Reflection of Honor for 7/28/19 (Briscoes vs Rush/Lee)

ROH episode #410 was a memorable showing with some notable upsets and surprises that will be surely remembered for a long time, and create some interesting ramifications heading into the future with the main event of the Briscoes against Rush and Lee.

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Josh Woods vs Silas Young
The show started off with Josh “The Goods” Woods finally obtaining a potential breakout match with Silas Young.

Woods has been with ROH for a couple of years, but only recently has he finally been making some progress towards becoming a solid midcarder, with some impressive victories and more regular air time on ROH’s Television tapings.

In what could have been a breakout match against Silas Young, Woods’ opportunity was cut short at the start of the match. As soon as the bell was struck, Silas took to the microphone began a condescending monologue against Woods.

He made a mockery over the fact that Woods has made little impact thus far in ROH and has not won any championships. Furthermore, he made a case that the fans do not respect Woods as they do towards him, despite disagreeing with Silas’ actions and ideas at times.

As Silas handed the microphone to the referee, who proceeded to hand it to someone outside the ring, he used the distraction as an opportunity to low blow Woods and score a quick pinfall on him as he rolled him up.
Winner: Silas Young

Shinobi Shadow Squad vs. Brian Johnson, Joe Keys, and Dante Caballero

Shadow Squad took the early advantage, but Cheeseburger quickly found himself in a position of being double-teamed and kept from making a tag as the three continued to work him down.

Cheeseburger was about to be double suplexed, but landed on his feet and ducked a clothesline from Dante which ended up striking his teammate. Cheeseburger used the opportunity to make the hot tag to Isom.

Isom was in full fury taking down all three competitors and nailing a Kryptonite Crunch on Caballero but was broken at the last moment.

After a couple of mishaps that saw Johnson Keys and Caballero accidentally delivering friendly fire to each other, Shadow Squad was able to hit their finisher, the Oyasumi, to score an expected victory.

Caballero and Keys ended up getting into a post-match fight as they clearly blamed each other for the loss. Security came in and broke up the fight.
Winner: Shinobi Shadow Squad

Photo / ROH

Sumie Sakai vs Karissa Rivera
Karissa Rivera made her ROH debut against the veteran, Sumie Sakai, putting up a very competitive fight that most observers expected would be insufficient to put down the veteran.

The match started with some impressive chain wrestling. Sumie nailed a northern lights on Karissa, followed by some submission holds that worked her legs and arched her back.

Sumie broke out of an abdominal stretch and scored a couple of dropkicks, arm drags and a stiff boot to the face as she made an impressive comeback against the veteran.

Sumie was quickly able to compensate and reverse the score with some impressive power moves and a missile dropkick off the top rope.

The two went blow for blow, but as Sumie charged towards her she got caught in a devastating spinebuster. But somehow Sumie found the energy to keep going and quickly continue her offensive advantage.

Sumie went for her finisher, but Rivera countered it and picked Sumie up on her shoulders.

However, Sumie was able to escape from her shoulders and rotate downward into an attempted sunset flip on Rivera.

But before Sumie could pull Rivera backward onto her shoulders for an attempted pinfall, Rivera quickly dropped to her knees onto Sumie’s shoulders. Rivera proceeded to lock Sumie’s legs and scored a surprise pinfall and a huge upset over the veteran.

Sumie shook Rivera’s hand at the end and raised it in a major sign of respect for the rookie.
Winner: Rivera

Briscoes Rush Lee
Photo / ROH

Main Event: Briscoes vs Rush & Dragon Lee
The match started out fast-paced with hard hits and plenty of reversals at blazing speeds.

But the momentum was cut short when Dragon Lee went for a suicide dive to the outside but both Briscoes caught him and executed double suplex on the hard mat.

Rush attempted to rescue his brother, but the Briscoes double-teamed him as well. The Briscoes continued to work down Dragon Lee in the ring, who was still the legal competitor.

Dragon Lee was able to escape from a few maneuvers and catch Mark with a hard kick to the face, enabling him to make the hot tag to Rush.

Lee and Rush took turns throwing the Briscoes into the guard rails, gaining a mid-match advantage. They double-teamed Jay and began working him down with a series of kicks and clotheslines.

Mark, clearly busted open, returned to the ring to save his brother, only to get caught in a series of hard-hitting double team offensives.

Following a commercial break, the Briscoes appeared to regain the advantage. Jay went to the outside and obtained a chair. Mark set up the chair and used it to launch himself to the outside onto Rush and Lee for some extra height.

Jay threw Rush back in the ring and hit a neck breaker on him, followed by an elbow drop off the top rope by Mark.

The two teams went blow for blow, followed by a series of power moves being traded, including a poisonrana and a Spiccoli driver in quick succession.

Mark and Rush climbed to their feet and began chopping each other. Both teams gave everything they had, but Dragon Lee out of nowhere consolidated a huge advantage when he delivered a running hurricanrana off the ring apron to Mark, which sent him flying back first into the mat.

As Mark was out, and Jay was in the corner, Rush delivered his running finisher, pulverizing him, enabling the pinfall and scoring a huge upset victory over the Briscoes.
Winner: Rush and Dragon Lee

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