchmen. While Salina may have gotten rid of one problem, it seems like she’s only just set Mance Warner off. This gave officials enough time to get the standby match ready and into the ring. In middleweight action, we will have Isiah Velasquez taking on Jordan Oliver. In a promo video, Jordan alludes to being warned about the biased officials in MLW. This leads to speculation Oliver may be influenced by Myron Reed and Rich Swann. The youngster, however, seems plenty confident enough in his own abilities, he wasn’t too worried.

Velasquez controlled the opening moments of the contest, but Oliver took over in a less than sportsmanlike manner. He used the official to knock Isiah off the top rope and took control from there. Velasquez battled back, getting a couple of near-falls. However, it was then that we see Myron Reed in the crowd. He has his now trademark tape across his mouth and a sign reading #Justice. Velasquez goes to the top rope to finish Oliver off, but the youngster moves out of the way. Following a couple of stunners and a cutter, Jordan Oliver is your winner. On our way to the next match, we see more hype for the much-anticipated debut later tonight of Marshall and Ross Von Erich. The two third generation stars are both over 6’ tall and have competed in Japan just like their father and uncles.

In another recap from last week, we revisit how Low-Ki laid waste to Ricky Martinez. He’s in action next against Tom Coffey. The crowd is also noticeably behind the Professional, Low-Ki. This match was over just about as quickly as it began! Low-Ki leaped across the ring to Coffey with a ferocious and hellacious forearm. Coffey dropped to the mat like a heavy sack of cement; referee Doug Markham checked on him and stopped the contest. Once backstage, Low-Ki cut a scathing promo on CONTRA Unit, who left him laying several weeks ago. The Professional vows that they are now in his sights. Speaking of CONTRA, we then see a promo from them ahead of their main event fight against Lawlor and the Von Erichs.

We then receive an update from the Kings of Colosseum Control Center. MLW will return to Cicero Stadium in Chicago on July 6th for another action-packed event. The main event for that show is already set, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor will defend his MLW World Heavyweight Championship against the Samoan Werewolf of CONTRA Unit, Jacob Fatu. It’s very appropriate that Cicero Stadium is where this match will take place, as it’s where CONTRA first struck and laid out Tom Lawlor. Ever since then, the group has been an unstoppable freight train, taking out any and everyone in their path. Including the World Heavyweight Champion. They’ve left him laying twice, as well as abducted and beat him. Things will come to a head in Chicago at the Kings of Colosseum as Fatu challenges for the greatest prize in MLW.

It’s main event time here on MLW Fusion and out first to the ring are CONTRA Unit. The three monstrous destroyers show no fear and have no problem getting in the faces of mouthy fans. While Tom Lawlor’s entrance music plays, Lawlor and the Von Erichs steal a page out of CONTRA’s book: they attack from behind. Lawlor and Jacob Fatu brawl on the outside of the ring while Ross and Marshall work over Simon Gotch and Josef Samael. They even sink in the trademark Von Erich Iron Claw, but that is busted up by Jacob Fatu. Fatu and the larger of the Von Erich boys, Ross then square off in the ring.

Any time one person would gain an advantage, members of the opposing team would come in to break it up. Tom Lawlor attempted to take out Fatu by jumping on his back with a rear naked choke, but even that couldn’t put the Samoan Werewolf down. The fight continued, with CONTRA Unit being unstoppable until Tom Lawlor went and got some plunder. He broke a board over Fatu’s head to little effect, so he resorted to an old-fashioned low blow. Taking Fatu out of the picture, the Von Erich boys could concentrate on Samael and Gotch. They hit a Claw Slam on Gotch for the official pin and victory. Things, however, were not over when the bell rang though. The fight picked up and got even more vicious with pieces of the shattered board floating around.

Officials and MLW personnel attempted to regain control and separate the six men, but that just resulted in more casualties. Producer Alex Greenfield was laid out, as well as a referee being put through a table as the show went off the air. As Tony Schiavone would say, we’re desperately out of time and we’ll see you next week! This was MLW Fusion Episode 63.

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