#Review: MLW Fusion Episode 54

Welcome to the MLW Fusion review for episode 54 on the Pro Wrestling Post! It’s a new day for us, as we join the ranks of #WrestlingWednesday! This is also a double feature, as we look at episodes 54 and 55! This episode of MLW Fusion opens up with tag team action! Young Air Wolf will team with Rey Horus to take on the Lucha Brothers. As Horus and Air Wolf pose for the crowd, Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette run down the rest of the show. In the main event will Mance Warner answering Sami Callihan’s challenge from episode 53. Also, in a grudge match, Ace Romero will attempt to get some measure of revenge against CONTRA Unit’s Josef Samael.

In the opening moments, it’s clear from the volatile Pentagon, Jr. that he’s not exactly fond of Rey Horus in particular. As to be expected in a match with four highly capable luchadores, this match was fast paced from the beginning. Chain-wrestling, high-flying, tag-team maneuvers, you can find it all in this match. While someone like Jim Cornette may not know all the names to the moves, he adds to the experience of the contest in other ways. His sarcastic quips and one-liners highlight the light-hearted points as well as the stiff ones. Pentagon, Jr. picks up the win for his time following an assisted package piledriver on Air Wolf. While Pentagon goes for the cover, Fenix dives from the ring onto Rey Horus to ensure he could not interfere with the count.

Next is a video package from CONTRA Unit, warning of more violence to come. Then we go to another press conference from Salina de la Renta. However, Sami Callihan barges in to confront her, and he is stopped by security while Salina berates him in Spanish. Returning to the ringside area we have our next contest. Ace Romero takes on Josef Samael of the aforementioned CONTRA Unit. Romero was one of the group’s first victims, having been busted open by a railroad spike. That spike was wielded by none other than Samael. Acey baby wasted no time in going after his opponent, meeting him on the entrance ramp.

The two brawled around the ring before finally taking things into the squared circle. Romero was firmly in control until he went to get back into the ring. Samael kicked the ropes between Romero’s legs. From there, the sadistic Samael dominated, before finally hitting a coupe de grace. He kicked Romero squarely in the face with his weight, curl-toed boot. This laid the big man out for the three count. After the match, Jacob Fatu and Simon Gotch descended onto the scene. The trio then began to assault the still fallen Ace Romero, reminiscent of the first attack many weeks ago.

Big Barrington Hughes came down to the ring to attempt to help Romero. He tossed Gotch and Samael to the side before tangling with Fatu. This only lasted momentarily, as the pack of wild dogs that is CONTRA Unit ganged up on the Caramel Colossus. The bell rang continuously, and multitudes of officials attempted to ward off the attackers. Nothing appeared to work until they were good and ready to leave.

Coming up for MLW is their debut in Milwaukee, where on June 1st they present Fury Road. The event King of Colosseum will see MLW return to Chicago on July 6th. And they wrap up July on the 25th in New York City for MLW Never Say Never. Don’t forget, the world of MLW never stops. I would like to note that while this spot is running in the show, during the taping after this match, things got a little too real. A fan was antagonizing CONTRA Unit as they made their way toward the back. Josef Samael especially took exception to this, and eventually, security was required to get the fighters to the back and have the fan stand down.

We then go to the MLW World Heavyweight Champion, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. He cut a promo from his fight camp, and he wants a match with CONTRA Unit. He’s tired of the attacks from behind and he wants them to man up and meet him in the ring. Rich Bocchini points out that while Tom Lawlor has CONTRA Unit in his sights, he can’t forget that LA Park and Promociones Dorado hold the golden opportunity. At any time, they can challenge the MLW World Heavyweight Champion.

Backstage, Ricky Martinez runs into Sami Callihan, who raised the ire of his empresaria earlier in the night. The two brawl in a stairwell and that’s where we leave them. Next is another episode of H2 TV, where we find the Hart Foundation hanging out in MJF’s car. There might be a surprise or two waiting for MJF and the Dynasty in the vehicle when they’re done.

Up next though is some more lucha libre action on MLW Fusion as Gringo Loco will take on the King of the Jungle, Puma King. The two matched up well size-wise and kept things moving. Gringo Loco was not impressed by Puma King’s cat-like antics. The action flowed nicely, with Loco keeping control of the early moments. Things started to turn south when he attempted his version of the infamous Three Amigos rolling suplexes. He was only able to hit two before Gringo turned the momentum around. Later following a sit-out powerbomb, Gringo Loco got the victory. Gringo Loco has now strung together quite a few victories, sure to make MLW management take notice.

We go to the back with Salina de la Renta, who meets with Mance Warner. She presents ol Mancer with a good ol’ fashioned proposition. The empresaria offered him whatever he would like, as long as he would take out Sami Callihan. Mance retold a story from his granddaddy told him, that if you lay down with a dog like Salina, you get fleas. Ol’ Mancer don’t want no fleas, so his answer was no. Flustered, Salina shooed away the cameraman.

We then go to a video from earlier in the day of The Dynasty. MJF appeared to be rallying his troops, and they recommitted themselves to the cause of getting rid of the Hart Foundation. Alexander Hammerstone wasn’t quite as enthusiastic as his teammates but went along with it. Up next is the MLW Fusion main event, where Sami Callihan will take on Mance Warner. These two are very much cut from the same cloth.

When Callihan wasn’t antagonizing Jim Cornette upstairs in the balcony, he jumped to the attack on Mance Warner. This fight was aptly titled, as there wasn’t much in the way of wrestling holds. Mostly fists, chops and kicks. Callihan thought he had the match all tied up after delivering a piledriver on Warner onto a chair. But ol’ Mancer ain’t no quitter and kicked out at two! Callihan then brought in a table, which he was promptly speared through.

The match didn’t get a chance to reach a fair conclusion though, as both men were attacked by members of Promociones Dorado. Ricky Martinez and Hijo de LA Park attacked the fighters and they found themselves with a common enemy. They were able to work together to dispatch Salina de la Renta’s henchmen, for now. Also announced before the end of the show was next week’s MLW Fusion main event. It will be a six-man tables match when The Dynasty takes on the Hart Foundation!

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