MLW Fusion Episode 36 | Review

This episode of MLW Fusion for Episode 36 opens with Salina de la Renta coming to the ring, accompanied by Ricky Martinez. She gets into the ring and cuts a scathing promo on the people and city of Miami. Konnan comes out and defends his hometown and calls her among other things, a bruja or witch. This has been a theme throughout his feud with Promociones Dorado, calling Salina a bruja. He then reasserts his claim that he will take the MLW World Heavyweight Championship from Low-Ki and put Promociones Dorado out of business.

After the usual show open package, Tony Schiavone shares that the war between Konnan and Low-Ki will come to a head next week. In next week’s episode of MLW Fusion, Low-Ki will be defending his title against Konnan in the main event. It will also be a no disqualification title fight. Rich Bocchini breaks the news that Kotto Brazil has been injured. Bocchini reports that Brazil was attacked at a nightclub where a champagne glass was broken in his face. It is also reported that Ricky Martinez was also spotted in that nightclub, so it could be that Promociones Dorado was behind this attack.

Set to take place tonight is the much-anticipated fight between “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Simon Gotch. This fight will be no ropes, no holds barred and the only way to win is by knockout or submission. Promociones Dorado’s Hijo de LA Park will also take on DJ Z. Next, Tony and Rich recap the ladder match from last week’s episode of MLW Fusion. In that match, Teddy Hart shocked the world by being a wild card participant and capturing the gold. Next, we see more footage from H2 TV, which is a series produced by the Hart Foundation.

There, we see Teddy Hart and two of his cats, as well as Brian Pillman, Jr. In this video, it is revealed that Teddy Hart is the leader of the Hart Foundation. We also see his cat’s world-famous moonsault. Teddy and Brian run down the Hart Foundation’s opponents for later this evening, Tommy Dreamer and Barrington Hughes. When we return to the current action, we see the Hart Foundation are already in the ring, as well as Barrington Hughes. Tommy Dreamer makes his entrance to even up the sides. The Hart Foundation is represented by Brian Pillman, Jr. and Davey Boy Smith, Jr.

In this match, we see a lot of the strength of Davey Boy Smith, Jr. He easily can dominate Tommy Dreamer, not so much Barrington Hughes. Brian Pillman, Jr. even tries his hand at taking down the monstrous Hughes, but to no avail. The team of Hughes and Dreamer was effective in the opening moments of the match. Until the Hart Foundation decided to resort to less than honorable tactics, such as double teams and using the ropes as a weapon.

Barrington was able to get back in control and thwart Pillman’s effort to use his cane. However once Dreamer got in there, the Hart Foundation found a way to get a win. Davey Boy Smith, Jr. distracted the referee and Barrington Hughes by holding onto Hughes’ massive legs. During this distracted moment, Pillman used the cane to hit a low blow on Dreamer. Pillman than rolled Dreamer up with an inside cradle for the pinfall. After that match, we see another recap for last week’s episode of MLW Fusion. This time the match was RUSH versus Rich Swann, which after the fight was over, RUSH and LA Park fought.

Next, we are thrown to a video promo from RUSH, which is subtitled for those who don’t speak Spanish. RUSH reiterates his intention in being in MLW is to continue his feud with LA Park. RUSH and LA Park will headline the MLW show on April 4th, 2019 and tickets are available now! Schiavone and Bocchini hype up the No Ropes, No Holds Barred fight between Tom Lawlor and Simon Gotch. Before we get there though, we have Hijo de LA Park taking on DJ Z.

This was a well-matched middleweight lucha style fight. Having just made his debut in MLW, DJ Z showed a lot of heart and spectacular moves. However, Hijo de LA Park had a little extra edge on the real-life DJ: his manager Salina de la Renta. Salina was able to provide a moment of distraction in the right moments to keep turning the tide back to Hijo de LA Park’s favor. Hijo de LA Park picks up the win with a piledriver. After this contest, we go to a video where we see Konnan walking down the streets of his hometown.

Konnan talks about how he never really had the opportunity to do big things in front of his hometown crowd. Nor did he even wrestle in his hometown that much. All in all, Konnan believes in MLW and its direction. He is very excited to be in his hometown and potentially take home the MLW World Heavyweight Championship.  

Continuing with the middleweight action, we have Dezmond Xavier taking on Andrew Everett. As this match prepares to get underway, Schiavone shares a little insight into the middleweight division. In order to compete in MLW’s middleweight division, you must be 205 lbs or lighter. Rich Bocchini points out that Andrew Everett had to drop a few pounds in order to compete in the division. With the additions of superior high fliers like Xavier and Everett, the middleweight division is star-studded. This match was an incredible exhibition that you should seek out to watch. The sky is the limit for these two young men. Dezmond takes home the win following the Final Flash, a stunning corkscrew senton bomb.

We see a video package for one of the most anticipated title fights in MLW history. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor will challenge Low-Ki at MLW Superfight for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. This fight has been seven months in the making, ever since Lawlor won MLW Battle Riot. This goes down at the old ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA on February 2, 2019. Tickets are also still available for this great event.

After a night of incredible action, it is finally time for the No Ropes, No Holds Barred fight. Low-Ki joins Tony and Rich on commentary for this contest. As he puts it “Promociones Dorado is very invested in this match-up.” While the ring is prepared for this special fight, we look at how we got here. The initial betrayal from Gotch, delivering Lawlor to Promociones Dorado and receiving payment after. It’s been clear in the weeks leading to this fight, Lawlor is very emotional. He lost someone he called a brother and a friend. Lawlor charges to the ring and immediately goes on the attack. He is tripped up initially by Gotch, but Lawlor never gives up.

Despite Low-Ki asserting on commentary throughout that his tenacity and resiliency is a flaw, Lawlor proves it can work to his advantage. He chokes out his former teammate Simon Gotch to pick up the victory. After the match, Lawlor cuts a stinging promo on Low-Ki. On February 2nd, Low-Ki won’t be able to hide from Tom Lawlor any longer. At MLW Superfight, the title fight will finally take place. Until next week on MLW Fusion!

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