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Due to the overwhelmingly positive reaction both myself and Pro Wrestling Post received after my PROGRESS Wrestling Hello Wembley review, I could sense that there were a fair few of you that would like more PROGRESS articles here.  Message understood folks, as I’m back with a quick preview or teaser for this Sunday’s Chapter 77 Pumpkin Spice PROGRESS Wrestling preview.

Chapter 77 will be taking place at their regular haunt that is the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London and will probably be uploaded to their DemandPROGRESS site within a week, sometimes quicker, depends on how pushed for time co-owner Jon Briley is in the days after the event. So I won’t be putting a review of the show up ASAP like I normally do after an event, because as usual, I couldn’t get tickets to the show.

Getting tickets to a PROGRESS show is extremely difficult at the best of times but when it’s at it’s home in Camden, it’s nigh on impossible. So I have to make do with the rest of us unlucky lot, watch the show on their demand service with a few beers, and as I’ll be reviewing all PROGRESS Wrestling events from now on, a notepad to take down my notes.

Now that’s been explained, shall we get into the event itself? 

But as of the time of writing (10/24), only five matches have been announced. But never fear, when more are announced I’ll update this post. Get it? Got it? Goooooood!

Away we go!

Chapter 77 – Pumpkin Spice Progress Wrestling

Let’s start with the main event. Current PROGRESS Wrestling World Champion WALTER will be putting the title on the line. He will do so against the winner of this year’s SSS16 tournament Zack Sabre Jr! 

After one of the greatest matches I’ve ever had the privilege to see live against Tyler Bate at Wembley, it looks like WALTER wants to carry on testing himself against the best around, and they don’t come much better than ZSJ!

Zack actually wanted his title shot at Hello Wembley but NJPW had an unannounced show in Los Angeles on the same day (Fighting Spirit Unleashed), which meant that he and Will Ospreay couldn’t compete at PROGRESS’s biggest ever show. But now the coast is clear and Zack wants to test himself against the champ. This could be an instant classic.

New Atlas Champion, Trent Seven in his first defense of the title, will be holding an Open Challenge, much like his predecessor Doug Williams did. Will he have as much success as he remains to be seen, as is who will be his opponent. 

Trent as the Champ?

Personally, I’d love to see Trent get super serious now he’s a champ, and it wouldn’t get much more serious than pitting himself against Rampage Brown…..a man can dream, right?

Fresh from main eventing Hello Wembley, Tyler Bate will be taking on Timothy Thatcher in what will be another hard-hitting contest for Bate, after his losing effort against Thatcher’s Ringkampf teammate and current PROGRESS World Champion WALTER.

Tyler will be looking to get back into contention ASAP. While Thatcher will want to show the world that he’s not playing second fiddle in the Ringkampf stable.

A huge match with massive implications right here folks.

New PROGRESS Tag Team Champions Aussie Open are not resting on their laurels as their first defense will be in a three-way dance against former champions Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake) and The 198 (Wild Boar & Flash Morgan Webster).

Showing that they will be fighting champions, Mark Davis, & Kyle Fletcher aka Aussie Open will be starting as they mean to go on and prove that winning the titles at Hello Wembley wasn’t a fluke and they deserve the titles on hard work and being the best team in the division.

As former champions Grizzled Young Veterans  know what it takes to get to the top of the mountain. Battling teams such as Moustache Mountain and CCK among others, they’ve battled the best not just in this country, but in the world. They will be itching to prove that they will SOOOOOOOOOOON to be once again PROGRESS tag team champions.

PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 77

But don’t discount The 198. Best friends for many years, Wild Boar and Webster have fought alongside (and against) each other up and down the country. Could this be the big break they need to validate their team and friendship?

Also at Hello Wembley was Millie McKenzie. She may have come up short in a great women’s three-way dance for the PROGRESS Women’s Championship. But she showed she has every right to be included in that title picture. And with that in mind, PROGRESS management has decided to match her up against Scottish sensation Isla Dawn.

Dawn is a five-year pro, and has worked in many promotions in Scotland including Insane Championship Wrestling and Scottish Wrestling Alliance, and not forgetting she is now a valued member of the NXT UK roster.

Isla will be looking to prove her credentials in PROGRESS with a big win. While Millie will be looking for an instant return to the Women’s title picture.

PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 77

Literally a few hours after this piece went live, PROGRESS management released the last two matches of the card. As I’m a man of my word, here are the matches with my preview….

A match with two of the less victorious combatants from Hello Wembley here. Both were battered and bruised (quite severely) from battling Jimmy Havoc and Eddie Dennis respectively.

Paul Robinson has his back against the wall, and with something to prove to the world. It’s guaranteed that he will come out like a cornered pit bull, snarling and vicious, ready to carry on what he started at Wembley….pain, and punishment to whoever stands in his way.

Mark Andrews, on the other hand, might not be the same man ever again after his TLC match against Dennis. Yes, he lost the match, but the psychological scars may remain. He lost to his former best friend, and now his arch-nemesis.

How does he pick himself up from that, and battle Robbo to get back into the World Championship picture?

And last but not least, a three-way dance for the number one contendership to the PROGRESS World Championship, between three of the core members of the roster.

Jimmy Havoc is back folks. The King Of The Goths has found his dark side once more, and after putting down Paul Robinson at Wembley, he wants to reclaim what is rightfully (in his mind) his….that World Championship. A fully concentrated and malevolent Havoc is one of the scariest things in wrestling. Could he rise to the top of the pile once again?

Mark Haskins sent Matt Riddle packing off to NXT with a loss and looked amazing doing so. Another former champion that was forced to relinquish the title due to doctors’ orders, Haskins has made it clear that he wants that championship back at all costs. And with his muse/wife Vicky Haskins beside him, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see him succeed.

Chris Brooks was involved in a World Championship match in Hamburg, Germany earlier this year. But due to certain wXw talent getting involved, the match was thrown out and Brooks’s chance had disappeared. Management is righting that wrong here (kinda) by putting him in the mix. If Brooks puts away Haskins and Havoc then he truly deserves that shot against WALTER.

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