Referee On RAW Last Night Has Worked For EVOLVE and AIW

WWE RAW last night took place from the Bell MTS Place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Many of you may have been wondering just who was that referee on RAW? In the main event of Randy Orton vs Kevin Owens, the referee of the match was EVOLVE and Absolute Intense Wrestling referee Jake Clemons.

During the match, it was revealed that Clemons could possibly have been a disciple of “The Monday Night Messiah” Seth Rollins.  “The Messiah” was ringside as Clemons gave Randy a screwy victory as seen in the video below. He also took away a steel chair from Owens to protect himself from a possible Orton attack. As Kevin dragged the referee back into the ring to explain himself, he tore the Clemon’s shirt and it was revealed that he was wearing a Seth Rollins t-shirt. The penalty for Clemons? You can see in the video –

Many thanks to @TheLocalCompWWE for the information

Blake’s Take

It’s well known that WWE has a working relationship with EVOLVE, but it’s usually wrestling talent that is used on WWE programming. To me, this is great news. This shows that it doesn’t matter if you’re a wrestler or not. If you’re a referee, a ring announcer, commentator, WWE could use you. And as an ex-ring announcer myself, I’m tempted to dust off the waistcoat and give Uncle Vince a call!