#Review MLW Fusion Episode 58

Tonight on MLW Fusion for episode 58 we have three huge contests! First is Minoru Tanaka taking on Daga, the main event will feature Rich Swann and Brian Pillman, Jr. Also on tap for tonight is the tag team match signed last week, Mance Warner and Sami Callihan versus Promociones Dorado. This is the match that will start things off tonight!

La empresaria is out first, leading Ricky Martinez and Hijo de LA Park to the ring. As they finish their entrance, we see a video of Warner and Callihan. Earlier this week, Mance finds Callihan hanging out in the seat of a Bobcat. They use it to take a trip to the liquor store for some light beers! In another video clip, a cameraman attempts to get some answers from Salina de la Renta. She was shy to give any, other than Promociones Dorado will score another big contract when an opportunity presents itself.

The match begins and immediately descends into an all-out brawl. It would take several minutes for them to actually take the action into the ring. Martinez and Hijo de LA Park work very well together, concentrating on Mance Warner. After a hard headbutt, both Hijo de LA Park and Mance make tags to their partners. Sami wastes no time working on both members of Promociones Dorado. He would focus his attention on Ricky Martinez though in the end. The end of the match came after Callihan hit Martinez with a piledriver.

After the match, Callihan was attacked by El Hijo de LA Park. Again things devolved into another brawl, eventually, both sides were separated. However, they would go right back to the fight again and took their brawl into the backstage area. Once there, Warner and Callihan were blindsided by LA Park. This gave Promociones Dorado the numbers advantage and they easily pummeled the two. Salina appears, and after a few choice words in Spanish to Callihan, called off her men.

Next week on MLW Fusion, we will see the World Heavyweight Championship defended. Champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor will defend against Germany’s Avalanche, Robert Dreissker. Keeping with the international flavor, both participants in our next match are worldwide sensations. Mexico’s Daga will take on Japanese legend Minoru Tanaka. Both men are of similar height, weight and wrestle in variants of strong style. Daga has been wrestling for about ten years to Tanaka’s 25. Tanaka is also the second man to ever hold all three major Japanese junior heavyweight singles titles. He is the only one to have held all five major Japanese junior heavyweight titles, including the GHC and NJPW junior heavyweight tag team championships.

The match begins traditionally, with grappling and exchanging of holds. Towards the middle, they would start to incorporate feats of aerial artistry, to the crowd’s delight. Tanaka would roll through on a move with Daga and hook his leg in a heel-hook submission. That would be Tanaka’s focus going forward, the weakened leg. Daga would also attempt to work on the leg of Tanaka, but the veteran would not allow him to stay on it long. Tanaka would use his ability to roll through moves with Daga and lock in a cross-armbreaker with a pinning combination. Your winner, the legendary Minoru Tanaka.

We then see a video from MJF of The Dynasty. He is none too pleased with the arrival of Marshall and Ross Von Erich. The smug Long Islander talks down on the Von Erich legacy and claims that the only Dynasty in wrestling is the one he is part of. Before we get to the main event, it’s time to check in at the MLW Control Center. The card for Fury Road is currently as follows:

MLW Middleweight Championship Match, Teddy Hart vs. Jimmy Havoc
Gringo Loco vs. Myron Reed
Finals of MLW National Openweight Championship tournament
Alexander Hammerstone vs. Rich Swann or Brian Pillman, Jr.

Barrington Hughes was undefeated for 2 years, until last week on MLW Fusion. Jacob Hughes of CONTRA Unit defeated him in quick and destructive fashion. Another video message was played at the behest of the terrorists of CONTRA Unit. They predict more mighty people will fall, just like Hughes. Ahead of his title defense next week, we get another promo from “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. Lawlor is seen in his office, as opposed to in a training facility. This is because he’s been studying his opponent. Lawlor’s prediction? That just like all avalanches, that get too big and crumble under their own weight, so will Robert Dreissker.

Up next is the main event for this week’s MLW Fusion. Brian Pillman, Jr. and Rich Swann will battle it out. The winner will go on to face Alexander Hammerstone to determine the first ever MLW National Openweight Champion. Swann is out first, accompanied by his friend Myron Reed. They are also still wearing tape across their mouths, bearing the word justice. The still take issue with the officiating in MLW, which they refer to as biased. Both Reed and Swann take issue with Swann being checked for foreign objects prior to the match. On commentary, Rich Bocchini raises the question, but why not check Pillman as well?

Under threat of walking out, referee Doug Markham says he will raise Pillman’s hand if they do. This draws Swann back to the ring. The match then gets underway, with frequent interruptions and distraction from Myron Reed. Pillman eventually has enough and takes Reed out with a missile dropkick. Pillman’s momentum does come to an end when Reed recovers and interferes out of the referee’s eyeshot.

Swann then takes control and uses every five-count and dirty tactic available. Swann loses his patience with referee Markham and his near-fall counts. Markham eventually has enough of this chastising and shoves Swann. Myron Reed is then drawn onto the apron by this, and when Swann attempts to take advantage is bamboozled by Pillman. The wiley junior Pillman sends Swann into Reed and rolls him up for the three count! Brian Pillman, Jr. advances to face Alexander Hammerstone in the finals at Fury Road.

Going to the back with Kaci Lennox standing by with Alexander Hammerstone. He cuts a promo on Brian, talking up his own genetic advantage. His tactics may be questionable, his attitude abominable, but Hammerstone has the magic “it” factor. Next week on MLW Fusion, the ring will be reinforced. Barrington Hughes will team with Ace Romero to take on CONTRA Unit. Until next week, this has been your MLW Fusion Review.

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