Raw Rebound for 1/20/20 (Morgan/Rusev vs Lashley/Lana)

Monday Night Raw kicked off with “The Monday Night Messiah,” Seth Rollins along with the AOP and his newest cohort, Buddy Murphy. Seth espouses his movement and welcomes Buddy Murphy aboard. As they have for the last two weeks, both Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe showed up looking for a fight. With Seth Rollins and his crew, Owens and Joe were ready to go. Like last week with the returning Big Show, Joe and Kevin weren’t alone. This time around the Viking Raiders joined them to help clear the ring. Backstage, Seth issued a challenge to the Viking Raiders to a Raw tag team title match with Buddy Murphy as his partner. The main event is a mixed tag match between Bobby Lashley, Lana, Rusev and Liv Morgan.

The United States Champion, Andrade along with Zelina Vega defended his title in a ladder match against Rey Mysterio.

In this hard-hitting and hard-falling bout, it looked as if Rey Mysterio was poised to recapture the United States crown. After a 619 and Senton splash, Rey ascended the ladder only to have his progress impeded by Zelina Vega. The distraction allowed Andrade to hit a big-time Hammerlock DDT on Mysterio and retain his championship. After the match was over, Zelina and Andrade attempted to pull up the mats outside the ring and DDT Rey onto the concrete. Humberto Carrillo, to whom he’d done the same thing weeks ago ran the duo off. Afterward, a match between Andrade and Humberto Carrillo at the Royal Rumble was made official. The United States Championship will be on the line.

Aleister Black demolished local independent talent Ryan Gingell with a Black Mass kick for a squash victory. With Buddy Murphy seemingly moved on different things, who will come knocking on Black’s door next?

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and his advocate Paul Heyman made another appearance on Raw. They continue hyping the unbeatability of The Beast heading into this year’s Royal Rumble. Ricochet interrupted the pair and told Lesnar he wasn’t afraid of him. As Lesnar and Heyman began to walk away, Ricochet asked him if he was scared. Lesnar’s reply was a swift kick below the belt. He and his advocate left Ricochet lying in pain in the middle of the ring.

The Scottish Psychopath and The Viper got off to a hot and heavy-hitting affair before they were interrupted by The O.C.

Randy Orton grabbed a chair to help even the odds a little bit. The OC retreated and Orton dropped McIntyre with an RKO. A seething Drew promised to Claymore Randy Orton out of the Royal Rumble.

Before taking on Kairi Sane, The Man, Becky Lynch called out Asuka. She told her that she realized after last week’s spray mist attack, that Asuka was the one who was scared. Asuka stood ringside and yelling encouragement. It wasn’t enough for Kairi who lost to Becky by submission with the Dis-Arm-Her. Asuka moved quickly after the bell, attacking Lynch and clamping on the Asuka Lock. The Empress of Tomorrow and The Man face off against each other for Lynch’s Raw Women’s Championship at the Royal Rumble.

Before the Raw Tag Team Championship could get underway, the referee dismissed the AOP, Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe from ringside. Murphy and Rollins worked well together and kept the Raiders off balance. Ivar and Erik would turn the tables and hit the Viking Experience on Murphy but Seth Rollins made the save to keep the action going. He would eventually nail Ivar with a dive and take him out of the ring, allowing Buddy Murphy to hit one of his bicycle knees to Erik. Rollins followed it up with a Curb Stomp and we have new Raw Tag Team Champions! Backstage, the new

Raw Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy celebrated their win with the AOP.

The Monday Night Messiah also promised to win the Royal Rumble.

Matt Hardy took on Erick Rowan, accompanied by his little cage creature thing. He went to show Hardy before the match started, but the ‘thing’ bit Rowan again, causing him to snap and hit Matt Hardy with an Iron Claw for the victory. How close is the WWE Universe to find out exactly what is in that cage? No one knows, gotta keep watching.

Lashley Rusev Lana Morgan
Photo / WWE

In the main event of the evening, Liv Morgan and Rusev battled Lana and Bobby Lashley in a Mixed Match Tag bout. The last three bouts involving Rusev and Lashley have all ended with Lashley getting his hand raised. This week was no different, as Lana distracted Rusev long enough for Lashley to hit him with a spear and pick up the victory as the show closed.

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