Week In Review for 11/11/18 (Pro Wrestling Post)

Hello one and all, and welcome to your weekly wrestling news catch up article. As always I, “Smart” Mark Blake, will find the biggest, strangest, and most interesting stories of the week. I then round them up, and let you chow down on them like a wrestling smorgasbord! So sit back, put your feet up, and this week’s Pro Wrestling Post Week In Review for 11/11/18!

NJPW Star Tetsuya Naito Tapped Up By WWE?

Reports from Japan this week showed that WWE officials offered Tetsuya Naito a deal in June. This is immediately after the NJPW Dominion show.

Tetsuya explained to Tokyo Sports that he declined their offer –

There is nothing to think about, at least for me. This New Japan ring is already the world’s number one stage. The fans know this. That’s why I think we should focus on our home crowd before looking international.”

That strong statement could be aimed at the new management structure in NJPW, who have upset the talent with a huge upheaval behind the scenes and putting the titles on gaijin (Westerners)

Couple that news with the fact that NJPW is seriously looking to sign WWE talent and 2019 could be a very interesting year. Maybe not Monday Night War-style interesting, but interesting all the same.

Pro Wrestling Post Week in Review 11/11/18

WWE Buy WWC Tape Library

PWInsider stated that the long-mooted deal to by the World Wrestling Council tape library was finalized last month. The promotion is owned and operated by WWE Hall Of Famer Carlos Colon and Victor Jovia.

WWE was rumored to have used the Hall Of Fame induction as a way of enticing Colon to let go of the tape library. But as Carlos was inducted in 2014, I seriously doubt that was the case. The two sides have been talking about the sale for years with the deal being close on many occasions. But it wasn’t until last month when WWE officials met WWC representatives in Puerto Rico that a deal was made.

WWE has wanted the library as many notable stars over the years have made their way to and through the promotion. Carlos Colon being one, Bruiser Brody, Terry and Dory Funk, Wahoo McDaniel, The Wild Samoans, and many many more.

Pro Wrestling Post Week in Review 11/11/18

Lucha Underground & World Of Sport Cancelled?

In news that isn’t at all good for the wrestling world. There’s news that both Lucha Underground and World Of Sport will be no more on television.

The latest season of LU finished on the El Ray network this week and with the company hiring a new Vice President of Programming and Acquisitions, the writing may be on the wall. The former VP was a great fan of the show, continually funding each season. It is not known for sure if the new VP holds Lucha Underground in the same regard.

In regards to World Of Sport, it was noted in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the forthcoming WoS live tour’s ticket sales have been poor, so poor that a date has been canceled altogether. Add to that there have been no announcements from ITV (the network carrying the show) about any tapings for a second season, and it really looks like the writing is on the wall.

Joey Ryan Injured

At this week’s MLW Fusion TV tapings from Chicago, Joey Ryan announced to the crowd in attendance that it was a pretty good chance that he had torn his pectoral muscle and that he will probably need surgery.

Joey Ryan teamed with Swoggle to take on the Dirty Blondes with his left arm in a sling for the entire match. He spoke to the crowd and said that he thought he tore it the night before in Austin, Texas, but he’d promised Swoggle that he’d team with him and wasn’t going to miss the Chicago crowd as he really loves the town.

It seems that the tearing of the pectoral muscle is en vogue this month, what with Triple H tearing his last weekend at the Crown Jewel event. All of us here at Pro Wrestling Post wish both men the best in their recoveries.

Pro Wrestling Post Week In Review for 11/11/18

Jim Ross Ending His Association With WWE?

On March 31 next year, Jim Ross’s WWE contract expires. On December 31 this year his contract with AXS expires. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE will not allow Jim to re-sign with AXS as he’s under contract with them, meaning he would miss any commentary position at NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom in January of next year.

Good Ol’ JR has hardly been used in the last six months by WWE. His last appearance being on the Kickoff panel at the Greatest Royal Rumble on April 27.

Dave Meltzer’s belief is that JR won’t re-sign with WWE but instead re-sign with AXS. However, there’s always the possibility that WWE may offer him the big bucks to stop him from going to the competition.

The feeling is that with the NJPW/ROH super-show at Madison Square Garden over WrestleMania weekend is the sticking point that WWE won’t let Jim re-sign with AXS, as it’s a possibility that he would have called that show.

And that folks, brings an end to another Week In Review. As always it’s been emotional but you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be back….RIGHT HERE….next week for more news from this crazy world of pro wrestling that we love. Feel free to leave a comment below or hit me and Pro Wrestling Post ourselves at our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We always answer all questions!

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