#Review MLW Fusion Episode 53

Welcome to this edition of the MLW Fusion review for Episode 53 here on the Pro Wrestling Post. The show begins with footage from last week’s Battle Riot II. We relive Teddy Hart’s confrontation of the Dynasty, the NYC Street Fight, and of course, the Battle Riot match. Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette welcome us to this episode of MLW Fusion. We’ll hear from Tom Lawlor, MJF vs Brian Pillman, Jr. And in the main event, an open challenge for LA Park! Also in action tonight will be Lance Anoa’i and Jimmy Yuta taking on Myron Reed and Rich Swann.

First up is MJF, accompanied by both of his Dynasty comrades, Richard Holliday, and Alexander Hammerstone. MJF will be taking on the second generation star, Brian Pillman, Jr. Pillman was the one to eliminate MJF from the Battle Riot last week. The Dynasty has also been embroiled in what has become a bitter feud with the Hart Foundation. The Dynasty would thrust themselves into the contest early, giving MJF the advantage. Their hubris would be their downfall as they were eventually caught by the official.

He then sends Holliday and Hammerstone to the back. This allows a level one-on-one environment for Brian Pillman, Jr. Despite MJF’s ego, he is extremely talented in the ring. Brian goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle. MJF then focuses his attention on the injured shoulder. After several minutes of grueling punishment on the left arm, Pillman stages a comeback. Fighting through the pain, Pillman was able to execute an old fashioned roll-up for the win.

We then recap more footage from last week, namely the press conference with “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. After the champion answered a couple of questions, the conversation, of course, turned to CONTRA Unit. Almost as if summoned, they appeared on the scene and again laid waste to Lawlor. Then we go to footage of Salina de la Renta’s press conference. There she informed everyone that she will be the executive producer of the ‪May 4th‬ episode of MLW Fusion. Regarding LA Park’s Battle Riot championship match, all she had to say was to stay tuned. We then go to Sami Callihan in the back. Sami is back in MLW now that he has found himself again. He also lays out the challenge to Mance Warner, the two violence aficionados seem to have mutual respect for each other.

Cameras catch up with Alexander Hammerstone and Richard Holliday. Hammerstone is visibly upset following their treatment by MLW referees during MJF’s match. Holliday attempts to diffuse the big man, getting him to agree to put that aside for now while they prepare to go out. They then catch the cameraman looking on and chase them away.

Up next is tag team action. Myron Reed will be teaming up with Rich Swann and they will take on the ragtag team of Jimmy Yuta and Lance Anoa’i! Again, Swann and Reed come to the ring with tape across their mouths. Justice is what is written, implying they still feel they are not treated fairly by MLW officials. As the referee checks Swann and Reed, Rich raises the question over checking one team and not the other. Cornette points out that since Swann and Reed have a history of using foreign objects, they have to be checked.

Anoa’i and Yuta, despite not being regular partners did get along together quite well. They had a bit of a size and strength advantage as well. However, the overall wrestling experience and craftiness was on the side of Swann and Reed. They were able to pick up the victory after a pair of 450 splashes onto Anoa’i. Despite fair officiating by Doug Markham, they refused to let him raise their hands.

Backstage once again, we find Mance Warner enjoying some light beers. Kaci Lennox approaches Mance and asks him about Callihan’s challenge. Mance heartily accepts, before going off in search of more light beers. We then get to hear from MLW World Heavyweight Champion, Tom Lawlor. He recaps what he’s gone through in his career to get where he’s been. Lawlor then says that none of that compares to the pain he felt after being attacked by CONTRA Unit. And now, he will inflict some of that pain on them.

LA Park was originally was supposed to face Jimmy Havoc, who was unable to make it. Now it’s an open challenge, issued by the empresaria herself. Sami Callihan answers the challenge, still on a streak for revenge after what Promociones Dorado has done to him. This contest descends into a fight as neither man is afraid to involve weapons and whatever else is around. During the chaos, the referee was taken out. While Callihan attempted to defeat LA Park, there was no official and the cavalry came running.

In the final match of MLW Fusion Episode 53, Ricky Martinez and Hijo de LA Park hit the ring, which brought Mance Warner out to even the odds. Low-Ki also joined the action, which then brought Daga into the fray. While all of this went down, LA Park was able to recover. Callihan turned around to be greeted by a spear by LA Park. The referee had recovered enough to make the three count, to Salina de la Renta’s glee.

Next week on MLW Fusion, we have a stacked affair. Mance Warner will answer Sami Callihan’s challenge. Ace Romero will also have a shot at revenge as he takes on CONTRA Unit’s Josef Samael. Outside the Melrose Ballroom, we see the Dynasty heading out to get into their vehicle. They find their car driving off without them, driven and occupied by The Hart Foundation. We’ll see you with more great action from MLW Fusion very soon. After all, the world of MLW never stops. This concludes our MLW Fusion review for Episode 53.

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