MLW Fusion Episode 37 | Review

MLW Fusion Episode 37 opens with a beautiful video package highlighting the year-long saga between Konnan and Promociones Dorado. It will finally culminate when Low-Ki defends his MLW World Heavyweight Championship against Konnan. Next, we recap the results of the No Holds Barred fight between “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Simon Gotch. Tony Schiavone notes that since then, Simon Gotch has lost it. He promises to prove he is the true ultimate fighter in MLW.

We then go to the ring for a Simon Gotch Prizefight Challenge. Gotch comes out first and cuts a promo, challenging anyone in the back who would like to fight for $20,000. His challenge is answered by none other than Ace Romero.

The look on Simon Gotch’s face was priceless, he was none too happy with his challenger. None of Gotch’s usual tactics worked, and Ace dominated the contest for its extent. After a splash, Romero won the $20,000 in under three minutes. Not a bad night’s work for Ace Romero! After the win, Romero throws some cash into the crowd in celebration. Gotch is practically frothing with anger.

Before moving onto the next match, Schiavone and Rich Bocchini give an update on Kotto Brazil. Two episodes ago, Kotto Brazil was attacked in a Miami nightclub. His eye was damaged by a champagne glass. Ricky Martinez is the lead suspect in this attack, and MLW received footage of Martinez happily partying after the event took place. Due to this suspicion of being involved, MLW has suspended Ricky Martinez, without pay. MLW cameras caught up with Martinez earlier to get his reaction. In typical Promociones Dorado style, Martinez was not worried. He flashed stacks of hundred-dollar bills and an expensive watch. He also quipped “I’m with Promociones Dorado, how long do you think I’ll stay suspended?” We’ll have to see about that.

Coming back into the arena, we go onto middleweight division action. Ariel Dominguez, now with Team Filthy, will be taking on the high-flying Andrew Everett. Everett’s arrogant attitude does come back to bite him as the smaller Dominguez is able to get a few moves in. His size advantage does come into play and he is able to gain control of the fight.

Everett’s downfall comes when he gets too cocky. Andrew ascends the top rope and poses for the fans before attempting a shooting star press. Dominguez is able to get the knees up and captures Everett in a pinning combination. This earns him the surprise win!

We see some video packages from past episodes of MLW Fusion, and Konnan cuts a short but sweet little promo ahead of the main event. We then go to Tommy Dreamer who lays out a challenge for Brian Pillman, Jr. In two weeks, they will face off again but this time in a Singapore Cane match. Next, we see a video of the war between Tom Lawlor and Low-Ki, which will finally culminate at MLW Superfight. Our next treat is more footage from H2 with Brian Pillman, Jr. and Teddy Hart. It’s clear they’re gunning for the MLW Tag Team Champions, the Lucha Bros. Next week on MLW Fusion, the new MLW Middleweight Champion Teddy Hart will take on Pentagon, Jr. Also slated for next week’s episode is LA Park versus Gringo Loco.

Ahead of the main event, a video promo from Tom Lawlor airs with a message just for Low-Ki. He assures Low-Ki that Lawlor will show him how a real professional fighter. Finally, it’s time for the main event. Konnan comes out in a vintage Dwayne Wade jersey too much adulation. Low-Ki is out next, presented by Salina de la Renta and Ricky Martinez in tow. This fight is also no disqualification. And a fight it was. The only wrestling move was when Konnan applied the Tequila Sunrise to Low-Ki, which was broken up by Ricky Martinez.

Eventually, the numbers of Promociones Dorado caught up with Konnan, who had knocked Low-Ki loopy in the first minute. He threw a slapjack like a bomb and hit Ki square in the forehead, busting him open. But with Ricky Martinez and Salina around, any time Konnan was able to mount any momentum, it was cut off. A beer bottle was used to bust open the legendary Luchador’s head before Low-Ki moved to attack Konnan’s back. Salina then brought a spike-type object into the ring and demanded that Low-Ki use it. At this point, the referee threw the fight out, so Low-Ki retains the title.

After Low-Ki attacked Konnan with the shank, Tom Lawlor came from the back to help. He chased off Promociones Dorado and attended to the fallen Konnan. Cameras were then thrown to the back, where Pentagon, Jr. was shown to be laid out in the back. Schiavone speculates that Promociones Dorado must’ve taken Pentagon out to prevent him from being able to help Konnan. This is how the last MLW Fusion of 2018 ends. We’ll have to wait and see what the new year brings in this war that is clearly far from over.

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