Pro Wrestling Post Week In Review for (10/28/18)

Hello, one and all and welcome to your weekly wrestling news catch up article, Week In Review. As always I, Mark Blake, will find the biggest and most interesting stories of the week and round them up for your pleasure. So sit back, put your feet up and read the most interesting thing you’ll read all day Here is the Pro Wrestling Post week in review for 10/28/18.

Cody Not At RoH MSG SuperShow

On a recent Instagram post, Cody (don’t say Rhodes) posted that he is nearing the end of his Ring of Honor contract and because of that he won’t be at the mega RoH/NJPW Supershow at Madison Square Garden over WrestleMania weekend. And for added measure, he remarked that his time in the Bullet Club is now over too.

It’s common knowledge that his contract with RoH expires at the end of this month but it’s been reported that he will not resign with the company, but work on a per date basis until the end of January next year.

Cody, Adam Page and the Young Bucks have frequently talked about sticking together in recent interviews, looking to see what they could all get as free agents.

UFC Superstar Trying His Hand At WWE In The Future?

Tying in with what I wrote last week about the FOX network wanting to make SmackDown Live more sports orientated, it seems that FOX wants UFC Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier on the show too.

Not as an in-ring performer but as a commentator according to the champ himself. He was speaking last weekend in Las Vegas that he had been talking to WWE and they wanted him to audition for a spot on the commentary team –

I have been talking to WWE because they wanted me to go in and do an audition as a member of the commentary team, That was my private little thing because, because of the (UFC 230) fight I had to push it back, So there might be some DC in WWE shit coming”

FOX is really pushing for SmackDown Live to have a sports presentation to it, and having the UFC champion (or ex by the time it happens) would make it seem even more legitimate.

In other FOX/SmackDown Live news, Dave Meltzer noted that Vince McMahon hasn’t been backstage at the show for quite some time, but when the moves happen it’s expected that he will be at every SmackDown Live for quite a while to bed the show in on its new network.

I pity the announcer’s eardrums if he does return….

WWE House Shows Aired On The Network?

Mike Johnson from PWInsider reported recently that WWE is using smaller crews to film house shows, with the possibility that some could be shown on the WWE Network.

Smaller crews with smaller production trucks mean less outlay, and with the rumors swirling that the Network subscription plan possibly changing next year to include some of the bigger house shows (Starrcade to name just one), could the rumor really become a reality?

House Hardy Halloween Special Trailer And First Look

This week WWE released a trailer and first look at today’s House Hardy Halloween Special, which will be shown right after the Evolution PPV on the WWE Network.

This one-off special is also a pilot for a future House Hardy sitcom, so if those numbers are good, you can expect more of Broken/Woken Matt and his family on the Network.

Keep your eyes peeled on some special guest stars in this trailer from the WWE YouTube channel too 😉

And here’s that first look folks, where Nick Searcy (a film and TV star) drops by for some ghost story time….

And that folks, brings an end to another Week In Review. As always it’s been emotional but you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be back….RIGHT HERE….next week for more news from this crazy world of pro wrestling that we love. So until then…