Reflection Of Honor for 8/30/19 (Taven vs. Shelley)

What’s going on my fellow readers, lots to talk about this week as ROH Episode #414 covers Toronto Summer Supercard including a main event of Alex Shelley facing Matt Taven! After watching this episode I’m kind of jealous I didn’t attend, there was lots of action! Titles match, and if you were there, you saw one heck of a show! Oh and readers we have lots of

It’s important to talk about how the show starts the with a flashback to when Lethal and Taven were in there rival, Alex Shelly comes out and says he has the winner between them. Well, tonight the main even is Matt Taven vs Alex Shelly for the Ring of Honor championship!

Tasha Steeles vs Kelly Klein WOH Championship!

Revealing highlights of the match from Supercard they first show Tasha Steel entrance. Acting tough and taunting her way to the ring he assures the cameraman she’ll be the new champion! Transitioning to Kelly Klein entrance they show her with her title before diving into the match. And When I say diving into the match, no lie my readers, first highlight they show is Tasha Steeles diving between the ropes into the champion Kelly Klein, as cool as it sounds it was choppy and seemed like Tasha got scared before the jump. No offense girl.

That was about it for Tasha for a bit as they show Kelly Klein, the Woman of Honor champion dominate her opponent. A huge front faced DDT, a massive overhead slam, Klein dominates. However, A significant turnaround for Tasha Steeles as she hits a cutter which brings the fans right into it! A missed pump kick by Steeles is shown which the champion takes advantage of lifting Steels to her feet, the champion finishes her off with her finishing move! One! Two! Three!

Winner: and still Woman of Honor Champion Kelly Klein

With class, Kelly Klein and Tasha Steeles have a moment where the champion raises her opponent’s hand. It is ruined however by Angelina Love acting the both of them from behind! A huge Botox Injection to Tasha Steels, another one for the champion, and Angelina love grabs the WOH championship and stands over Kelly Klein. Announcer sends a cool statement saying “Now one of the only women to ever pin Kelly Klein is now standing triumph over her” Throwing down the championship, Angelina Love successfully sends her message!

Tracey Williams vs Shane Taylor for the ROH Television Championship

It’s important to start that before this match, the show revealed the prior attack by Flip Gordon. The vicious beating with a cane left Williams missing his opportunity to face Shane Taylor for the ROH championship. Flash-forward to Summer Supercard, Williams is in the ring running his mouth to Flip Gordon before telling Shane Taylor to get his “big ass out here” As Shane Taylor enters, the announcer even announces that doctors don’t want Tracey Williams to compete tonight.

Starting by the highlights with an absolute cringing moment when Shane Taylor does a leg drop on Williams arm on the apron! Legit made me cringe on the couch because it looked super painful! Continuing the action they show Williams hitting a frog splash for a two count. A lot of back and forth action shown on both sides, until Williams gets Taylor in a crossface! After a long hold, the champ did end up reaching the ropes with his foot. Transitioning to Williams be picked up the from the corner, the champ hits his finisher for the one, two, three,

Winner: and still Ring of Honor Television Champion Shane Taylor

The Briscoes vs GOD for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championships

LADDER WAR (8th one in the history of ROH)

Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay open this segment by saying that Ring of Honor wanted to give the whole match in its entirety, but the stakes were too high and this match got too violent. The announce team start giving us a brief history of the rivalry between The Briscoes and G.O.D. Interesting to know that this goes back to G1 Supercard, so won wonder this match got extreme! Also cool to know that G.O.D. defended their titles against the Briscoes in their hometown, only to shock the world and retain their titles! Briscoes then took titles back at Madison square garden!

Quinn McKay even states that some are saying this is the greatest wrestling rival of 2019!

Come to this episode they start with the entrance of G.O.D. (Guerrillas Of Destiny) they hold their IWPG heavyweight tag team championships! Briscoes, The ROH tag team champions, come out with steel chairs! They don’t look like they are messing around! G.O.D. grab chairs and then the hesitation begins by the Briscoes! Now readers, picture a star wars lightsaber fight, but with these tag teams, and instead of lightsabers, its chairs! I’m not kidding it was nuts! Briscoes and G.O.D. start sword fighting with steel chairs at the beginning of this match!

Continuing to show the action they tease a table spot before Mark Briscoe gets slammed to the floor mats! Jay Briscoe gets tossed headfirst into a chair into the corner turnbuckles! The fans are loud as ever, they show Mark Briscoe going headfirst into a ladder! The highlight continues with Tama Tonga and Briscoe stand across from the ring again with chairs in their hands! Briscoe faces dripping in blood. (TV censors it out) they start going at it in the ring until they both end up on the canvas.

One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in a ladder match is when Tama Tonga sets up a ladder leaning on the ropes, Mark Briscoe climbing the ladder for the belts, and what does Tama Tonga do, RUNS UP THE LADDER LEAPS OFF AND NAILS MARK BRISCOE WITH A CUTTER OF THE LADDER! The match ends when Jay Briscoe and Tama Tonga are both fighting on the top of the ladder before Tonga falls to the mat letting Jay grab the titles for the victory!

Winners: and still Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions The Briscoes

Alex Shelley Vs Matt Taven for the Ring of Honor Championship 

Taven Shelley
Photo / ROHWrestling

Typical start here with Alex Shelley making his entrance, followed by the champion, Matt Taven. Interesting side note, Matt Taven in this episode was announced he is coming up as 120 days as champion.

A slow start with the basic feel each other out, see who can take some control. Once Taven had control and Shelley slipped out blowing his nose all over the champion! Big disrespect move that gained props from me! The champ did slap Shelley and both once again get onto their feet! It was honestly back and forth with submissions, pinfall attempts, and a solid wrestling match that the fans were absolutely into! Things picked up when the match went outside the ring. Oh man, Alex Shelley run up the ring post, according to the announcer looking for sliced bread, and Taven tosses him in the air threw a table!

“What a counter by the champion!” the announcer screamed!

Taven wanted the count-out victory, but Shelley got in right at the count of 20! At this point, Taven takes control of the match and keeps it for quite a bit. A lot of submissions, and power moves to the back, Taven shows the champions’ dominance. Things picked up once again when Taven tried to suplex Shelly over the top rope onto the floor mats after its blocked Shelley hits an enziguri and leaps over the top ropes bringing the champ down in a DDT motion! Fans blow up! The action ended up continuing outside the ring with Shelley ending up in the crowd, Matt Taven ran and leaped over the barricade crashing into Shelley! To quote the announcer “Air Taven!”

The ending of the match was insane! Shelley stomps his foot getting the crowd into it and nails Matt Taven with a Superkick! The champion sends a big F you (bleeped out) Shellye into another superkick, grabs Taven, Sliced Bread, ONE, TWO, TAVEN KICKED OUT! Upon kick out, however, the champ rolled into motor city stretch! Shelly had the champ right where he wanted him! The fans at this point are going wild! (Once again, feeling the jealousy of you readers who were there)

Like it’s unreal as a fan to watch stuff like this and not know what is going to happen!

The ending of the match was amazing! Taven hits his finisher “Climax” but gets reversed into a pin! The crowd loses it here! But the champ kicks out! After a vicious knee to the face by Taven, and one more Climax, he gets the three count!

Winner: And still Ring of Honor Champion Matt Taven!