MLW Fusion Episode 51 | Review

Welcome to this week’s MLW Fusion review for Episode 51! This week we will look at episode 51, the last stop before MLW Battle Riot II! On last week’s episode, the main story was how The Dynasty isolated Brian Pillman, Jr. First, they had Teddy Hart arrested under suspicion of throwing a brick at MJF’s car. Second, Davey Boy Smith, Jr. left Cicero Stadium to go bail Teddy out. This left Brian all on his own as he took on Alexander Hammerstone. After the match, the young second-generation star was beaten down by all members of the Dynasty. Hammerstone even tore one of Teddy’s necklaces that had been left with Brian to pieces. In the wake of this vicious attack, we get ready for this week’s episode of MLW Fusion.

The show opens with the camera coming up on Salina de la Renta, she is flanked by Hijo de LA Park. On the phone, she confirms some kind of mission for Hijo, regarding a potential advantage for Battle Riot. As Hijo heads out, she then declares that “Promociones Dorado is back, bitch!” We then see a bumper reminding us of the two-hour special on beIN Sports on Friday for Battle Riot II. Part of that special will be the 40-man Battle Riot, as well as “Filthy” Tom Lawlor defending the MLW World Heavyweight Championship against Jimmy Havoc.

MLW Fusion Episode 51

Rich Bocchini welcomes us to the broadcast along with Jim Cornette. Tonight, we will see the debut of Air Wolf in MLW, as he takes on El Sicario, Ricky Martinez. And after the ordeal of being arrested last week, an emotional Teddy Hart has put out an open challenge for his MLW World Middleweight Championship. This open challenge will be the main event. First up on this episode of MLW Fusion is Ariel Dominguez taking on Daga. Joining Jim and Rich on commentary for this match is Low-Ki. The former World Heavyweight Champion has a “vested interest” in this match as he says. The issue with Daga and Low-Ki is not over, dating back to when Low-Ki tried to rip Daga’s ear off.

The match between Dominguez and Daga was a back and forth affair. While Daga was larger than Ariel, Ariel’s heart allowed him to continue to fight. Low-Ki was both highly critical and encouraging of Daga on commentary. Jim Cornette pointed out this dichotomy to the former champion. Low-Ki explained this as he had warned Daga of his intent and wants him to be at his best when they fight. Eventually, Daga was able to keep the spirited Dominguez down for the three-count. Daga got the win with a modified brain buster. After the match, Daga attempted to confront Low-Ki who reciprocated, but they were kept separated by referees.

Last week, after winning the Mexican Death Match against Mance Warner, LA Park and Promociones Dorado were slated for an interview. However, they were interrupted by Warner who wasn’t finished fighting yet. Despite his toughness, that couldn’t help him in the numbers game. Warner was beaten down by all members of Promociones Dorado. Next, we see a promo sent in by Myron Reed. He’s accepted Teddy Hart’s open challenge for the main event of MLW Fusion. Myron also insists that as long as he receives a fair and unbiased official, he will walk away as the new champion. Up next we have another match though, with Air Wolf making his MLW debut.

Air Wolf, a student of The Academy in Minnesota, trained under names like Shawn Daivari, Ken Anderson, and Molly Holly. He’s made some waves across the indies in his home state, as well as promotions like CHIKARA. At just 19 years of age, Air Wolf has a bright future ahead and now he’s gained nationwide exposure with MLW. Ricky Martinez is, of course, presented and accompanied by the empresaria herself, Salina de la Renta. Air Wolf had control of the match in the opening moments, keeping Martinez off of his usual game. However, Martinez’s experience combined with the distraction of Salina de la Renta allowed El Sicario to knock the youngster off his game. The end would come for Air Wolf after Ricky Martinez hit a pop-up knee strike to the jaw. Despite losing, Air Wolf had a great first showing on MLW Fusion for Episode 51.

Next, we see an intimidating video package for Jacob Fatu of CONTRA Unit. CONTRA stands for “Crusaders of Nihilistic Terror Revolution Armada.” Fatu states decisively that they will “salt the earth with the ashes of our enemies.” Clearly, they are not mindless killing machines, they are calculating ones. Next, we go to the back, where we find The Dynasty. Alexander Hammerstone, the muscle man of the team, cuts a promo on the Hart Foundation. Rich Bocchini then reminds us of the rules for the Battle Riot match. He then announces the new entrants: Avalanche Robert Dreissker, Jimmy Yuta, Rey Horus, Kotto Brazil, Ricky Martinez, Lance Anoa’i, Myron Reed, Richard Holliday, Rich Swann, Jordan Oliver, Leo Brien, Michael Patrick, and Dan Severn! Yes, Dan “The Beast” Severn, the only triple crown champion in UFC history and pro wrestling legend is in Battle Riot.

We then go to a video with “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, where he talks about Jimmy Havoc. Jimmy was the last man to have defeated Tom Lawlor, which Lawlor calls a blip on his record. In their last encounter, many weapons were employed by Jimmy Havoc and he himself ended up in the hospital after. Lawlor promises that Jimmy will be needing the hospital once again, perhaps permanently. MLW cameras then catch up with Daga as he is seen leaving the arena. In a mix of Spanish and English, he speaks about Low-Ki. Daga says he’s back for one reason, and that’s to end Low-Ki. He also says that this is just the beginning.

Salina appears distraught on the phone again; as her contact has not yet been visited by Hijo de LA Park. She then sends LA Park to find him, who assures her that he will. Now it’s time for the main event of MLW Fusion.  Myron Reed makes his way to the ring, again with the tape across his mouth reading Free Swann. Teddy Hart comes to the ring accompanied by both Brian Pillman, Jr. and Davey Boy Smith, Jr. It also appears his ribs are still taped up underneath his tank top as well. As the match wages on, two themes appear throughout. One, Myron Reed continuing to take issues with the referees of his matches. And two, Teddy Hart still was dealing with the injured ribs. The ribs prevented Teddy from capitalizing on certain situations quickly or lock in certain holds.

What ended up being the deciding factor in the match was the first theme, Myron Reed’s issues with the officials. After a two-count, Myron took issue with the referee. He even grabbed him by the shirt and threatened to punch him in the face. While Myron Reed was distracted with the official, Teddy Hart took the opportunity. He grabbed Myron with an old fashioned backslide for the three-count. Now Myron will have what he feels is more ammunition that the officiating has been against him. We’ll have to stay tuned to see what Reed will do if this “injustice” against him continues.

Throwing quickly to the back, we come upon Salina de la Renta has seemingly found Hijo de LA Park. When they reach LA Park, Hijo de LA Park removes his mask to reveal that it is Mance Warner!! Warner attacks LA Park as Salina protests and that’s the end of our broadcast. Until next week on MLW Fusion, which will feature Battle Riot II LIVE from New York City! This was MLW Fusion for Episode 51.
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