MLW Fusion Episode 38 | Review

Welcome back to the Pro Wrestling Post MLW Fusion review, we’re at episode number 38. The show opens with a recap of the events of last week’s main event between Low-Ki and Konnan. Rich Bocchini will speak to Konnan tonight and get an update on his condition. Kotto Brazil will also give an update on his condition to Kaci Lennox. Tonight’s main event will be Teddy Hart of the Hart Foundation taking on Pentagon, Jr.

Our first match on MLW Fusion is now on deck though. We have Gringo Loco taking on LA Park, presented by Salina de la Renta. This match has a little something for everyone. There’s LA Park’s classic brawling, Gringo Loco’s crazy moves and everything in between. You even get to see more light-hearted moments like LA Park’s signature strut. Gringo Loco had a very good showing in this match. He went toe-to-toe with the legendary luchador for almost fifteen minutes. LA Park was able to put away Loco for the win though.

The finishing sequence began when LA Park had to be pulled away by the referee for excessive brawling in the corner. Gringo Loco, unaware of the referee’s presence, kicked Park away and both landed on the mat. Park laid on top of the referee while Loco ascended to the top rope. The wily vet in Park rolled out of the way as Loco took off, delivering a frog splash onto the referee! While Loco was distracted by the condition of the official, LA Park got ready to strike. As soon as Loco turned around, LA Park hit him with a spear.

Next, we go to Kaci Lennox, she is standing by with Kotto Brazil. Kotto gives his side of the story of what went down in that Miami nightclub with Ricky Martinez. Kotto promises that even if he only has one eye, it’s on Ricky Martinez. A video package for MLW Superfight, hyping up the main event between “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Low-Ki is shown next. This is followed by another recap of the assault on Konnan by Low-Ki and Promociones Dorado. Tony Schiavone reports that MLW league officials have fined several members of Promociones Dorado. World Champion Low-Ki was fined $15,000, as was Salina de la Renta. Ricky Martinez and Hijo de LA Park were also fined in the amount of $7,500 each.

Tony sends us over to Rich, who has Konnan on the phone as he recovers from injuries sustained in that fight. Konnan lets us know he has a concussion and internal injuries that the doctors are running tests to determine their exact nature. Despite this, he lets the fans know that he knew what he was getting into signing up for this fight and that he will finish it with Low-Ki. Next, on MLW Fusion, we get a backstage promo from Low-Ki. Low-Ki is very visibly upset, and this shows through his voice as well. Low-Ki promises to Tom Lawlor that he isn’t ready for this upcoming fight. He also promises that he will make an example of Tom Lawlor, one that we won’t ever forget.

We are then treated to a video message from the recently returned Fred Yehi of Team Filthy. He says that while he’s been away in Europe getting wins for Team Filthy, he’s also aware of everything that’s gone down in MLW. He ends the video by challenging Low-Ki to a fight. MLW Fusion rolls on as we recap the Simon Gotch Prizefight from last week, where Ace Romero defeated Gotch and won the $20,000. Kaci Lennox is standing by with the super heavyweight, Ace Romero. Despite his big win, he’s got his eyes on an even bigger prize: The MLW World Heavyweight Championship.

We then go to the MLW Superfight control center with Matt Striker. Striker runs down the matches and other superstars currently signed for February 2nd at the 2300 Arena. The main event has been seven months in the making, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor will finally get his shot at Low-Ki. Also signed for the MLW World Tag Team titles is Fenix and Pentagon, Jr. defending against the Hart Foundation. The Hart Foundation has been calling out the Lucha Bros for weeks, and now they finally get their chance at the titles. Ace Romero, Sammy Guevara, and Puma King are also signed to appear at Superfight. Check out for more updates as they become available. Tickets for MLW Superfight are still available at

MLW Fusion continues as we get a preview for next week, as Tommy Dreamer and Brian Pillman, Jr. will clash in a Singapore cane match. We then are treated to a video segment from Tommy Dreamer, who gives us a brief history of his favorite weapon, the Singapore cane. And now it is finally the main event time. The Hart Foundation accompanies Teddy Hart to the ring, as well as the University of Miami alumni Brett Romberg. Romberg, who is also a Canadian, carried the Canadian flag to the ring. They also acknowledge Jeremy St. Louis, a beINSports anchor in the crowd, Teddy bedecked St. Louis in his ring jacket and necklace.

Pentagon, Jr. then makes his entrance. Both are clearly favored by the Miami crowd. It was an incredible bout between two of MLW’s best wrestlers. This is one you have to see for yourself. After a hard-fought match, Teddy Hart was able to pick up the victory. He put Pentagon Jr. away following a lungblower variation. Following the match, Tony and Rich run down what you will see next week on MLW Fusion. Salina de la Renta has accepted Fred Yehi’s challenge, so Yehi and Low-Ki will go one on one. Dragon Lee will return to MLW, taking on Rich Swann. Finally, the main event will be the Singapore Cane match between Tommy Dreamer and Brian Pillman, Jr. We’ll see you next week with another review because the world of MLW never stops.

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