#Review: MLW Fusion Episode 35

This week we’re going to look at MLW Fusion episode 35, the episode that aired live from Miami! It was commentator Tony Schiavone’s first live wrestling broadcast in over 17 years! It was posted on YouTube in its entirety, so there are a couple of commercials included. Let’s get into the action!

We open to MLW cameras in the parking lot area, as Promociones Dorado attacks members of Team Filthy, Seth Petruzelli and Fred Yehi. Salina de la Renta cuts a promo to the camera after the damage was done, taunting Tom Lawlor. We then go to Rich Bocchini and Tony Schiavone at ringside. They report that Tom Lawlor is on his way to the arena after getting his hand checked out by a specialist. They also preview the matches to come later tonight, which include Dragon Lee versus DJZ and RUSH versus Rich Swann. The first match of the night will be the ladder match to crown a new MLW World Middleweight Champion.

This one is a ladder match! We have Gringo Loco, Hijo de LA Park, Dezmond Xavier, and Kotto Brazil as the originally announced competitors. There is a late wildcard entry in the form of Teddy Hart. Hijo de LA Park takes out Kotto Brazil very early on, by using a chair and then a ladder on the ankle. While the action goes on, Salina de la Renta, who did not accompany Hijo de LA Park to the ring initially, came out to observe. Near the end of the match, Hijo de LA Park put up a ladder horizontally, supported by the ring ropes and the ladder that was already standing. He placed Dezmond Xavier atop that ladder and landed a splash. Teddy Hart follows that up by giving Dezmond a springboard moonsault while he was still lying prone.

Kotto Brazil then staggers out from the back, brandishing a steel chair. He attacks Hijo de LA Park with said chair for revenge. Kotto then attempts to climb the ladder to reach the title, but the ladder was unsteady and fell over. Hart then hits Kotto with a huge lungblower. Teddy then sets up the undamaged ladder and ascends to retrieve the title. After the decision was announced, Salina let out a primal scream in defeat. Teddy Hart of the Hart Foundation is your new MLW World Middleweight Champion. Tony then throws to Kaci Lennox in the back, she is outside the Team Filthy locker room.

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor bursts through the door and nearly blows past the MLW correspondent. Kaci attempts to interview Lawlor over what went down at the beginning of the show. Lawlor tells Kaci that now is not the time to talk and takes off. Next shown is video footage from the MLW press conference in New York City. There it was announced that on April 4, 2019, that RUSH will take on his bitter rival, LA Park. Tickets are now on sale for the MLW Shows on April 4th and 5th at www.mlwtickets.com. Next up we have a pair of MLW Fusion debuts.

Dragon Lee, who is the CMLL World Lightweight Champion is making his debut along with his opponent, DJZ. The match starts favorably with a handshake. DJZ strikes first blood on the outside, hitting Dragon Lee with a somersault dive. The DJ then rolls Lee back into the ring for the first pin attempt of the match. Dragon Lee would make his comeback, and the two would trade momentum for the rest of the contest. It took two Dragon Drivers, but Dragon Lee was able to get the victory. Tony throws to the outdoor area. MLW cameras find Promociones Dorado and they are loading into a limousine to go party. Salina begins to cut another promo on “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. Lawlor shows up and attacks the group.

We then go to footage from the Hart Foundation’s new digital show, H2. The video ends with Brian Pillman, Jr. being presented with the MLW Rookie of the Year award for 2018. Returning to the backstage area, Kaci Lennox gives an update on the parking lot brawl situation. She reports that Lawlor has taken out Hijo de LA Park and that LA Park and Lawlor are continuing to brawl. Shown next is a preview for next week’s episode of MLW Fusion. It will be no ropes, ho holds barred when Tom Lawlor finally gets his hands on Simon Gotch. Speaking of Gotch, we are then treated to a video stream from Gotch at home in California. Gotch says that it’s not about him, it’s about Tom. And that no matter what happens in their match, that Lawlor’s nightmares are just beginning.

It’s main event time here at MLW Fusion now. As the entrances are made, a scroll comes across the bottom of the screen. There will be an MLW Fusion marathon on beINSports on December 31, starting at 6:00 AM Eastern. RUSH is in action for the second time, taking on the unique Rich Swann. Swann’s dancing isn’t exactly RUSH’s cup of tea. RUSH gets the crowd to clap a beat for Swann to dance to. Once Swann begins to dance, RUSH takes the opportunity to get the early advantage. Due to this, RUSH was able to dominate the match for the opening moments. Swann was able to make the surprise comeback with a springboard cutter out of nowhere.

RUSH, however, was too much for Swann, as RUSH countered the Phoenix Splash by getting his knees up. He then hits Swann with the RUSH Driver and gets the victory. After the match, LA Park appears from the back. Unable to resist, the two brawl until pulled apart by referees and security. After the scene is cleared, Low-Ki gets into the ring. He cuts a promo on Tom Lawlor until Lawlor shows up and attacks him from behind. The two continue to fight and scrap as the show goes off the air.

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