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Hi ya you lovely lot! Now I’m gonna say something that might shock you all….It’s WrestleMania today!! I know! Who’d have thunk it?!? And to ride the wave of popularity, today’s Week In Review will be a WrestleMania special. All the stories you read today will be all about WWE and todays mega event in New York. New and only news will you find here, no spoilers or rumors. Just the facts…..maybe 😉

WWE Hall Of Famer Bret Hart Attacked During Induction Ceremony


During last night’s WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony, a so called fan made his way into the ring and tackled Bret Hart to the mat and apparently hit him at least one time before WWE Superstars The New Day, Shane McMahon, Drake Maverick (Rockstar Spud) , Titus O’Neil, Davey Boy Smith and Travis Browne (ex UFC star and boyfriend of Ronda Rousey) among others, rushed the ring to stop the attack and dragged him out the ring, before delivering their own kind of justice as he was being escorted for the arena.

Below are some fan footage tweets that showed the assault and aftermath –

As you can plainly see the guys didn’t hold back on “escorting” the attacker out the ring. Also fair play to Dash Wilder for doing what EVERY fan wanted to do, and giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Overnight the man’s name has been revealed. I won’t be naming him as, in my eyes, the scum doesn’t need the publicity. You can Google that information yourselves folks. There are reports that he has been charged with at least two counts of assault and one count of trespassing and a misdemeanor of violation of local law.

This is a disgusting attack, no matter who was in the ring at the time. Be it Bret, Nattie, Honky Tonk or Beefcake, every person who steps inside that ring should be safe from outside attacks from so-called “fans”. The big question is how did he even get past security. I’m sure that will be answered in the coming days.

I’d just like to finish this by saying how amazing it was that both Bret and Natalya put their game faces back on and went straight back to the business of the induction. Stellar work!

Rey Mysterio Will Face Samoa Joe Despite Injury


After RAW this past Monday, WWE announced that Rey had suffered an ankle injury in his match against Baron Corbin and was questionable for his Mania match against Samoa Joe for the United States Championship.

You can ease those fears as Rey was cleared yesterday by WWE doctors and will indeed compete in his scheduled match. Mysterio was spotted walking around NYC with a noticeable limp this past Thursday.

This is great news! Rey has been in magnificent form over the past few weeks and months, and totally deserves his spot against Joe. Let’s hope the injury doesn’t hamper Mysterio and he will be 100% walking down to that ring tonight.

Kurt Angle – “I’ll Be Staying With WWE After WrestleMania”


It seems that even after his farewell match today against Baron Corbin, Kurt Angle will be staying with the WWE in a possible backstage role. He spoke to Sky Sports on Friday where he spoke about how this farewell match came about and where he sees his WWE future.

Kurt spoke in length about how he went to Vince McMahon a few months ago and brought up the possibility of retirement as his body was hurting on a daily basis. How he understands that Baron Corbin isn’t the fans choice for a last ever match. His new contract will allow him to work backstage and be an on air personailty. All this and more is dicsussed in the video below –

On the same day he spoke to The Gorilla Position and said he was under the understanding that John Cena will be at WrestleMania and indeed have a match –

“I love John and I know that he will have a WrestleMania match. I’m not sure if they announced it yet, but I’m almost positive he’s gonna be there.”

New Tag Team Belts To Be Unveiled Tonight?


A few days ago a rumor began the rounds that said there was a big possibility that a new set of tag team belts could be on show tonight.

Twitter user BeltFanDan spoke out and said that not only new belts have been designed and made but there is a distinct possibility that they could debut tonight.

All very vague and mysterious isn’t it? I really hope that the strange tag belts from both brands get replaced. The Spartan silver things just doesn’t look like they belong in WWE. But then again maybe nothing will happen at all? This is Uncle Vince’s biggest day of the year, and we know he likes to swerve!

Watch Along WrestleMania 35 With WWE Superstars and Legends


Did you ever fancy watching a WWE event live with Superstars, Legends and Hall Of Famers? Well now you can! you can watch WrestleMania 35 tonight in the comfort of your own home with Pat McAfee. He will be your host as he presents WWE Watch Along which will be streamed live alongside WrestleMania on WWE’s YouTube, Twitter and Facebook channels/pages.

During the show, Pat will be joined by stars such as Maria Menounos, NXT Champion Johnny Gargano and his wife Candace LeRae, Big Show, the stars of Impractical Jokers and The Nature Boy himself, Ric Flair! WOOOOOOOO!

It sounds like a great concept. Watching the matches with wrestlers to hear their point of view on what’s happening in the ring. Of course, this could go down the toilet too but you all know me, I’m the eternal optimist!

Fox Sports 1 And WWE To Produce A New Studio Show This October


Last Thursday Triple H appeared on FS1’s “First Things First” to promote today’s WrestleMania. In the interview he dropped a bombshell by saying that that a brand new Tuesday night WWE studio show will be airing this fall.

The show itslef looks to be an analyst kind of show where they will talk not only about the athletic part of the wrestlers but the entertainmnet part too, where storylines and and character development will be discussed in depth.

Sounds pretty interesting. Like a more in-depth version of Talking Smack, but more legit due to Fox Sports 1 involvement. I also heard a rumor that the show would have current UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier involved on the panel too.


That brings to a close today’s super special WWE WrestleMania Week In Review. Makes a change to write solely about WWE, a nice change.

I’ll be tuning in at my local bar with a few buddies, all trying to stay awake through the mammoth 7.5 hour show (including Pre Show). We’re all veteran’s of watching WWE PPV’s at midnight our time, but the added bonus of alcohol is a welcome addition!

Wherever you are in the world, wherever you’re watching the Show of Shows today, enjoy yourself. Forget the negative and enjoy the specatcle that will be beofre youre very eyes!

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