Reflection of Honor for 9/6/19 (Gresham and Lethal vs Lifeblood)

Welcome back to Reflection of Honor, this week we are diving into Episode #416 of Ring of Honor. But before we cover this taped episode this week, we wanted to announce that every week we plan on sharing the video of the match of the night. Tonights involves the main event of Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham against Lifeblood! Also, readers, we want to remind everyone that the Pay per View Death before Dishonor is coming up near the end of this month! Keep an eye out for more info coming your way as well as a review of the pay per view! More to come on that though, for now, let’s get into this episode!

We say this every week, love, how they show highlights of previous episodes or past event to tie into what’s going on with the present episode. They just show the post-match promo after last week’s match Matt Taven had with Alex Shelly… Check the review here!

This is where Rush comes out claiming next in line for Taven, fast forward to this episode they dive right into highlights of Dalton Castle vs RUSH!

Starting the match outside the ring they lead with Dalton Castle hitting the peacocks claws right in the chest of RUSH, the best part, RUSH was sitting in a chair! Posing in the ring after Dalton expresses some arrogance! Continuing the match outside Castles beats RUSH a bit before dodging a shot and landing a german suplex on the mats outside! This match was full of action as it transitioned into the ring where RUSH started throwing foreign objects in the ring! Chairs, cooler, a toolbox, it was crazy! Castles hits him with a garbage can a few times before RUSH takes over hitting a hard suplex! With Castles in the corner turnbuckles RUSH hits Bulls Horn, gets the three and victory!

They showed a video package of the Top Prospect Tournament and covered Dante Caballero, and Joe Keys. We are not going to lie. We weren’t all that interested in the characters and found it quick boring. However, when the match started they showed some great wrestling, dropkick to Caballero who was on the top turnbuckle, then a reversed super-plex due to Keys arm giving out, Caballero locks in the crossface and the door was locked for victory for Joe Keys! Winner by tap out Caballero!

Sidenote: Dante Caballero moves to final four of top prospect tournament!

Coming back from commercial they go right to highlights of Manhattan Mayhem where the bouncers won there match and got beat down with chairs by the Kingdom! They even put a cigar out on Bruiser! They then go to Summer Supercard in Toronto where these two tag teams started fighting as the Bouncers were in the crowd! A promo vs promo and Ian and Quinn McKay lead into a plug

Sidenote: let’s hope these teams face off at the pay per view!



Before we dive into this, we challenge anyone to say the three later names three times fast, ya, didn’t think so lol.. GREAT MATCH HERE! Lots of high flying action, the agility, speed, it was great highlights! So good I even left the link for you all to check it out below!

Sidenote: Match of the episode!

The main event was an awesome match and like every episode, we get this match in its entirety!

The main event was a tag match between Lifeblood and Jonathan Gresham and Jay Lethal from Summer Supercard in Toronto. Both tag teams shake hands right before the match showing that this is just competition before Gresham and Great wrestling match as Gresham and Haskins! Both men show great ring presence as they both fights for control and these two go back and forth for quite a bit even shaking hands as a sign of respect. Jay Lethal gets tagged in, and that’s when the fans get loud begging for Bandido! The match continues with back and forth between Lethal and Bandido with a lot of fast-paced wrestling match. Even getting the fans to bang on the security barrier!

Lethal Gresham Lifeblood
photo credit ROH

Even the announcer says “This is pure wrestling right here”

Haskins comes in and starts beating on Lethal hitting hard shots in the corner. Keeping Lethal on lockdown Lifeblood continues to control the match not letting Lethal tag! Stay fresh Lifeblood always kept with the fast tags. A little dirty play by Gresham pulling the ropes down making Bandido crash to the floor mats, Lethal disapproves, Gresham tags himself in and beats down Bandido outside the ring even grabbing a chair!

The announce team does a great job selling the fact that Gresham is not acting like himself.

Lifeblood takes over.

Lethal and Gresham get on the same page and start turning this match around.

We thought the match was over when Lethal had the figure four on Haskins! It was on for quite some time, even the fans bite on the ending of this wild tag match! Bandido got free of Gresham and powerbomb him onto Lethal breaking up the figure four!!! In the end, Lethal and Gresham just couldn’t get on the same page and lost this match to Lifeblood!